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I got this idea while reading 'Harry Potter and the Worlds that Waits' by dellacouer.

Today was the day of the meeting with Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. These two men protected and controlled the mutants of the United States of America. He just hoped that they were no typical politicans as he didn't like those types very much. He had enough with the politicans in the house of lords and every other government of hte world.

At this moment was his private jet starting to land on a private airport near Xavier's School. He was interested how the kids in America lived.

In the USA the mutants weren't very much liked. It wasn't better in his motherland at least til last year, the year he became king. King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. And the reason why live for the mutants changed was that he was also a mutant. He, Hadrian Potter, king of Great Britain, was a mutant.

The first to become a ruler of a country.

But not everyone in England was happy to have him as a monarch. He still needed to find the person who tried to kill him and his family.

Some rumours say that he will find this man in America. He goes by the name of William Stryker.