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Okay, first off, this is based in INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, which I haven't directly read nor played so there may be some indescrepencies. sorry. I've done my best with my limited resources. Second, this was completely typed up in little over a week. It's over 50 pages and it's completed, with alternate open ending. so no suggestions please. Third, parts are depressing to the point I've cried, and I'm somewhat heartless. There's also fluff, action, and wibbly wobbly science. and Lastly, the title is wordplay. Injustice became Unjustice. Adjustment becoming Unjustment... will make sense later. I blame Earth 16 Dick and his jokes for this one.

The entire story is based off of one question: What are Tim and Jason doing in this world? Enjoy!



Jason leaned back against a headstone, drinking straight from the bottle as he talked to the one in front of him. He couldn't remember the last time the two of them actually had a good talk, and now he was gone. The stupid flippin' bastard was gone.

Raising his fifth beer, Jay grinned sardonically. "Here's to you Dickhead. Hope you like that psychedelic circus in the sky. Back in pixie boots and booty shorts too I bet."

"Quite possibly."

Jason lolled his head around, spotting the source of the comment. Tim, prim and proper in a business suit and carrying both a bouquet of roses and a tablet, was standing next to him. The amount of concealer under his near bloodshot eyes, he hadn't slept since their big brother's funeral, if that. Damn workaholic. The teen continued, depression in every aspect of his being. "He always did love his circus days."

The rogue bird watched him for a moment before offering him his bottle. "Want some?"

"Not today." He stood there in silence for a moment, just looking at their brother's name. Jason suspected the guy was having a very hard time coping with this death upon all the others that had surrounded him. Damn this kid's life sucked. And he thought being beaten near to death and then blown up was bad. But with Timbo, everyone just deemed to die around him. If anyone needed a beer, he did.

He also needed to laugh. Motioning to the flowers, he tried to joke. "Those for me?"

"If you want one." Tim put the pad on the ground and started taking the bouquet apart. He passed one to the man once dead then stepped towards the graves before him. He set a single rose on Dick's grave, then the two next to his. His parents. There were still a few in his hand. Was he going to visit everyone's graves?

"Thanks... I feel special."

"You should." Not even a hint of a smile as he stood before the graves. "You're the only one I've been able to give flowers to while living."

That got his attention. "Seriously?" The teen gave him a nod. "Well that's craptastic. What'd you give your girlfriends then? Chocolates?"

A slight shrug was all he was given in answer. The proper heir to billions and two companies was entirely focused on the graves before him. Kid really needed to lighten up. Wonder what he was like drunk?

Scratch that. Considering how depressed he was now, giving him a depressant would probably encourage thoughts of suicide. Last thing any of them needed was a bird to just off himself. And a stimulant probably would turn him into a raving murderous psychopath. What he needed was therapy, filled with love, affection, and cuddles.

Oh G-d... He was sounding like Dick.

"Hey," Jason started, somewhat curious but mostly wanting to fill the air, "how did he die? For real I mean. I just can't believe he up and fell off the balcony and broke his neck at home. Not the circus freak."

"You don't know?" For the first time Tim looked at him, confusion on his face instead of sorrow.

"I was out of town." He took a sip from his bottle before explaining. "Following up on where Joker got those missiles. Damn that clown. Glad he's finally dead. Just wish Bruce did it instead of Supes.

"So how'd he die? I mean," Jason gave him a sloppy grin, "you're everyone's favorite pet birdboy next to Dicky here. You freakin' know everything."

Tim looked down at him in silence, troubled for a moment, before leaning down and picking up his tablet. His fingers worked rapidly as he spoke. "I wasn't there either. Bruce had me doing meetings overseas for Wayne Enterprises the past couple months. Penance for my actions."

"What actions?" Strange thing to say. Had the replacement fallen from grace?

"I haven't been in Gotham for quite a while." Clearly he wasn't going to answer that. Must have broken a few of daddy's rules. The genius passed over the pad and turned away, clearly not wanting to see the video he brought up again. "Arkham security caught the footage."

Jason took the tech and pressed play. His eyes widened as he watched, not able to believe the fight before him. What were they all doing fighting each other like this? Weren't they the good guys? And why was Robin fighting... Then he saw it, the moment that changed everything. A disbelieving 'ha' left his mouth at the simple move Damian performed, then gaped as a rock claimed Nightwing's life.

