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Chapter 1

It was nice morning in a little city in Japan, people either were rushing for their job or not to be late for school. But one teenager wasn't doing neither of them.

He has messy sun-kissed blond, azure blue eyes and his name is Uzumaki Naruto. The teenager hadn't changed a lot in the last two months since his arrival in this dimension. The only difference was his clothes, gone was the old orange jumpsuit for and replaced by pair of jeans, sneakers and a normal Orange t-shirt with flame motive but the one thing from his old clothing still stood and that was his old headband with the insignia of his village, it was the only thing that was left from there, so he wore it tied around his right biceps.

'Ahh, another busy morning. This dimension is surely more modernized then mine, but it's not a big deal.' thought Naruto as he looked around seeing everyone with cellphone in hand. 'And still with such advanced technology I would have thought they would have found a solution for the pollution problem.'

As he was walking down the street his mind went back to that faithful day that brought him here.


The sounds of metal reverberated though out the entire valley as two forms shot at each other at incredible speeds. The now blood red moon hung low in the sky, like a giant godly eye watching over the two combatants. The once proud, lush green forest now resembled that of a dead wasteland.

Naruto landed on the ground, he glared at the man who took everything from him. His body was all in cuts and blood was pouring from each wound, some of them were starting to heal but he was losing blood to fast and he was near his limits, his eyes were a deep crystalline orange with a cross shaped pupil but after few more seconds they returned back to their normal color.

A cold cruel laughter filled the air, like a frozen spear it pierced the temporary silence, "Why do you fight, Naruto?" the voice asked as the blond could almost hear the smirk that owner wore, "They are all dead, it's just you and me left. You know it's only a matter of time before I capture the Kyuubi and complete the Moon's Eye."

Naruto growled, "Because, I owe it to them all to kill you and make sure that they did not die in vain."

A man in tattered purple high-collared long sleeve mantle and Gunbai in hand landed in front of Naruto, this time his eyes were different from the last time he fought him, now he had purple eyes that had three concentric circles around the pupil plus three tomoes on each circle. The man's name, Uchiha Obito.

The crazed Uchiha laugh-mocked at the boy's comment, "You fool! The moment they started fighting was the moment they died in vain!" he yelled, "I contain the Juubi and I will control the world soon!"

Naruto looked to the ground slightly and gave a small chuckle, "You really don't realize it do you?" he said quietly, the shadow of his fringe hiding his blue eyes, "We are literally the only people left, if you kill me, it will only be you in the world and nobody for you to control."

Obito stopped for a moment as a sudden, unwanted, look of realization dawned onto him, the blond haired brat was right! That would mean all his years of careful planning were all for naught and even if he fulfilled his plan then there would be no one to see his perfect new world where there will be no war, why, because he had killed everyone for him to reach his perfect world. "No. No! NO!"

Obito clutched his head in pain as he tried to comprehend that his perfect plan was done for. Naruto continued to smirk at the sight the maniac being put over the edge... that was until a dark purple light surrounded the mad man and his eyes started flashing from their current form back to his old one which were his Mangekyou and Rinnegan, with every second his chakra was slipping even more and he unconsciously was sucking everything in the sight of his Sharingan.

But Naruto wasn't giving a damn about the Uchiha in front him, he had just gone into the seal one last time to part away whit his partner. "Well Kurama our journey is nearing it's end. You still the choice, will you use the back door that father had accidentally left for you and reunite with your other half and all of the tailed beast souls in the Shinigami's stomach or will you roam this deserted world alone?" Asked Naruto as the old fox only sighed.

"Naruto, this was really interesting adventure and I am happy that we managed to work together in the end but like you said our journey is at it's end." Grinned the fox at his partner and they fist bumped one last time.

"Now if you please activate the backdoor." said Kurama and Naruto placed his hand on his stomach and concentrated. Just like they thought the Shinigami appeared in front them. The death reaper only looked at the duo for a second before he closed his eyes and took his blade in hand.

"So you have summoned me to take your other half too Kyuubi." said the shingami and the fox in front him just nodded. "So be it." and with one stroke he pierced the fox which turned in ethereal energy and was soon consumed by him.

After few seconds of munching the fox, the entity just stared at Naruto with his dead eyes which brought shivers all over the blond "Young Uzumaki this type of extraction won't kill you or anything major, but I sense you will die soon too, so I will let you be for now."

"Gee, thanks for letting me live little more, only to die from massive explosion." said Naruto sarcastically after which he left his mindscape only to find that the battlefield even more ruffed than before.

