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Chapter 4

A few days later

Rias Gremory and her peerage stood in front of a abandoned house near the outskirts of the town.

"Umm, can someone tell me why are we here again?" asked her newest member Hyoudou Issei, he was the only one from all that was confused because he was new to all of this.

"Tsk, tsk, silly Issei, we got reports that a stray devil has been spotted in this location and that it was luring people into the warehouse so that it could consume them. We have been tasked with getting rid of it and making sure no one else gets harmed by this stray devil." explained Rias with a smile while the pervert teen blushed at her smile.

When he finally got his composure back he asked the second question he was confused about "Umm, what is a stray devil?"

It was Akeno that spoke up this time "A stray devil is a devil like us who once was a member off a peerage but has strayed away from his or her King. The most likely way to become a stray devil is by killing their master and they start acting like wild dogs, so the other devils have to put them down before they can cause too much damage. This is the law of the Devils."

"Our mission this time is to kill it." Rias added as members of her peerage nodded their heads and they headed inside the building.

"Issei, this is a good chance for you to watch how devils battle, also I would be explaining to you about the traits of the peerage members." said Rias.

"The traits of the servants?" asked Issei with confused look.

"Devils, who are the master, give traits to those who will become their servants. …Yes, it's probably about time I explain about it and also about the history of Devils."

"I have already explained the relationship between the devil, angels and fallen angels earlier today. In the prolonged war, no matter which side, they were all exhausted, we on the devil side lost a lot of pure bloods and we couldn't really armed forces, so we started to train few elites called Evil Pieces." explained Rias as everybody checked around the abandoned house.

"Evil Pieces?"

"Issei, do you know what chess is?" asked Rias.

"Yes... I know that game. It's similar to shogi isn't it?" answer Issei.

"The pieces in chess are King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Rook, and Pawn. Each piece has its own traits and because of that each underling devil undergoes training in a different ability. Although they do not have many skills, they are very powerful in the ones they know." explained Rias. "But there is one more important thing."

'It's becoming complicated but I should better listen.' thought Issei.

"You see Issei this system has only been created in the past few hundred years, and unexpectedly become popular among devils with peerage."

"Popular?" asked the brown haired-boy from behind his king.

"The kings started competing against each other. As a result, High-class Devils started to play a game like that of Chess against each other using their Servant Devils in place of the pieces, we call it the Rating Games." explained Rias as she opened another door before she continued explaining "But you see Issei the game became popular to the point where it could influence a devil's position and their nobility ranks."

"Does that mean sooner or later I would be battling in a game like this?" asked Issei while Rias only shook her head and answered.

"I am still not a mature devil yet, so I can't officially show up in the arena." she explained as she opened the last door of the house.

"I don't quite understand the trait of a piece, but in the end what kind of piece am I?"

"Well Issei you are..." but her sentence was interrupted when everyone felt the rising of a killer intent, "it's coming."

As they stopped they saw giant grotesque figure appearing from the back of the room. It was being with an unnatural form having a woman's upper body and the lower body of a monster and in both hands it was holding giant spears.

"Stray devil Viser we are here to destroy for betraying your King. We are here to pass judgement on you." Rias said toward the monster like woman.

"My, what a nice scent. Just like your hair, your flesh must be fresh and red, right. I really want to eat it, ketaketaketaketa." said the grotesque being as it started laughing towards the devils.

"So it is true what people say, the smaller the dog, the louder it barks." said Rias with confident smile. This only angered the stray devil and as she swiped with her spear against them.


Yuuto reacted immediately as he sprinted ahead as soon as Rias gave the order, he was insanely fast and in only a second, he appeared in front the beast.

"Issei, I will continue from the lecture before." said Rias as she looked back at Kiba who was just engaging Viser.

"Yuuto's position is Knight. The knight's main ability is speed, and his strongest weapon is..." Issei looked back against Kiba and saw that the blond was going to be hit by the giant spear but he disappeared just before he could be hit.

"A technique created by combining unpredictable speed and the master of swordsmanship." Kiba appeared in mid-air over the stray devil with two European styled swords in his hands and with one swift movement he sliced the creature's arms and tail as blood gushed out from its wounds.

"Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you damn insect!" screamed the enormous monster tried to stomp Kiba, but to Issei's surprise Koneko jumped under the foot and the monster stomped her.

"Koneko-chan!" Screamed Issei but Rias place a hand on his shoulder and pointed back to where only Koneko stood only to see petite girl holding the giant leg in the air with ease.