A rock.

He tripped on a rock.

The world's greatest acrobat done in by a fall. Just like his parents.

Caught between crying and laughing, he couldn't help but to do both. His big brother, the one he admired and hated and was so happy would talk to him when others wouldn't, was killed by a little kid and a rock. How ridiculous was that? Dead from a fall. The story the press got was better.

"It's not funny Jay," Tim stated coldly, but even that didn't stop his bitter laugh.

"I know... It's just..." He leaned back, crying and laughing at the same time, but feeling nothing but pain as it replayed in his head. He could almost see Dick gaping at the video of his death and chastising his dead self. "A fall? He really was killed in a fall?"

"After Damian knocked him out." The teen took the tablet back and fiddled with it again. A steely look came to his face. "Superman and Wonder Woman took him away in the confusion after."

"Think it was intentional?" Dick knocked out and sent careening to the ground, neck snapped, the kid started it... Could have been an accident, right?

"With Damian, everything's intentional." His eyes narrowed as he worked. "He hasn't been seen since. Bruce isn't talking about it. I had to pry that from Oracle's old systems..."

Jason's tears had subsided a bit as he thought of what this meant to Barbara. Dick dead... She really was going through hell now. Who was helping her? Trying to look away from that, he focused on what else was said. "So it's the demon's fault."

"Yes." There was a hardened tone to his voice, one he couldn't ignore. "Damian betrayed Bruce and killed Dick."

"So..." A dark thought flashed through his mind as he watched the teen. This was not the Tim he was used to dealing with, at all. He could almost sense him teetering on the edge of madness. "What are you going to do about it?"

"A lot," Tim passed back over the pad, "but it'll take time. I need your help."

He blinked. "My help? You... want... my help?"


Jason gaped at him, then looked at his bottle. "I must be really drunk. Maybe drinking that brandy earlier was a bad idea."

"Just take the tablet and listen to me."

He looked up at the insistent child looming over him. "Have you been drinking? Are you on drugs? Me? Help you?"

"Yes! I need your help!" Tim's patience was growing thin.

"After all the times I tried to kill you? You want my help?" It really didn't fit.

"That's the exact reason I want your help!" He snapped, anger building all around him. "You and no one else's!"

Jason looked over the guy one more time, then pointed an accusing finger at him. "Who are you and what have you done to Tim Drake?!"

"Jason just listen!" Frustration grew by the second on the lad's face, irked beyond anything that the older man wouldn't listen to him. "In order for Dick to get justice... in order to fix everything... We have to work together!"

"Fix everything?" He finally looked at the tablet still being offered to him, trying to make sense of everything. The alcohol didn't help.

Tim took a deep breath then started to explain. "Look, I have a plan. And if it goes right, then... then everything that's gone wrong lately can be fixed. But in order to do that, I need you. You're the only one who can help me and who can take care of things if I fail. I can't have Bruce in on it, or Barbara. They won't understand. If they knew, they'd... they'd do everything in their power to stop me. I can't do this alone.

"Please Jason," he pleaded, desperation in his eyes, "I'm begging you. Help me right the wrongs done lately. I just need a little help from you now and some later. I'll be doing most of the work. Just... Just support me in this. I won't ask for anything else."

Watching the babybird plead for something, pleading him for something, was one thing Jason never expected. Dumbly he took the tablet and read what was on the screen. Enough of it clicked in his drunken mind to make his jaw drop. "This... is nuts."

"That's why I can't ask anyone else to help." The begging tone never left his voice. "Jason, please. If not for me, for Dick. Neither of us were here to stop this. Let's do something for him now."

His wandering thoughts flew to the bright eyed young man who meant everything to the next generation of heroes. Nightwing, the original Robin, was the apple of everyone's eye. Only others who'd be considered higher on the scale was the big three, and Wonder Woman was debatable. These days, even Superman was a stretch. Dick was the best, even Batman said so. A noble hero, a gifted leader, a caring older brother, a devoted son...

And now he was gone.

Tim's plans were looking mighty tempting. Still, he had to think about it. Making an agreement with this bird wasn't a habit he wanted to make. Especially with all the details he had cooked up. One thing was for certain. Life was about to get very interesting.

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