'What the fuck is going on here?' thought Naruto as he saw part of the land getting obliterated, he immediately understood from where it came from as he looked at the screaming Uchiha.

"You, It's because of YOUUUUUU!."Shouted Obito as he glared at the blond and then it happened just before Obito could explode from the Jyuubi's chakra, Naruto was sucked by the time-space ninjutsu and send to god knows where.

As he awoke with a loud groan for the first time after he was sucked by Obito's technique, he looked around only to find out he was in a park, but his observation didn't last long why? Because in the next second a ball of light hit him straight in the face and knock him out once again.

"Ahh my head hurt's so much." mummered Naruto as he realized he was no longer in the park he last saw. When the blond fully opened his eyes he realized that he was in one of his least favorite place in the world, the Hospital. When he tried to stand up he was hit by a killer headache and he fell face fault.

"Are you okay?" came the voice of a woman. When Naruto looked to his right, he saw a nurse running next to him and helped him back to his bed.

"Yeah, just really strong headache." said Naruto as he looked at nurse. In his opinion she was really cute no more than 24 with long brown hair and brown eyes.

"U-um n-now that you are awake I-I think I should change your bandages." said the nurse as her face became bright red confusing Naruto as her blushing intensified when she started undoing his bandages, but her blushing didn't last long because when the last bandage was undone her blushing face was replaced by one of sheer amazement as she saw only scars.

"It's not possible." muttered the Nurse, confusing the young blond.

"What's not possible?"

"Your wounds have already healed, it should impossible to healed from such wounds like the ones you had after a day rest." Said Nurse almost shouting not beveling what she was seeing.

"Um, actually I heal fast." said Naruto sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

But Nurse didn't listen to him, she immediately called a the nearest doctor who had the same reactions only for him to call some of his colleagues which reacted the same way and in only ten minutes the whole personnel of the hospital was staring at Naruto like he was some kind of alien, which only made the blond to sweetdrop.

'Are these people for real? Haven't they seen someone with advanced healing factor in their whole live.'

"Umm, now that I am healed can I leave?" asked Naruto only to break the people from their trans of staring.

"Ahh, yes Mr?" said the doctor only to stop at Naruto's name.

"Naruto." said the blond and he immediately heard some giggling from behind the crowd saying something about Name and Fishcake, which hit Naruto right in his pride.

"Yes N-naruto-san you can leave." said the doctor trying to contain his laugh.

That hit him even harder as more laughs were heard coming from the crowd in front his room, only for them stopped by the sulking and depressing mutter of the blond 'It's not Fishcake... it means Maelstrom.'

After everyone calmed down and went back to their work the Nurse came near Naruto's bed and took some clothes from the nearby wardrobe and gave them to him.

"This are for you Mr. Uzumaki, your normal clothes were beyond repair and the only thing that was intact from them was this strange headband."

"Thank you." said Naruto and the Nurse left the room. So he immediately put his new clothes and as fast he could he left the hospital.

Flashback end.

Naruto was now sitting in one of the outdoor cafes enjoying the sunny day and drinking coffee as his mind once again returned back to two months ago.

Only after he had left the hospital, he had understood why everybody was amazed from his fast healing, here the people were just normal people, no extraordinary powers, no chakra or anything like that and no wars for world domination in this moment.

So with no money in his pocket or any place to go, he came with one simple yet effective plan... he was going to rob one of Tokyo's biggest banks during the night. He could not help but laugh remembering how easy it was.

So after some observation of the bank he created a simple Shadow clone and the original transformed into a package, which the clone took and went to deposit it in the bank. After some time the clone managed to convince the manager by showing him some papers transformed in money saying the the manager will get big bonus if they guarded the package for one night and so the transformed Naruto was left in the safe.

When the night came and the bank closed Naruto transformed back, he immediately made two clones and gave them each a sealing scroll and so they started collecting as much as they could. When the Blond already collected enough he took the other scrolls and dispelled the clones then he transformed himself in a little mouse and waited for the morning security check so he could slip.

But to his surprise only few minutes after he finished the mechanisms of the Door started working and it opened. It was one of the guards who had a grin on his face. So Naruto took his chance and escaped. As he transformed back he heard the loud alarms, and he shushined away.

The next day the robbery was on every newspaper first page portraying it as the 'Crime of the century', while the article was about the guard who found that bank was robbed.