"Don't worry about Koneko, her role is Rook." said Rias as she pointed at Koneko as she pushed the giant monster out of balance and jumped right against it and sent it flying even further with a single punch in the gut.

"The Rook's trait is simple; insane strength and very high defense. It's impossible for a Devil with that so little strength to stamp on Koneko, it would be a surprise if it even scratched her." explained Rias.

"So weak..." said Koneko as she cleaned her clothes from the dust.

'Not to self, never pick a fight with Koneko-chan.' thought Issei little frighten.

"Lastly, Akeno."

"Yes, Buchou. How should I deal with it?" Akeno giggled. She walked towards the beaten stray devil that laid on the ground looking at Akeno with hate, but the black haired girl only smiled deviously and said, "Ah, still so energetic..."

"Akeno's role is a Queen. She's the one who is the strongest after me, having all traits of Pawn, Knight, Bishop, and Rook; she is the invincible Vice-president of our club."

"In that case, is this level of attack ok?" she said with a smile as she held her hand up as lightning seemed to form on the ceiling and gathering right above the fallen monster.

"Nooooooo," screamed the stray devil before the lightning descended down and engulfed the fallen monster. Akeno didn't stop there, her smile started changing from her normal to one full with ecstasy as she looked at the beaten stray devil.

"Ah, looks like you can still continue, let's see how long you can keep this up." and once again lighting hit the stray devil, it continued few more times leaving it on the verge of death.

Issei trembled as he looked at Akeno and said, "It feels like Akeno-san is even more fearsome!"

Rias could only sigh as she looked between Issei expression and Akeno's lustful look as the stray devil screamed and whispered 'I should have known this would have happened.' then she turned back to Issei and said "Of course, since Akeno is the ultimate S class."

"Don't worry the Vice-president is very gentle with her allies." said Kiba but even that wasn't giving Issei a confidence that he won't end in the opposite side with his pervert tendencies.

After all this beating on the Stray devil looked no more then burned piece of meat. Rias then took a step ahead and asked. "Do you have any last words?"

"Kill me." said the stray devil and Rias formed a black mass of demonic power that was big enough to engulf the whole beast. Seconds later it was gone like it was never there.

After the whole battle everyone looked like nothing happened, but Issei still had one question. "Umm, Buchou I still have one question."

"What is it, Issei?" asked Rias.

"Well, we were interrupted earlier, but... what is my role?"

"Oh, yes your role is ..." but Rias was interrupted when the ground behind her cracked and from it jumped the stray devil's snake tail that Kiba had cut earlier. The snake went for the nearest devil which was Rias and it would have killed her if something or rather someone hadn't jumped from the roof and tackled the snake tail on the ground and the floor under them broke.

The whole peerage immediately rushed to the first floor to see the one who had just saved their king from sure demise. When they reached it they couldn't see anything from the giant dust cloud that had formed around the savior.

"Oh man, you should be more careful next time princess," came a male voice from the cloud that Rias and Akeno immediately recognized, while the others took defensive position instinctively. After few second a sudden wind blew away the dust. In front of them stood none other than Uzumaki Naruto in all of his glory with his trade mark grin, while the snake tail lied death with a kunai deeply impaled in its head.

Rias reaction was instantaneous. When she saw Naruto, she jumped on him and gave him the biggest hug while burying his head between her cleavage. In the meantime, Issei cried tears of jealousy as he looked at the blond until brown haired devil finally recognized him from yesterday.

"Huh! It's you! I bumped into you, yesterday!" shouted Issei getting everyone's attention.

"Oh, yeah fancy meeting you here." said Naruto as he finally managed to get free from the hug as everyone but Rias sweatdropped a little.

"Naruto, I can't believe you are back. I heard you were on a trip for the last year." said Rias.

"Actually I have been on a trip for almost two years and it ended just a week ago." answered Naruto while Rias smile fell a little when she heard it.

"Oh, so you will be returning back to the underworld pretty soon."

"No, of course not, my home is actually near Kuoh academy and I go only to the underworld when I am summoned," answered Naruto. Rias looked at him little confused. "Haven't I told you my real home is here?" Rias just shook her head and she was about to say something before but she was interrupted by her peerage but mostly Akeno.

"My, my, Buchou before you start getting lovey-dovey, wouldn't it be better to introduce him to us." said Akeno and Rias face become red as tomato but she found her composure pretty fast.

"Guys, this is Uzumaki Naruto. He is a devil from another peerage and a friend of mine, we have been friends for few years." She then turned back to him, and started introducing him to her peerage.

"Naruto, this is Yuuto Kiba." said Rias.

