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This story is based off the song 'Bittersweet' by Ellie Goulding. It is on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack - amazing song.

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Your arms around me come undone,

Makes my heart beat like a drum,

See the panic in my eyes


Chapter 1 - Bella POV

It was a hot evening. One that was common in my small, warm town. It was often humid and stifling hot, especially during the summer months.

It was a big pain, for me at least, and anyone else who worked in the rye fields during the afternoon hours when the sun was at it's highest peak.

Today had been long and tiresome and water supplies were running low from the communal water butt at the bottom of the large field I worked in. I had barely managed to get two large cupfuls for myself and my co-workers. My close friend, Jacob, had ran to the village to fetch another bucket of water to last all thirty workers in the field.

We had to ration it carefully, only drinking at the hottest parts of the afternoon.

When I had finished my shift of cutting down the rye into large piles, I went to the barn to fetch my ratty satchel and shawl to head home.

A few of the older women were bedding down for the night in the straw and hay that the barn contained as they couldn't manage the long walk home at nightfall until the weekend when we had our days off.

I felt for them and made sure each of them had a blanket and cup of water to last through the night.

"Bella?" A croaky voice came from the back of the barn. I whirled and searched out the person.

"Oh! Elizabeth, are you alright?" I asked the oldest worker and my favourite out of everyone.

"Oh yes I'm fine, I was just wondering if you could tell my husband I won't make it home until Sunday?" She rasped out in her wheezy voice.

She was seventy-three and I thought it cruel that she still had to work these long hours to help pay her rent. Her and her dear husband worked hard to keep their small house in the village.

"Of course," I told her as I swung my satchel over my shoulder and placed an extra cup of water near her frail body tucked up in the hay. She smiled a wrinkly smile at me.

"You're a good child Bella. God bless you," She whispered before sighing and closing her crystal blue eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I left the snores and sighs of the barn silently and made my way down the path towards my village. I whistled in a very un-ladylike fashion as I skipped down the road in my work boots.

I quickly kicked them off and continued bare foot down the sandy lane. My satchel swung wildly with each step I took and my eyes were trained on the beautiful twilight sky that was dawning over the earth.

Shades of orange, red and yellow littered the atmosphere like wildflowers in the spring. A rare sight indeed.

As I neared the village I realized something was terribly wrong. It wasn't a twilight sky I had saw up the lane - it was flames of a fire.

A raging fire, spreading rapidly through the village!

I dropped my satchel and ran towards the wreckage, tears already leaking out of my eyes.

It must be all the hot weather and some straw or wood must have caught fire.

My feet thumped harshly against the hard stone of the ground but I couldn't concentrate on the pain of that right now. The pain in my heart was far worse. It crashed in my chest as I breathlessly approached the village gates and rushed inside.

The whole town square was alight and blazing. Flames licked their way in and out of the alleys and crashed through doors and windows with loud booms.

Screams of terror and agony rang out through the eerily chilly, but boiling air. My eyes searched around, landing on frightened people running madly in all directions, arms flailing, screaming for help and mercy.

Smoke raised in thick, dark plumes up into the starry sky and covered the village in a cloud of doom and despair.

The wicker thatched roofs of houses and buildings seemed to sigh with the weight of the flames and crumble into ash onto the charred streets. I wrapped my shawl around my mouth and nose and ran into the fog of smoke to find my house. I just prayed it had held up.

My eyes blurred and stung as the smoke and ash flew into them as I ran blindly down my now unrecognizable street. I finally reached my house at the end of the road and let out a sob. It was engulfed in fiery towers of flames and the roof had already collapsed and the windows were shattered and lay all over the road.

My feet crunched through the glass and debris and I screamed in pain as the shards pierced my swollen feet.

I had to get inside and try and find Charles, my father.

"Father!" I shouted desperately. "Father please! Can you hear me!?" I choked out and coughed violently.

Shadows moved in the alleyways and my brain whirled with a spell of dizziness. I stumbled to the door of my house and pushed it with all my might. It was stuck fast.

I jiggled the key in the lock but it was useless. My eyesight was terrible, I was practically blind by now. My sobs echoed in the dark, choking street.

"Father!" I screamed, banging my fists uselessly on the wooden door. "Please Father, get out!" My voice was hoarse and I wretched and coughed.

The strange, dark shadows continued to circle the street as more screams and wails erupted into the air around me.

I swayed dangerously and my legs gave in.

Before I cold hit the floor, two strong arms wrapped around my waist and a hand came over my mouth. I immediately flailed and cried out.

What was happening?

I suddenly got the strange feeling that this fire wasn't cause by a natural accident.

I twisted and writhed in the persons arms and they tightened around me. I heard a feral growl near my neck as I gasped for needed air.

I turned just enough to see the figure of the person that was pinning me down.

Green eyes, messy hair and a dark black cloak.

Then it dawned on me. A hooligan! Hooligans were the most feared criminals near our small village. They must have caused the fire and distress and were now taking survivors as prisoners.

I shouldn't have come back. I should have slept in the barn with Elizabeth and then I would be safe. I couldn't concentrate anymore, an eerie darkness was overtaking me rapidly.

The Hooligan twisted my body painfully, causing me to arch in pain and cry out.

"Be quiet," He hissed into my ear icily. His other hand came up to my mouth and a cloth covered my nose and a strange, herbal smell emitted up my nostrils. Drugs! He was drugging me!

Fight Bella, Fight!

But before I could protest against the man who held me, my body shut down and the world went black.


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Hooligan - Is an army of people that wear black cloaks and sabotage villages and towns. They are lead by a king or leader. Can you guess who the king in my story is? ;)

This story is set in the early 1800's or roundabout that time. Possibly even in the 1700's.

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