Not wanting to risk anything if the police somehow managed to follow his trail which would be impossible and ridiculous to look for a mouse, but he still left Tokyo and started his little adventure around the country and that's how he ended living in this little city away from Tokyo sipping his coffee peacefully and reading today's newspaper .

'Man, there is still big commotion about the robbery, I thought everything would have cooldowned till now, but this guys are stubborn.' thought Naruto as he turned the page of his newspaper.

'This crime had risen my adrenalin and I only needed money to survive in this world but still I promised to myself that I wouldn't be stealing anymore.' just as he thought about his promise he started chuckling.

'Who am I kidding. I know I am not going to heaven, I am straight for hell...' at this moment the fox grin and the nature of the old prankster appeared once again. 'Then maybe I should live my life to the fullest and make a name for myself as the greatest thief in the world, but only if nothing interesting happens.'

While the young blond was thinking about the future, he failed to detect the presence of someone who was watching him from afar. On one of the tall buildings hundred meters away from the cafe was standing a middle-aged-looking man. His outfit consisted of a pale violet trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, and a black fedora.

Dohnaseek was feeling really excited, he was feeling strong signature coming from the blond that he was observing and it only increased his bloodlust for fight. The strong signature could only mean two things for him: either he was a Devil or he had a Sacred gear sealed in his body and he didn't care which one was it, if he was devil he would enjoy killing him and if it's Sacred gear he will take it from the boy and kill him again.

"Soon my prey you will fall into my hands, and you will try to sooth my hunger for battle kukuku..." said the fallen angel before he disappeared leaving only few black feathers floating in the air.

Later that day

The sun was setting down fast and Naruto made his way toward his new apartment that he bought the day he came to this city. It was nothing like his old one, this was one of the biggest apartments and most modern in the whole city and as a bonus it was in the quietest part too which surprisingly was near Kuoh Academy and only to reach it he needed to go through the nearest park.

When he entered the park the sun had already sett down leaving only the eerie glow of the moon. As he walked down the road he marveled at the beauty of the park only to be interrupt by chuckling coming from somewhere, making Naruto get in battle stance.

"My, my you are interesting one? " a male voice said as Naruto looked up in the sky only to get little surprised. He saw a middle-aged-looking man with short black hair and dark blue eyes. But the thing that surprised him were the two black wings on his back.

'And here I thought this world was normal.' thought Naruto as he face palmed only for the Fallen Angel to snickered down at him. "Hahaha, not the reaction I expected to get from you?"

"Whatever, what's your name Birdy guy and what do you want with me." asked Naruto as Dohnaseek glared at him for the given nickname.

"Not that it matters but I am Dohnaseek, Fallen Angel and your destroyer." he said arrogantly.

'Well this guy is certain cocky but more importantly he is a freaking angel, what's next Devils and Dragons.' He thought as his brain went little haywire, getting back online only for him to catch a spear between his hands few inches away from his face.

"Ouch, Ouch the damn thing is hot!" shouted Naruto as he threw the spear away only for it shattered into hundreds of pieces and fade away.

"Impressive, no human has ever stopped my spear like you and if you were a devil you wouldn't have any hands left so may I presume you are Sacred Gear user." Said the fallen angel in the same cocky tone like earlier only for him to get a kick in the face and send him in the ground.

"What the heck are you talking about, I don't know of any sacred gears or something from this sort." Shouted Naruto as he landed back on the ground and immediately rushed against his attacker but only for him to change the direction in the last second and escaping fatal wounds from the two flying spears and still one of them hit him him right in the left leg.

"Ghaa damn it that thing hurts! It's feels like it's burning my leg from inside." screamed Naruto in agony as he removed the spear from his leg only for it to shatter again.

'God damn it even after two months I haven't recovered fully, and this wound will take some time to heal, but the worst thing is now I am a sitting duck against that guy.' thought Naruto as he saw Dohnaseek finally regaining his foothold.

"Damn bastard surprising me like this, I will make sure your dead is painful!" Shouted the Fallen angel as he threw this time four spears.

'Goddammit move, I can't accept to die like this after I started a new life move, Move, MOVE!' Screamed Naruto in his head. At his screaming something or rather someone that had taken a place to live inside the young Uzumaki finally started waking up from a long sleep only to find his new host in dire situation.

As the spears neared him, Naruto closed his eyes waiting to be hit by the spears but the pain never came so when he opened one of his eyes to see what was happening he was truly surprised at seeing the spears and everything around him frozen in place, like the time had stopped.

