"Izaya, honey, stop it." I looked up at my mother. I was stabbing a bug, the guts were everywhere. "Sorry mommy." I apologized, and she simply glared at me and walked back inside. I saw my father pull up in his car, he's been at work for a long time. "Daddy!" I shouted, we ran together and hugged. He leaned down to my eye level and asked, "How's daddy's best boy doing?" I giggled as he patted my head and picked me up next to his shoulder. "I'm good." I replied happily as we made it inside. Marui and Kururi where sitting on the couch watching tv, no one made a move to greet him. My mom came out of her room and gave my dad a kiss and greeting, and took the girls back with her.

-Time lapse-

Hysterical laughter boomed through my sisters rooms as my mom tickled them. This happened every night. My mom would go and tuck them in and give them kisses, and I would watch from a distance. She turned off their light and walked past me like I wasn't even there. Sobs made their way through my throat and shook my small body, I leaned against the hallway wall and cried. Foot steps reached closer and closer to me. I looked up at my dad who was patting my head, a small smile on his face. "Daddy? Why-" He cut me off as he picked me up and brought me to my room. "Izaya, do you want to play that game like we did last week? It will make you feel better."

Oh yeah. That game. I hate playing that game, but ill do it for my daddy. "Wait, daddy I'm not sure. It hurts really bad when we play." I sniffled as he slid off my shirt and kissed my neck.

"Do it for daddy?" He asked.

The next morning my dad woke me up. I looked in the mirror as my small body was covered in bruises. My mommy has already taken my sisters out shopping. I walked downstairs behind my father making my way into the kitchen, but stopped as I crossed a picture. This stupid picture. It was a framed photo of my mom and sisters, but not me. I growled as my vision saw red.

The picture Frame was broken, into thousands of little pieces, and the Picture was ripped to shreds by my little fingers. I felt my dad grab my waist from behind me as I panted.

"That's daddy's little monster."