Another busy day in the city, luckily it was a day off for Trevor so he could relax in the summer sun, blue skies and feel the light breeze sweep past his tanned skin, his raven hair was medium length, kept well, it waved a little. He was dressed in his aviators which were tan in colour, a black leather jacket along with simple jeans and a black top, black shoes with a slight tip to them. He was good looking by ordinary standards, muscular and fairly tall, but despite his obvious physique he was shy, he was a gentle giant to his friends all of which adored him greatly. But Trevor had a secret, he was really quite sad, he felt lonely, he hadn't been with anyone for a while, man or woman, his shy nature didn't really help him meet anyone, besides the last few people he was interested in were already taken, he supposed it was just due to bad luck.

As he continued walking around, just enjoying the fresh air, he took a shortcut down an ally, it was in bright daylight so he didn't see a need to worry. However little did he know that down that ally lurked a predator, seeking a man to take. Trevor had no sense of danger, a evil man trying to destroy the identity of Spiderman, this Spidey wore black, he liked it far better than the type of patriotic colours of blue and red. He also happened to be older, taller and muscular, but he often never too his outfit off, he felt weak without it. His webs extended either side of the walls, his black lenses stared down his 'meal'. "Delicious." he spoke quietly as he eyes Trevor carefully, he was large and very handsome, far more so than the gangly gang members that he had seen pass time and time again, young offenders with not a single shred of attraction, at least not to him. Quickly he leapt down when the man was in position, before Trevor even had a chance to look up, a knee came down on his head, cleanly knocking him out in one blow, laying there his eyes close lightly, a bruise was quickly forming on his head, despite Trevor being so much bigger than Spidey, he had no problems lifting him up to take him to a secret lair where no one could find him.

Hours passed, the captives eyes fluttered lightly open he didn't notice where he was, he was a little dumbfounded at first, his head ached, when he tried pressing an instinctive right palm to the pain he found he couldn't move it. Then he tried the other, his legs, they were webbed immobile, he was essentially paralyzed, fear quickly enveloped the man, wiggling in a vain attempt to break from the bonds. Discovering it was useless, he looked around, the place was dimly lit, but judging from the state of the place it was abandoned, he tried calling for help, but it was useless, he wasn't even gagged, it meant whoever kidnapped him knew that no one would hear. His head lowered letting out a light whimper, "So you're finally awake." a voice spoke from the darkest corner of the room, stepping into the light, he looked threatening in all black in this dark light, almost ghost like, his black lenses where his eyes should be made him look even more menacing, unblinking, lifeless lenses. The light only brought out all the tight lines his muscles held, he was very powerful looking, even for a shorter man, maybe even if he weren't immobile he wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

This man was dressed as Spiderman, clearly though, this was not the same hero of the city. "Wh-who are you and what do you want with me?!" he shouted at the man, trying to break free of his bonds to charge him. Spidey chuckled deeply as he took a few steps sideways getting into more of the dim light, standing in front a few feet from the captive, "I am Spiderman of course. And you'll soon see what I am going to do to you." Trevor could feel this man smile behind his mask, he feared torture was going to be the upcoming sick delight of this psycho. "You're not Spidey, you're a fake, a piece of garbage I-" suddenly the man lunged taking hold of his throat stopping his breathing, "You don't want to make me angry believe me." Throwing his head back with his hand Trevor choked for air briefly, gulping a few times, feeling a little drunk on air, Spidey stayed in close proximity. He took hold of his mask, lifted the bottom up only to reveal his lips, his jaw was chiselled, his lips a slight pink, his skin a little more pale than his own, without warning Spidey grabbed the back of Trevor's head to pull him into a kiss, the mans eyes widened with shock, horror, but it oddly aroused him as well, he hated himself for that. When he pulled away Spidey smiled, this time he could see that smile, it was sinister, but at the very same time beautiful.

No longer were there any illusions what this man wanted with him, fear, excitement, anxiousness, arousal, so many emotions were hitting him at once he wasn't sure which one he should be following. Spidey kissed him again, this time his hands unbuckled his hostages belt, then unbuttoned his jeans, let them fall down to his ankles leaving the bulge of his boxers, Trevor felt his heart thrumming as it was going so fast, he should be horrified not aroused?! But he couldn't help it, no one had touched him in what seemed centuries, this man was giving what he had wanted for so long. Before he could think any he was kissing this man back, but then Spidey tugged at his boxers, slowly sliding them down with his fingers, until his cock was sprung free, hard and needing to be attended to, he was fairly big at eight inches, he was fairly thick as well. Spidey looked down briefly, enjoying the sight, his hand took hold of his shaft and pumped, as he pressed his own firm bulge against Trevor's leg, which turned him on even more. They battled one another with their tongues, kissing one another deeply, now his bindings seemed to be only kinky instruments for their activity.

Moments passed before Spidey pulled away, leaving Trevor wanting more, he walked around behind him, this made him take small breaths, Spidey lowered his outfit, taking the bottom half off, leaving his cock free also, though he wasn't as well endowed as his captive he was still six inches and was pretty thick also. Leaning in behind him he took hold of his ear and nipped it before whispering "I'm going to fuck you." his cock pressed against his ass rubbing it up and down teasingly, Trevor let out a light moan, which seemed to turn on Spidey as he then shot his web to fling a bottle of lube over to him, opening the bottle he poured it on his hard cock, pumping himself lightly, sighing at the delight of it. Dropping the unimportant bottle he then eased his prick into the mans ass, making him gasp and tense up, leaning away as his head lowered, his toes and fingers clenched at the pain, but it felt so good at the same time, he wanted to feel more of the cock inside him. His request was granted as Spidey continued easing his way into him, groaning at the feeling of the mans ass hugging his cock, he was so tight and unspoiled, yet he was moaning like he wanted more, he certainly kissed him that way. He had gone almost all the way in that he could before he slowly fucked him, Trevor moaned and twitched at the foreign feeling, but it was heaven, he never knew it would feel so good to be fucked before, now his thoughts were wondering how he had ever coped before without being fucked.

"Don't stop..." he said gently, grunting a little at the same time, Spidey wasn't going to, even if he wished him to, this mans ass felt so good, he took hold of his sides, pulling him into the fuck surging deeper into his canal this made Trevor moan loudly, trying to not scream at the feeling, Spidey didn't hide his delight as he groaned louder, surging faster and faster into him wanting to stretch his tight ass apart. He was going to fill his ass up, the bonds only teased the man now, he wanted to clench something it was so kinky it turned him on even more, his ass was being stretched apart, fucked hard and fast. Spidey felt his orgasm coming on, he only fucked the man harder, wanting him to burst inside him, to fill him up. Suddenly his body rocked and twitched as he came, his hot seed shooting inside him, the sensation of having his ass filed with another mans seed turned him on to no ends, moaning as loud as he could manage he lifted his body up. After he calmed down Spidey pulled himself free, a light popping sound was heard, cum dripped out of his slightly gaping whole, Trevor felt in love with the sensation of a cock being pulled from his hole. Trevor panted after it was over, looking at Spidey with a small smile, "How long do I get to be your captive?"