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Arthur sighed contently into his tea. This day marked the start of spring break. During his first day of break, he decided to go to the little coffee shop, not more than 10 minutes away from his dorm. The year so far had been stressful for him. He took his studies very seriously and lately had felt overwhelmed with work. He had lost what few friends he had because of his workaholic tendencies. Now it was spring break and he was free to do whatever he wanted. The coffee shop had always been Arthur's safe spot. He was content to spend the rest of break sitting at his special table, drinking warm tea, and reading a lot of good books.

The shop was located on a corner lot, it's walls were painted deep red and covered with photographs of everything from nature to cities. They were all contributed by people who frequented the shop. Arthur liked to take pictures, but he just hadn't found the perfect shot to add to the collage. He sat in a corner where the wall hadn't quite been taken over by the massive amount of pictures yet.

Arthur has just finished a chapter in is book when he heard the bell over the door ring. He looked up to see the newcomer. Arthur noted a tall blonde boy with a smile covering half his face and big glasses over his eyes. Behind him was a smaller Asian man with jet black hair, then there was a tanner man, about as tall as the blonde with brown hair, who seemed to look half asleep. Arthur drew the conclusion they were a couple, due to their joined hands.

The trio walked up to the counter and ordered their coffee's before finding a table. Much to Arthur's dismay they chose a table close to his own. The blonde man took the seat that was directly facing Arthur from across the table. Arthur found himself staring at him as he took his seat. He wore an old bomber jacket that seemed a little big for him, his hair was orderly, save for one strand sticking out from his head. Now that he was closer, Arthur could also see his eyes were as blue as the sky, beautiful. Arthur was transfixed. Until he noticed that the man was staring back at him. Arthur quickly looked back down at his book. He tried to ignore that fact that he could feel the heat rising in his face.

After a view minutes Arthur decided he needed a minute to think and got up from his table. He noticed the man was still staring at him as he walked to the bathroom.

Arthur locked the small one-man bathroom door. He splashed some cold water on his face. That man was beautiful. Also dangerous. Arthur had sworn off relationships, especially with men. It hadn't turned out so well the last time. He banished all thoughts of beautiful blonde people. He was being foolish anyway, for gods sake all the man did was look at him. He felt better as he left the bathroom.

That was until the blonde man, that had occupied his thoughts moments before, crashed into him. Arthur felt hot liquid soaking his shirt.

"Ow! Bloody hell! That's hot!" Arthur stumbled back through the bathroom door, the blonde man came in after him. Arthur took off his shirt and threw it into the sink. He was breathing hard. As he calmed down he noticed the blonde man was making apologies to him.

"-so sorry! I didn't mean to but the door opened and you were just there!"

Arthur usually tired to be civil but he was feeling very angry.

"Watch where you're going you bloody git! I am inclined to wonder what led you to bring coffee to the bathroom in the first place!"

The man seemed close to tears, "I know, I just did it without thinking! I'm so so so so sorry."

Arthur noted his accent. American. Typical. Then he felt heat rising to his cheeks. He didn't have a shirt on. He glanced down at his pale chest and crossed his arms self-consciously. He looked up to see the American staring at him. All of him. Arthur turned around and started to work the stain out of his shirt. He spun around as he heard the American wolf whistle.

"Excuse me! I need to clean up this mess, I would like to do it alone. If you could leave I would very much appreciate it!"

Arthur's face was red. The American had the nerve to whistle at him, after spilling coffee on him! "
I think I can help you with that actually," the American said this as he took off his jacket and the shirt underneath, leaving him bare-chested. He handed the shirt to Arthur, putting his own jacket back on and zipping it up to cover his now naked chest. Arthur ignored the American's muscled chest and the feeling of disappointment when he put the jacket on.

"T-Thank you."

He put the shirt on. It was a little big, but better than the wet rag in the sink. He held his hand to the American.

"Thank you very much. My name is Arthur, Arthur Kirkland," he shook his hand, "Who might you be?"

The American smiled saying, "My name is Alfred F. Jones," he surprised Arthur by turning his hand over and kissing it, "It's nice to meet you too."

He stepped back and let go of his hand, leaving Arthur blushing. The American, Alfred, smiled and said, "Dude, are you a college student on spring break too?"

It seemed as though Alfred had completely changed his personality from smooth and flirty to loud and slightly annoying in less than a second. It took a second for Arthur to recover from the americans sudden personality change.

"Yes, I am."

"That's great, man! Well if you come here everyday I'll be here tomorrow, I'll buy you a coffee. You can keep the shirt too. I'll see you tomorrow!"

With that Alfred left and left Arthur alone in the bathroom with a stunned look on his face. He recovered after a minute. He wringed his shirt and put it under the blow dyer to dry it a little. He left the bathroom, going directly to his table. He gathered his stuff and walked out of the café to go home after a very confusing encounter.

Alfred went back to his table with a happy grin on his face. His companions looked at him.

"Plan went perfectly," he said.

His older companion, Heracles, looked at him like he was crazy, "That seriously worked?"

"Yes that worked! I'm buying him coffee tomorrow!"

The couple across from him shook their heads in disbelief.

Arthur came out of the bathroom and gathered his stuff. As he left, Alfred pointed at him.

"You see that guy?"

"Yes," Kiku, his other companion, said quietly.

"I think I'm going to marry that boy."

The two look startled.

"Alfred you barely even know the ma-," Heracles started.

"No, no. Trust me. Talk to me at the end of spring break, you'll see."

"Why the end of spring break," Kiku asked suspiciously.

"Because, at the end of this week, that boy is going to be mine."