"It's nice to meet you, Naruto-san. Buchou's friends are our friends." said Kiba while Naruto nodded and the two shook hands.

"Next is Koneko."

"It's nice to meet you Koneko-san." said Naruto as he extended his hand but something about Naruto was unnerving her and everyone could see it but Koneko still shook hands with Naruto.

"And this is Ake..." but she was interrupted by the queen herself.

"You don't need to introduce us Buchou, we already know each other isn't that right, Naruto-kun." said Akeno with an innocent smile while Naruto just nodded. Rias looked between the two as she awaited an answer.

"Well we met few days ago, when you send me to kill that stray devil. Naruto-kun was slightly faster than me and he played with the little stray devil." answered Akeno while her voice changed from her normal to her sadistic tone.

"I told her to tell you that I will be coming to visit in few days, didn't Akeno tell you? " asked Naruto as he looked at the two busty females. They were staring at each other and Naruto could swear he saw sparks flying between them for a second.

"My, my, I am truly sorry Buchou, it slipped my mind." apologized Akeno while Rias' eye twitched for a second.

"There's no problem, Akeno, but next time something important like that appears, don't forget to tell me." said Rias. She turned back to Naruto and she introduced him to Issei.

"It's nice to meet you Issei-san." said Naruto as he shook Issei's hand while the brown haired teen just nodded. Something inside him was saying to be wary of the blond, but he just ignored it for now.

"Okay, you all introduced yourself to me now it's my time. My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I belong to Sairaorg Bael's peerage." said Naruto and everyone's eyes except Rias and Issei's widened in surprise.

"Wait who is this Sairaorg Bael guy?" asked Issei who turned back to his king.

"Sairaorg is said to be the strongest youth among the devils and also my cousin."

"Wait... So, does that mean Naruto-san is an enemy?"

Rias immediately threw that idea into the dumpster. "No, no he is nothing like that, We know each other for about three years. Every time he has visited..." but she couldn't continue as she started becoming redder and redder with every second before she quieted.

"What do you say to me coming to visit tomorrow in Kuoh?" Asked Naruto while Rias face went back to normal and she nodded with a bright smile, liking the idea. "Okay then, till tomorrow... Bye." and Naruto disappeared in leaving only few leaves on his place.

Rias finally turned back to her peerage and said to them with a big smile, "Well, how about we go home too." and everybody nodded but Issei once again asked the same question from earlier.

"Wait Buchou, we were interrupted again earlier before you could tell me my role?" asked Issei while playing with his index fingers "So, what type is it?"

The crimson-hair beauty just smiled at him and said it straight, "Issei, you are a Pawn."

The next day

The day after the incident with the stray devil, in the main room of the Occult Research club, Rias and Akeno were relaxing and drinking some tea in silence, while Kiba, Koneko and Issei had classes they just couldn't miss.

The first one who broke the perfect silence was Rias who sighed after taking a sip of her tea. "Ah, the day is going so slow."

Akeno looked at her with her normal smile and said, "My, you look really annoyed that one blond devil still hasn't come to visit you."

The reaction from her king was immediate; her face reddened almost as much as her hair and she stuttered a little. "Wha-! N-no, no I am not... I just... I just am bored that's all."

"Oh really, so I might ask Naruto-kun for a little try-out date even mo..." but Akeno never managed to finish her sentence as the killer intent in the room started rising rapidly. The queen looked at her red-headed king. 'Oh my, she is really serious, but that doesn't mean I will give up.'

Just in that moment Kiba run into the club and he immediately flinched for a second from the tension between the two girls, when the two finally noticed the knight the tension immediately disappeared and they just looked curious at the blond teen.

"Am I interrupting something?" asked the knight.

"No, it's nothing." They both said in sync, Rias then asked him what was going for him to come in like that.

"You better come see it, yourself." said Kiba as the two girls followed him outside and they headed for the training field.

Issei's class, 30 minutes earlier

Hyoudou Issei was still sulking about his role as a pawn. "Pawn, this is my role... I am the lowest, there's nothing good about me, so can I even get a peerage?" He laughed bitterly at himself, but everything was interrupted when Matsuda and Motohama appeared.

"Yo, Issei how is it today." asked Matsuda known as the Perverted Baldy, but Issei didn't even acknowledged the two.

"Are you still thinking about that imaginary girlfriend of yours? Forget about her, I have the new porn magazine we all have been waiting about!" cheered Motohama also known as the Pervert Glasses, still Issei didn't respond.

The two perverts were getting annoyed with their friend and Matsuda lifted Issei by his collar and shouted at him. "What's going on with you? You were the one who awaited this magazine the most!"

