Chapter Two: Ancient Mysteries

A few thousand years before the fall of the Jedi temple...

Kreia, the future Darth Traya paced backwards and forwards with a stressed demeanour. She had sent Revan on a particularly dangerous mission to negotiate with a community of rogue Jedi. They had not fallen to the dark side but Kreia was worried that they would seduce Revan to join their community. She knew the perils of not standing united against near and distant threats and she knew they would be easy targets for conversion by any dark side adherent that sensed their disaffection for the Jedi order.

Revan however had not yet taken Malak on as an apprentice at this point in time. He was young and relatively naive to the dangers around him. If he didn't join them, there was a good chance that they would execute him. Their state of mind disintegrated day by day as paranoia crept in. They believed everyone was out to get them. The only reasonable character among them was their leader, a kind man who had devoted much of his time as a guardian of the Republic, repelling low grade threats. He had a charismatic nature combined with immense talent for using a lightsaber so he was ideal to be their leader.

Disaffection for the Jedi order was not uncommon back in the ancient republic. This group in particular were discontented by the fact that the Jedi order would not take action over a dispute between two powerful and well armed families. One of the family's farming droid factories had been sabotaged meaning that food would be difficult to come by. They believed that the other family who had considerable influence with the surrounding mercenaries had planned for them to starve to death as a result of the sabotage.

Regardless of the reasons for the discontent with the Jedi order, Revan was determined to bring them back in to the fold of the Jedi. Dantooine wasn't a particularly interesting place to live or train for most of the Jedi guardians but this, Revan believed would be his chance for action. Kreia knew that Revan was talented enough to be a match for the leader of this Jedi rebellion group if things went sour but she worried anyway. Revan was Kreia's grand project and he meant a lot to her like a mother with a baby. Revan was no baby though and Kreia knew that his skills were more than sufficient to accomplish the mission and more than capable of completing it alone.

Kreia had already bathed significantly in the dark side teachings albeit the teachings remained dormant within her. The force was in a peaceful state in the galaxy. The Sith had been vanquished and the looming wars with the Mandalorians had not yet been foreseen by any of the Jedi.

An unknown sentient observed Kreia and Revan's actions from afar. Every choice they made was catalogued and sent off mysteriously for assessment down a long, grey and automated roller belt. Every now and then a mysterious beeping noise would occur when one of their actions was significant for changing their outlook on life. The room where the sentient lived had no furnishings or colour. The room was dark and bleak, devoid of emotion and devoid of personality. The only objects within the room was a large glass wall which videoed and projected Revan and Kreia's life along it's ever extending length and a roller belt for reporting their activities to an unknown assessor.

The glass wall suddenly stopped extending. The image focused on one particular time and date in the ancient republic.

"Revan, why have you come?" One of the mercenaries who had been contracted to act as a sentry for the camp asked as he saw Revan approaching.

"I have come to negotiate a return to the Jedi order for all of the Jedi present in this collective. I would appreciate it if you would allow me entry." A wave of the hand at the mercenary indicated that Revan had used the force to assist him in gaining entry.

"I will allow you entry." The mercenary droned back.

"Good. Pay extra attention to external threats from now on until I leave, I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi here." Revan nodded as he walked past the guard casually.

The camp was not easily defensible. Certain areas around the camp were open but dense forests with good ambush properties bordered other parts of the camp. Any attackers could easily gain access to the camp within seconds without being detected by nothing other than Jedi foresight; something dangerous to rely on when numerous dark Jedi have learnt to mask their signals and presence.

"You. How did you get past the mercenaries, outsider?" A rogue Jedi apprentice asked with aggression and intent for trouble.

"I mean you no harm. I am here to negotiate your return to the Jedi order. Your masters miss you." Revan responded with a measure of dignity and tact.

"We can't, we wont do that!" Another Jedi apprentice hesitantly responded with no real conviction.

"We are prepared to hear your grievances over the matter of the feuding families, we just want you to return to the order." Revan's negotiation skills were paying off as some of them started to nod as he said this.

"What about them? What about the thing out there? It taunts us. We can't escape! We wont escape! It needs us, it wants us." The first Jedi apprentice to respond started speaking with very little sense. The others started to nod at what the apprentice had said.

"Wha-" Revan was cut off before he could even ask what they were talking about.

A long dark shadow now hovered over the camp. Force induced lightning crashed out of the cloud towards the Jedi, needing only two strikes to vaporise a young initiate who had joined the rebel community. Revan paused for a moment in sheer fright before regaining the composure to grab the hand of two of his fellow Jedi as they fled back towards the Jedi enclave. More crashes of lightning claimed more of the fleeing Jedi's lives as they raced with hearts pounding in the direction of the enclave. Moments later, the cloud had disappeared. The remaining Jedi and their leader slowed down slightly in their sprint back to the enclave but Revan continued to run with force enhanced pace. Revan wanted answers and he believed Kreia had the answers he seeked.

"Kreia! Kreia!" Revan shouted as he approached the entrance to the enclave.

"Revan?!" Kreia had heard the first shout and had sprinted to the entrance of the enclave. Revan reached the enclave.

"What just happened?! There was a cloud and it killed them!" Revan motor mouthed his words to Kreia who struggled to take in what he was saying.

"Calm down Revan, come inside and tell me what happened." Kreia put her hand on Revan's shoulder in a manipulative way with eyes beaming with deceit. Kreia knew what had happened.