Chapter One: Anakin's Decision

"Commander Cody, execute order 66." The voice over the communications link instructed.

"It will be done my lord." Responded the clone commander.

The Jedi order was on the brink of collapse. Hundreds of Jedi knights had already been slain during the clone wars. Just a couple of hundred Jedi remained; mostly pacifists that inhabited the grandiose Jedi temple at the heart of Coruscant. The only proven combat worthy Jedi left in the temple at the time of the impending collapse of the Order were Jedi battle-master Cin Drallig and his apprentice along with the keeper of the Jedi archives.

Anakin Skywalker; war hero, liberator, Jedi warrior and dark side initiate bears down upon the temple. His facial expression is grim; anger, aggression and hatred protrude from every orifice as he cuts down the initial temple guards who looked surprised to see him. These same temple guards had seen Anakin almost every day while he was training and taking the Jedi tests. Anakin didn't even look back as he killed them, he was determined to carry out his new master's orders even if that meant killing acquaintances, friends or even... Family.

Three adolescent advanced Jedi initiates form up in front of Anakin. Their stance is aggressive, primitive and basic but meaningful. Their aim is obvious: to prevent the Sith apprentice from going any further into the temple. The clone troopers were busy fighting with the temple vanguard, this would be a pure lightsaber battle and a test of his new dark side powers.

"Halt Anakin, we see the destruction you have wrought at the entrance of the temple. Aren't you aware of what you're doing?!" The older teenager was in anguish as he spluttered out the words.

"The penalty for being a traitor is death." Anakin was brief, he had orders to make this purge quick.

The Sith apprentice charged at the left of the initiates, their blades met in majestic splendour. A bright blue against blue. The other two initiates were too shocked to move, paralysed by the thought of what was happening. The initial battle didn't take long, Anakin's force imbued strength overpowered the young Jedi initiate, his own blade being forced to slice through half of his head. The initiate slumped to the ground, killed almost instantly by what had just happened. The other initiates turned to run, what could they do against the war hero of the Republic? Even if they had the skill, they had just saw their best friend die, they had no morale left to fight.

Skywalker looked down at the corpse of the initiate at his feet, it felt very wrong and very right at the same time. One part of him wanted to cry at what he had just done, the other knew that it was his duty to put down the Jedi rebellion and emotion must not get in the way of his duty. He looked up at the initiates running away, they skidded their feet several times as they ran in sheer terror at what they had just seen. His first instinct was not to chase them but to leave them to their fate at the hands of the army he had brought to bear upon the temple, he then received telepathic encouragement from Palpatine to chase them down. So he did. Anakin's mastery over force speed allowed him to catch up to them within seconds. The blade ignited as he ran between the two initiates, they stopped running about three seconds afterwards and looked down to their stomach. They had been sliced in half in the moment Anakin had ran past them. He was past caring at this point, by now he almost revelled in the bloodshed that he had caused.

Every kill, every Jedi death, he felt the call of the dark side grow stronger within him. Gone was the inner resistance saying it was wrong, now prevalent was the urge to kill, to maim and to destroy. Bloodshed followed. Jedi initiate after Jedi initiate slaughtered by either blaster fire, grenade blasts or lightsaber swings. It was carnage.

Blood was everywhere. Limbs were casually strewn all over the floor. Anakin was no longer Anakin any more, Vader was born.

Meanwhile back in the main part of the temple, the Jedi resistance was growing. More and more Jedi plunged themselves into the battle against the cloned invaders. The resistance was starting to take a toll on the number of soldiers attacking the temple. The soldiers themselves knew the risks before even setting foot inside the temple. This would be a bloodbath, a battle worthy of rivalling the initial battle on Geonosis. The only factor on their side would be numbers, the clone wars was sufficient in weakening the Jedi order to a critical level whereas clones could be produced to replace the armies that had been wiped out on intensely disputed planets.

Anakin sensed his mission was in jeopardy. His insight still not clouded completely, he knew that it was vital to assist the soldiers in the main part of the time. He sprinted with the aid of the force back to the huge main hall of the temple with absolute intensity in his actions. As he reached the great hallway, he saw that the Jedi were winning the battle. He came to that bridge that would burn under his feet after he traversed it. He knew his choice was simple. Side with the Jedi who had at this point not seen him do anything wrong which would be the path back to the light side, back in to the approval of his old master: Obi Wan or to aid the soldiers in the slaughter of the remaining Jedi and fall irreversibly (for many years) to the dark side. The choice burned within him. The dark side willed him to attack the Jedi, urging him to destroy the traitors and do his duty while the conscience within him screamed to him to help these mere boys who had not done anything wrong. The choice lasted only a moment. Duty prevailed.

With renewed focus, Anakin waded into the fight. The Jedi lines crumbled, their battle was ending. Anakin's battle against the dark side was ending. Both the Jedi and Anakin were submitting to the same master, the only master that Anakin had ever truly known: death. Anakin now a tool of death, sent the remaining Jedi to their doom. His aggressive form five, no match for their basic attempts to repel him with form one. Jedi to Jedi, Anakin danced around in eye-catching splendour with body parts piled on to body parts. The core of the Jedi order now ceased to exist.