"I am sorry guys. I'm not in the mood today." said Issei and Matsuda dropped him, their reaction incredible the two perverts started crying and pointing at Issei and accusing him.

"You are an impostor, what have you done to the real Issei, he is always in the mood for porn." As he shouted this every girl in the room got disgusted by the two perverts who were openly talking about porn.

"What are you looking at, women? We are men, it's good for us." shouted Motohama.

"Perverts. Don't even pay them any attention and they will soon disappear." said one of the girls and the others nodded.

"Girls did you hear the rumors!" squeaked one of the girls. "We will have a new PE teacher and he is super cute." at this all the girls squeaked in delight.

'A new teacher, why would a new teacher be hired during such a time of the year... wait our next subject is PE.' thought Issei as he was left alone while his two friends were raging about a new rival in their way of finding girl for themselves.

Back with Rias

"Yuuto, what's going on? What did you want to shows us," asked Rias, as the three paced through the football field until they reached the track field. Kiba didn't answer he just pointed at the group of student on the track field, when the girls looked at the class the two were thrown for a big surprise, on the teacher's place stood none other than Uzumaki Naruto. He was wearing gray sweatpants and plain T-shirt and around his neck he had coach whistle.

"What is with you guys, move along or do you want to make three more laps around the field!" ordered Naruto as most of the boys groaned and some of them fell from exhaustion.

Issei was one of the guys on the ground and he groaned "Oh, this guy is a slave driver." Every guy in the class couldn't agree more with the brown haired boy. While the boys were exhausted, the girls were the opposite they were full of energy and were doing everything to impress their new sexy teacher.

"What is going on here...? Naruto?" asked Rias as Naruto turned back from his class and looked at the just arriving girls and Kiba.

"Ah, Miss Gremory, Miss Himejima and Mr. Kiba, it's nice to see you." said Naruto, he then turned back to his class and said, "Take a five minute break, everyone." Immediately every guy fell on the ground in exhaustion while the girls just looked at their new teacher while he went to talk with the guys from the Occult Research club and started gossiping.

"Naruto... You are a teacher?" asked Rias while he just smiled as he rubbed the back of his head.

He then whispered something to Rias, after that he turned back to his class and said "Good work class this will be for today, hit the showers."

"I will see you later Miss Gremory." said Naruto as he headed for the teachers office.

"What did he say Buchou?" asked Kiba.

Rias just shook her head and said, "No, it's nothing, the school day is almost over and we have new contracts for today." the two big sister of Kuoh once again headed for the club while Kiba went back to his class.

After school

"Okay, you all have contracts for today," said Rias while everyone nodded and one by one they were transported via the Magical circle until only Rias and Issei stood in the Occult Research club. She then turned back to his pawn and gave him a list with the address of his contact.

"Oh, man this address is in the outskirts of the city." whined Issei as anime tears fell down his face.

"Don't worry Issei, soon enough you will be able to use the circle but for now get on the bike." said Rias while Issei just complied but before he left the building.

When she was left alone, the crimson beauty sighed and she too left the building, in few minutes she was standing outside the gates of Kuoh academy and from the looks of it, she was waiting for someone to come.

Her head rose from looking the ground when she heard the voice of the one she waiting. When she turned back she saw Naruto, now in his normal clothes looking at her.

"You know, guys shouldn't make a lady wait," said Rias with a smile while Naruto just laughed as they walked away from the school. They walked for some time without anyone saying a word and Rias was getting annoyed.

"Naruto you told me earlier, you will explain everything when we are alone."

Naruto looked and reassured her, "Don't worry. I will do it, but first... What do you say you hungry, I know a really good place."

The Crimson haired girl blushed at the proposal 'I-Is he asking me on a d-date!' After that the two once again walked in silence, he led her to a one familiar little ramen shop in the back alleys. When the two entered they felt the strong aroma of pork and ramen. When Rias looked at Naruto she couldn't but giggle a little as she saw him drool a little.

"Who is it, I will be closing in a little." came a man's voice from the kitchen. An old man came out and looked at the customers, his eyes widened when he saw the two devils in front of him.

"Naruto, you are back?" asked Sao as the two came near, the old man gave the blond a manly hug. When they separated he looked at Rias and smiled, "And it looks like you brought a date."

The two blushed a little at the statement but before either one of them could say a word the old man rushed to his best table, and went to take two menus from the kitchen. While the two were alone Naruto looked at Rias with slight blush before saying, "We haven't gone out like this in long time, have we?"

