Chapter Eight


I knew people didn't really care about me and Blaise being together besides my family, but when Harry walked in with Draco the whole hall went to a dead stop. I see Harry look around and stops on me. I smile a little at him, and they came over and sit next to me and Blaise. "Don't let it get to you Potter," Blaise says, holding my hand and smiling at harry. "I know, but still," Harry says, hiding his face in his arms on the table. I wish I could help him. I see his hand and gasp. "Harry is that what I think it is?" I ask. "Yes Ronald we are engaged," Draco says, smirking whileHarry blushes. "Cool! We're engaged too," Blaise says, kissing my hand. Harry head pops up, and he looks at me. I blush, and smiles at him. "That's great Ron!" Harry says, hugging me and we almost fall off our seat. We both laugh, and Hermione comes over. "Ron? Can we go talk?" She asks me with sad eyes. "You can speak here Granger," Blaise says, through gritted teeth. "Well I want to make up with Ron, and see if we can try again." Hermione says, looking at me with hope in her eyes. I feel Blaise tighten his hold on my hand. "Sorry, but I'm already engaged and in love with Blaise," I say, smiling at him and he smiles back. He kisses me, and I hear Hermione stomp her foot and cough. I look at her. "Fine! Seamus was better then you anyways!" She says as she storms off followed by a pissed Seamus. Seamus!? One of my closest friends!? I hear yelling and see Seamus run back in. "Ron it's not what you think! She put me under a love potion, and I just found out I swear!" Seamus says, looking scared and worried. I sigh in relief. "It's ok Seamus," I say smiling.

Harry POV

After Ron and Seamus made up, we headed to our classes. The days changed into months and not much happened. Everyone started to get over me and Draco being together after a month. Ron and Blaise were doing great and are happier since Hermione left last month. She got expelled for hitting Blaise with a curse that left him in the hospital wing for three weeks. Neville and Luna got together which surprised me, but I'm happy for them. The Weasly family started to open up to Draco and Blaise. We started to go to the burrow for holidays. It was tense at first because of Ginny, but she got together with Dean and everything is fine now. After school ended, we had a double wedding. We even invited the Malloy's and by the end of it Mr. Malfoy and I were very close. It's been three years since then and Ron and Blaise had a baby by having a surrogate mother. Draco and I didn't want to do that so we adopted twin boys and their little brother. Their names were Albus, James, and Scorpius. So here I am playing with my boys on mine and Draco's king size bed in our house. Draco came over to me and kisses my temple. "I love you Harry," Draco says, smiling. "I love you too Draco," I say, smiling back. "Forever? Draco asks. I laugh and smile. "Forever," I say, as I kiss him and hug the boys.