"You need power, power to survive Uzumaki Naruto." said a voice which came from all sides surprising the teen even more, because that was the last thing he expected to happen in this moment.

Naruto regained composure and nodded, then the same voice answered once again "Very well young one I will grant you the power to Divide and Conquer all your enemies." and the time started move once more.

Dohnaseek looked at his opponent one last time as the spears had almost reached their target, so he turned back and started walking away not beveling that the blond will survive such an attack. "Pitiful this boy was not enough to sooth my hunger for battle."

"Oh I am so sorry to disappoint you." came Naruto's voice from behind surprising the older man who immediately turned around only to meet a fist which hit him straight in the face breaking the Fallen angel's nose and send him flying in right in few trees.


The Fallen angel immediately regained his footing and venomously looked at his opponent to see something new. In front him stayed Naruto but this time he had a pair of white Dragon wings.

"Ha, your Sacred Gear is just 'Wing beat' pathetic it only gives the ability to... " but Dohnaseek started swaying a little 'What the... why do I fell so weak, I was just fine before he.. hit.. me... NO! It can't be, his Sacred Gear can't be...!' but his thoughts had been interrupted by Naruto as he started speaking.

"I see you started to realize that my Sacred Gear isn't 'Wing beat' as you said, it's real name is..."

"Divine Dividing!" came the slight frighten voice of the old man.

"Or also known as the 'White Dragon Emperor's Light Wings'." finished Naruto as this new information rushed in his brain while confirming the fears of the fallen angel.

"Impossible, you posses one of the thirteen Longinus." Dohnaseek shouted in fear and started backing away when he saw a blue ball of Energy starting to form in his opponent's hand.

He immediately tried to fly as far as he could thinking he could get enough distance for a counter attack, but he had forgotten one very important thing... Naruto could fly too. So when he turned around start his counterattack the angle's face became as pale as sheet.

"You have no where to run this time you bastard RASENGAN!" shouted Naruto as the ball of swirling energy was shoved in the enemy's stomach sending him flying at high-speed towards the ground. When the fallen angel hit the ground a loud crack could be heard and in the next second the ground exploded. When everything cool downed Naruto saw that his opponents was laying dead and his body started breaking apart and disappearing like he was never there, leaving only the destruction of the fight.

And so with the last of his strength he flew to his apartment where he immediately fell exhausted on his bed.

As Naruto fell asleep he woke up in a very familiar corridor but in the same time slightly different. Unlike before the floor wasn't wet but everything else was the same. "Come here." came the same voice that gave him the power to beat Birdy guy. So when he heard the voice for second time he took the path from which it came from.

After few minutes of walking he finally reached the end. Now this place was fully different. The cage that was once there was gone and the room now looked more like throne room instead of sewer and on Kurama's place stood a white dragon.

"It's good to finally meet my new possessor. My name is Albion the Vanishing Dragon." said the white dragon now known as Albion as he stood in his whole glory.

"Hello Albion it's nice to meet you, you may already know it but my name is Uzumaki Naruto." said Naruto as he bowed for second to the dragon." I want to tank you for lending me the power to beat that guy."

"You should not tank me Naruto, the power of Divine Dividing is yours now that you are my new possessor." Said Albion and Naruto just nodded.

"Albion, I wish to ask you a question." said Naruto and waited for an answer from the dragon who just nodded. " What was this guy I fought earlier and what is the supernatural of this world? "

"That Naruto might take some time so you better take a seat." said Albion and Naruto nodded but the only place he could sit was the on throne in front him, when he sat the old dragon started talking again.

"Now I will answer your first question, The man you fought was a fallen angel one from of the three factions and please no question before I finish." said Albion leaving Naruto with open mouth and raised finger.

"You see Naruto in this world there are many supernatural groups which are more or less independent, each having different powers."

"But mine and my arch-rival's story is mostly connected with the story of the Three factions. It was during one of our many battles in wanting to find which one of us was the stronger. Unfortunately our battle was interrupted by the Three factions who were at war at that time. In anger we attacked their leaders but it didn't end well for us, because our bodies had been destroyed and our souls had been sealed in two different sacred gears. So do you have any other questions?"

"Yeah why the heck they started the war between them? " asked Naruto curious to know how the war between the Angles, Devils and Fallen angels had started.