"Yes, this place really looks nice and cozy," said Rias as she look around the little restaurant, before turning back to Naruto who looked at her with a smile. She just couldn't but not blush since the day have met three years ago she found the blond really attractive. She had spent many nights thinking on this question and it was still mystery, but her thoughts were interrupted when Sao came back with the menus.

"I like how you changed the place, Sao it feels more comfortable and I'm pretty sure that more are visiting you restaurant every day. Am I right?" Asked Naruto while the old man grinned at him and nodded.

Sao then turned back to Rias and said as he ruffed the blond's hair "Miss Gremory, you should know this guy over here is one of the best customers I have and if it wasn't for him, I would have run out of business long ago."

Rias giggled as she saw Naruto's embarrassed look, but then she realized that Sao called her by her family name. "You know me?"

"Of course I do, every devil knows about your family, and if you ask me the crimson hair is dead giveaway," said the old man. "But no talking about me, the meal is on me, so order up."

After few minutes were ready their orders.

"I will take one Vegetarian Ramen," said Rias.

"And for me, the Miso Ramen," said Naruto.

"Orders will be ready in a little bit. In the meantime, you two enjoy each other," said Sao with a smile, making them blush for the umpteenth time as he disappeared in the kitchen to do the orders.

The two didn't know for what to talk about so Rias asked the first thing it came to her mind, "So, how was your training trip Naruto?"

Naruto looked at her and said "Well I traveled around the word and trained with someone on few things during that time." Rias looked at him surprised as the only thing she got from his answer was that he traveled a lot and he could clearly see her confusion. "You want to know what I trained in during that time? Sorry but... it's a secret. You may see it in the future, though."

"You're no fun." said Rias in a mock hurt tone, before smiling again at the blond. She could understand why he didn't want to say what he trained during the trip because in the end they were from different peerages and this information is a strong weapon that could be used against each other in the future if the two peerages ever fought against each other.

"So you asked me a question, now it's my turn. How have you been doing during the last year?"

"Oh nothing much, I trained and my whole peerage is getting ready because pretty soon we will be able to participate in Rating Games." said Rias "But what about you? I heard Sairaorg has already participated in few rating games and won each."

"Yeah I heard of it, he would have called me if he needed me." said Naruto.

"So will you tell me why you are even working in Kuoh?" asked Rias gaining a serious look wanting nothing more than answers from the blond who just sighed and got ready to explain everything.

"I know about the contract with Phenex family." Rias face immediately changed from her serious to one of disgust as she remembered the despicable Rizer Phenex. She once again looked at Naruto wanting more answers.

"Your brother told me about it." said Naruto simply and Rias face changed to one full of surprise after hearing that her brother had a finger in it. "I am here to help you and your peerage because I know you won't go out without fight."

"Damn, right you are." said Rias in a tone full of determination but before she could ask another question, Sao came back with their orders and they ate and they agreed to stop for talking on this matter and to relax and enjoy their evening.

And so Naruto started talking about the places he had visited during his trip and meeting extraordinary people. Rias even giggled when she saw the blond savoring every bite the delicious meal like it was present from heaven (Ironic, right?).

After they finished their meal the two bid farewell to Sao and headed back in the streets under starry sky. As they walked together Naruto saw Rias shivering from the cold air so took of his jacket and placed it around Rias shoulders and the shivering stopped as she felt the warmness of the jacket.

"Tell me Naruto won't you helping us bring problems to Sairaorg?" asked Rias as she snuggled in the warm jacket. "You're helping another peerage to become stronger. I don't want to bring trouble between the two of you."

Naruto turned against her and he almost tripped at how cute she looked with giant jacket around her but he managed to find his composure and answered, "Well he was there when we met with your brother and he actually agreed with me helping you."


"Yes, if Sairaorg wants one thing more then everything is to prove himself to the old farts, so by you becoming stronger it will give him and us even bigger challenge for the future." explained Naruto. After that two walked in silence next to each other as the mood was getting really good until the crest on her hand brightened up.

'Damn it.' cursed Rias under her breath, before turning back to Naruto who only nodded in understanding that she had to go.

"It looks like your peerage needs your help." Rias nodded but before she stepped on the circle to transport her to the targeted location the crimson haired girl tiptoed next to Naruto and placed a kiss on his whiskered cheek after that she immediately disappeared in the circle not giving Naruto a chance to realize what just had happened.

'What the hell happened just now...' thought Naruto as he placed his hand on his right cheek but before he could even think more in to this his own crest lightened up and he sighed before he was transported to the underworld.

Chapter 4 end.

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