Hello guys, sorry I haven't updated in like SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN YEARS! My computer broke and I somehow run myself down by not eating and sleeping enough and ended up in hospital for nearly five days. Yeah, advice? DON'T GIVE YOURSELF HALF AN HOUR OF SLEEP AND EAT! Who cares if you become fat, I don't care, SO EAT! Unless you want an overly preppy (but nice) Nurse waking you up at SEVEN A.M. to take your blood pressure! Grr! Luckily, I managed to get Wi-Fi in the Hospital and got onto Fanfiction on my phone, so I wasn't deprived of the Dp fandom for more than a day! NEWS BULLETIN: I NOW HAVE A DP BAG! EEPP! THANKS MOM AND DAD, YOU ROCK!

Parents- Operation Cool.
SAMMY! Oh no, she found me. Great, cue the dress shopping. You heard right, dress shopping. I m Sam; just your local vegetarian Goth with parents who think floral print is still worn today. If you re not my best friend you won t know how badly I and my family get along. My parents are snotty people who will do anything, and I mean anything, to get me into a dress. But family is family.
OH THERE YOU ARE SAMMY! I m not going. But you need a dress for cheerleading tryouts. Just then my Best friend Danny ran noisily round the corner.
He looked at my Mom who nodded.
I Looked back in confusion to spot my Mom kick someone in the face? Then the stench of a scratchy sack swam around, dizzying me I woke up to a scream followed by a familiar shout of STRIKE TURKEY! and forced my eyes open to see MY MOM WIELDING A SWORD!? Hold up since when do my family hold any weapons? Okay Grandma Ida was a possible insane suspect for a while so, understandable. SAMMY! Came Danny s cry. He s so sweet and cute and WHOA GIRL! Now is not the time to fan girl over your boyfriend!
I looked to where my parents and Grandma, Tucker and his parents and Jack, Jazz and Maddie all wielding a Fenton ghost weapon.
I looked up to see the Box Ghost and glared at Danny, who sniggered as if he had remembered something.
"Sorry baby, wasn't me. But I think you are about to find out." he replied before kissing me gently and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
"PROTECT THE PARENTS!" Tucker and Jazz yelled.
"PROTECT THE KIDS!" Maddie, my Mom and Angela, Tuckers Mother screamed.
I turned to my Father, Jack and Maurice, Tucks Dad.
"PROTECT THE FUDGE!" They bellowed.
I face palmed, it seems like Danny and I are the ONLY sane people in this family.

Did it make you laugh? When I first found the beginning of this on my school files during French, I cracked up laughing( getting funny looks as we were supposed to be doing french family names) and immediately Emailed it to my account where I could access it and it became this! :) Hope you enjoyed!