"Actually, I really don't know." said Albion surprising Naruto as he comically fell from the throne. "Anyway Naruto go get a some rest, you are physically and mentally tired, I am pretty sure you will need it until you master Divine dividing and it's power." andso Naruto stood from the throne, he said his goodbye and disappeared from his mindscape leaving the majestic dragon alone.

'I actually, like me new possessor, he is not stuck up like my old ones and I have pretty good feeling if we work together he could become the strongest White dragon emperor till now.' muttered the old dragon as he once again fell asleep.

Then next day

Light shined through the massive window as the light hit Naruto's face causing him to groan."Oh man, my head hurts so much." said Naruto groggily as he tried to stand up from his bed only to feel his left leg giving up under the pressure and he fell back on his bed.

"What the!?" said surprised Naruto now fully awake as he looked at his leg only to see a circular wound on his tight which was steadily closing.

"So yesterdays fight was not a dream." said Naruto to himself not expecting any answer, but he still got one from his new tenant.

"Everything that happened yesterday was real Naruto." came the voice of Albion in Naruto's head, surprising the blond.

"Albion is that you?"

"Why do you sound so surprised, I know you already have experience with beings sealed inside you, so it's should not be so big surprise for me to talk to you." said Albion as Naruto smiled little embarrassed.

"Sorry, sorry... But wait how do you know my past."

"I am sealed in the sacred gear and the sacred gear itself is sealed inside you and this gives me the power to see your memories. Also that's how I normally judge a person if he is worthy to unlock the power of Divine Dividing."

"But still how the heck did you ended in my body?" asked Naruto, since he had this question roaming his head since he first talked with the old dragon.

"Well the day you arrived in our dimension there was a big incident near Tokyo which killed many people and one them was my last possessor. He was only 5 years old and I couldn't help him at all because his body would have broke down from my power.."

"I am sorry Albion."

"Don't worry Naruto, during my years I had many possessors but seeing someone so young dying is always hard... but I should not get distracted. As I was saying the sacred gear started looking for a new owner and like always it should have been a newborn but at this day you appeared in our world and from what I have found your body physiology is slightly different, so this got me to the conclusion because of that Divine dividing reacted to you. You know sacred gears are always looking for something extraordinary like hybrids or descendants of strong people."

"I understand, so you were the light that hit me straight in the face." said Naruto but the only answer was a slight laugh in his head. "Now what should I do, I still can't move because of the leg." only for his stomach to grumble in protest.

"Goddammit I can't walk and I want to eat Ramen!" Cried Naruto in defeat because the nearest Ramen shop was in the center of the city, but he immediately got an idea and with little concentration he summoned his Sacred Gear.

"Well I know how to walk and run but now is time to learn how to fly, it couldn't be that hard." for the first time in his life he was so wrong. In only five minutes of flying he had hit 4 pigeons and one tree so when he finally reached the shop he looked like he had gone through a huricane.

When Naruto entered he saw that shop was still empty and there was only one man with about ten bowls of ramen in front him, which really surprised the blond.

"Naruto, your back." came the voice of the chef from the kitchen. "It's the same order, right? " only for Naruto to nod as his sat down on his place.

In about ten minutes fifteen bowls of ramen were standing in front the blond who was already drooling like crazy and when the last bowl came it became hell on earth no one could see the Tornado going through the bowls of ramen. When he finished with his meal he gave his thanks for the food and paid the old man as he left slightly limping.

"Was this the one you are talking about earlier Sao-san." asked the black haired man.

"Yes that's him, Uzumaki Naruto he is regaining his strength with every day, but today he felt even more powerful then before, maybe it's a sacred gear. " said Sao as the man in front him just grinned.

"I like him, I will ask him to join my peerage." said the man surprising the old ramen chef, but before he could question him to his decision he had already left to chase Naruto.

"I feel that a big part of the city will be destroyed if this two go at full power."

With Naruto

Naruto was walking quietly in one of the back alleys until Albion alerted him "Naruto, someone is following us, be ready for an attack."

The blond could only curse at his luck, because he was still handicapped because of his leg and his chakra reserve. So he stood still and tried to collect as much senjutsu as he could before he was attacked. It was really hard to collect it in the cities and he also felt absorbing malice too in his body, but in the end he manage to finally enter sage mode and waited for the upcoming attack but it never came because the one who was following him appeared on the other side of the street with happy smile.

"You, you are the one from the ramen shop." shouted Naruto in surprise.

"Yep that's me. Sao-san is friend of mine and he told me about you Uzumaki Naruto."

"Who are you, what do you want from me?"

