Everybody Loves a Clown

AN: Ok, here is what happened: Recently, I have gotten really into the show Supernatural, thanks to one of my friends and also further thanks to the fact that one of the two main characters is played by Jensen Ackles (whom I knew first as Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood). So, there was an episode that I saw during the weekend called "Everybody Loves a Clown" (season 2, episode 2) which has inspired me to write this little one or two shot.

This is how it is in my head every time I watch the show:

Sam = Robin. Dean = Batman….even though he played as a Robin in the Red Hood movie. I'm going to start now, I make these author note thingies way too freaking long.

One final thing, Robin is thirteen years old and I don't think this should be explained, but this is just in case: Italics mean inner thoughts.

Gotham City

One of the things Bruce Wayne had vowed to do when he became the Batman, was to prevent any more children from losing their parents. He already failed to do that with young Dick Grayson, but he made up for it by taking him in, loving him as if he were his own flesh and blood son, and further training him to become Robin, The Boy Wonder. Now he was failing once again when a string of murders were occurring. The only witnesses were small children who said that their "friend", a clown, had killed their parents.

After doing much detective work and investigation, all fingers were pointed towards their first and only suspect: The Joker. Batman and Robin had spent a good portion of their evening chasing after the murderous psychopath—whom that same evening Joker decided that along with murdering a child's parents would also steal the family's important documents, which now caused the crime fighting pair to follow him into a closed carnival that had been visiting Gotham that week.

Robin, just for a moment, felt a little hesitant to come along with his mentor. Carnivals, circuses, and anything else of the sort brought many happy, yet sad, memories of his old days as a Flying Grayson. It had been nearly four years since the tragic incident, but the memories still remained fresh in his mind.

Those were the days.

But he then shook the thoughts out of his mind—he couldn't let something as petty as old memories stop him from doing his job. The children of the parents the Joker had murdered needed justice—just as he and his mentor did at an earlier point in their lives.

The Dynamic Duo managed to follow the purple-suited mad man into the haunted house. Batman and Robin—as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson had visited the carnival earlier that day to find any clues, so they somewhat knew what to expect inside the popular attraction.

"Stay close, Robin. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious." Batman muttered to his young protégé before stepping inside. "The Joker can be unpredictable."

"Right." Robin responded. With batarangs in hand, the duo entered the fun house.

As they entered, the annoying calliope music started playing softly in the background and Joker's maniacal laughter echoed softly through the walls. It was almost completely dark save for the bright neon colored lights that bordered the walls and entrances of the maze. They quietly and stealthily paced the halls of the house when suddenly one of the windows displaying a jar of fake dismembered limbs turned on in front of them, making them jump a little.

"Looks like he found the controls." Robin commented.

"Right you are, Bird Wonder!" an all-too-familiar voice cackled through the walls and the ceiling. "And you're never going to find me!" Joker said in a sing-song tone.

"Do you think you can hack into the control system?" Batman calmly asked.

"I know I can." Robin confidently answered. "The only problem is that I don't see a single outlet on the walls or anything."

As he finished explaining the predicament, they both turned a corner in the maze and saw a wide entrance bordered with the neon colored lights that held a small pipe organ that spewed steam through the slits on the inside. "There's probably an outlet to connect my computer behind that organ." Robin thought aloud and immediately sprinted into the room.

Batman instantaneously sprung out his hand to hold back his anxious sidekick, but was a little too late to stop him. "Robin, wai—"

As soon as Robin entered the room, two doors quickly slid out of the walls and shut the room dividing the partners. "Robin!" Batman called out again as he banged the door.

"Batman!" Robin called out as he too tried to pry to doors open.

Joker then cackled once again into the intercom system. "What is this?!" he giggled gleefully. "I managed to break up the Dynamic Duo? This is the best day ever!"

With a frustrated grunt Batman called to Robin on the other side of the doors. "Stay there! Try to hack into the system before he tries to do anything else. I'm going to find you." He instructed.

"Alright!" Robin responded and immediately ran towards the organ.