"My name is Sairaorg Bael and I am devil. What I want is for you to join my peerage." Said Sairaorg with grin on his face.

'Straightforward, something you rarely see this days.' thought Albion as he observed the Devil from the Bael clan.

"Um, can you explain to me what the heck a peerage is?" asked Naruto with curious look.

"Oh you don't know, very well I will explain it to you but for me to explain peerage I will tell you first about evil pieces system. The evil piece system is a system that was created to repopulate the devils numbers since we lost many of our own in the Great War. They are a set of 15 chess pieces given to top-class Devils to increase their ranks by reincarnating other beings into Devils, but the stronger the soul is the more pieces you need to reincarnate him or her.

Oh was the only thing that came from Naruto's mouth.

"So will you join my peerage Naruto." asked Sairaorg once again awaiting for an answer.

'I am not really sure if I want to join or be a devil but I will ask him this question.' thought Naruto as he looked with serious face back at the devil. " Before I give you the answer, I want to ask you a question."

"Ok go on ask, I will answer at everything you need." But this question that came wasn't something he had ever expected someone to ask him.

"What is your peerage to you, are they only slave or tools for you to use... and when they are not useful anymore you..." but Naruto never manage to finish the sentence as he managed to catch the fist of now angered Sairaorg as the ground below them started cracking from the pressure and Naruto was starting to lose the grip.

"Shut up, I won't let you talk about my peerage like that, the moment they became my peerage they became part of my family for me, I will give everything for them and I know that they would do the same for me!"He Roared in anger, but something was wrong in his eyes. Only When he saw Naruto smiling at him he realized what was the purpose of this question so he immediately stopped the flow of Touki to his hand.

"You wanted to see what kind of King I am, right?" Asked Sairaorg only to see as Naruto nodding as he extended his arm and they shook hands.

"So join your peerage? I would be honored to join your peerage, my king." Said Naruto with mock bow which made the devil in front of him laugh.

"But what position do you intend to place me?"

"Actually I have only one pawn piece left." said Sairaorg as he started laughing while Naruto face faulted.

"Are you serious, I might be new in this but I am pretty sure that for me to be reincarnated into a devil I will need more than one even if you don't count my sacred gear!" Shouted Naruto as he hit Sairaorg on the head.

"Ohh, yeah I heard, you might have a sacred gear. So what kind is it?"

Naruto sighed 'Nothing could hurt if I show it to him.' and in the next second the white dragon wings appeared on his back.

"Whoa could it be, one of the thirteen Longinus!"

"Yep, it's called Divine dividing, but I am still getting used to it."

"Okay let's start the ritual." said the hyped Sairaorg.

" Hey didn't you listen what I was telling you a second ago." said Naruto, but there was no point the devil wasn't listening and Albion could only chuckle from inside.

"Okay I am ready, let's start." Sairaorg just nodded and he place his fist in front Naruto's heart and started chanting."I command you, Naruto Uzumaki, on my name Sairaorg Bael, become my servant and lead a new life as my Pawn!" There was a bright golden flash of light and a small pawn appeared hovering over the man's fist so when he moved it away from the blond's heart the little figure started getting absorbed only for it stop during the middle of the process and fall down on the ground.

"Dammit your cost, is higher even for a mutation piece!" Cursed Sairaorg as he hit the wall next to him and shattering good part of it. While Naruto looked as sad because he had liked the idea for him to have a family once more even if they were not blood related.

"Naruto tell Sairaorg to try once more, I felt something happening to the pawn during the process." Came the voice of Albion surprising Naruto so he nodded.

"Sairaorg try once more, Albion is saying he felt something different during the process." said Naruto as the young devil stood up and just nodded.

So the Bael heir did everything once more and as it came back to the same moment the light started dimming. "You are too powerful for only one pawn even if it's mutated one Naruto."

"No something is different, this time I can feel it too." and just as he said that the little pawn started shinning even brighter blinding the two for few seconds, when the light dimmed once more there was no pawn left.

"How are you feeling Naruto?" asked Sairaorg with some hope.

"I feel better than ever, I am once again full of energy." said Naruto in joy and the two fist bumped and grinned at each other.

"Welcome to the family Naruto, It's time the others, but first let's eat some ramen!" cheered Sairaorg as he placed a hand around Naruto's shoulder.

"Hahaha, I think this is the beginning of a really good friendship." Naruto laughed with his new friend as they left the back alley.

Chapter 1 End.

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