For now, it was just him, the pipe organ, and the still bothersome yet nostalgic calliope music. Robin was sure that he and Batman would reunite again. They were trapped in maze-like house, so if he stayed where he was Batman was surely bound to find the right path. Plus, he knew that Bruce kept a tracking device on his costume. He was over protective like that. In this case it was perfectly acceptable, for all he knew the Joker could be watching them through the security cameras or even making his way down the hall to stab him in the back.

Robin was about to make an attempt to move the organ until he caught something at the corner of his eye. In one of the brass pipes, not only was steam coming out of the openings as music played, but also a piece of paper was flitting excitedly from one of them. He reached a hand out toward the pipe, but even through his gloves he felt the sudden burn of the steam.

"Ah!" he quietly cried as he pulled back his hand. Feeling slightly annoyed, he scrunched his face, rubbed his fingers for a moment and quickly pulled the paper out of the pipe.

He looked down at the paper, which had pulled folded neatly then messily shoved in the slit. He opened the paper and was surprised to see one of the documents, a bank note, which Joker had stolen from one of the families. "It's information on their bank account." He said to himself. Folded inside that same document, was a smaller folded sheet of paper signed "J" on the outside.

Before he could unfold the other paper, he heard a quiet rustling coming from down the hall. Robin stepped back and prepared himself to fight, if necessary. The rustling became louder as it approached him. Robin took out his staff, prepared a stance and even summoned the best bat glare that he could conjure up. He then noticed that the music had stopped playing.

Lurking from the shadows, he heard the footsteps get louder with every pace, but soon heard a familiar voice speak to him. "Stand down. It's me."

Oh thank god, it's Batman.

Robin relaxed his posture and soon Batman appeared into view. "Did you hack into the controls?" the older man asked.


"I was afraid of that." Batman sighed. "The Joker is either still hiding in the control room or he might be coming down to where we are since the music stopped playing." He then looked down and noticed that paper's in Robin's hand. "What is that?"

"It's one of the documents Joker stole from that family. I found it shoved into one of the pipes in the organ. I was about to take a look at this one." Robin replied as he handed the papers to him. "That one is obviously from him."

Batman slowly opened the small paper and almost immediately at the moment he laid his eyes on the paper, they widened in shock. "GET DOWN!" he yelled.

Immediately following orders, with a little help from Batman who practically dragged him down to the ground, they both missed the throwing knives that seemed to come out of nowhere. "What the heck was that?!" Robin cried and then noticed the note that Batman dropped. It said "WATCH OUT"

Suddenly Joker's laughter was heard on the intercom system once again as well as the same carnie music played once again. "Did I scare the Bird Boy?" he said. "Good thing Daddy Bats is there to comfort you!" he continued with a laugh.

"This is irritating." The boy commented as he stood up.

"At this point it would just be better to get to the control room now and stop him there before he attempts anything else."

"Alright, let's go."

"I'll go alone." Batman immediately said before the thirteen-year-old took another step forward.

Ugh, not this again!

Robin raised an eyebrow and looked disapprovingly at his mentor. "What? Why?"

"You know why." He simply stated. "I won't argue with you about this. Besides, I need you to stay behind and see if you can find more of those documents." With that, Batman didn't bother to wait for a response and disappeared once again into the shadows.

Alright, go ahead and vanish again, Robin thought bitterly. It's one of the things you do best.

He turned his attention towards the organ and its metal pipes. With his handy utility belt, he took out what seemed to be a handheld buzz saw and started cutting the pipes. He started with the one where he found the bank note and Joker's message.

As soon as he managed to completely cut off the first pipe—all the lights went out. The neon colors no longer bordered the walls and the entrances of the maze. Even the music stopped playing again. The pipe fell with a loud and echoed clang to the ground.

Damn, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

He quickly took out a flashlight and lighted up the room. He pressed a finger into his ear and talked into the communication link. "Batman." He said.

No answer.

"Robin to Batman! Acknowledge! What's going on?" he said a little louder.

There was still no answer. Oh no, this is bad. His heartbeat was suddenly a little more rapid than it already was. He tried to communicate again. "Batman!"

Bruce! Answer me!

"Batman ain't gonna answer, kid." A sudden deep and unfamiliar voice said behind him.

Robin gasped and quickly turned to see who it was, but it was a little too late. As soon as he turned, he felt a sudden strike of pain near his head.

Everything quickly turned black.

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