Author's Note: Please enjoy. Also, I am up to date in the manga but this story is not because I originally posted it along time ago and there will probably be a ton of differences to the canon story. Not too much else to say but I hope everyone who reads it will like and please drop me a comment if you have the time. ^_^

They had finally made it to the end of the dungeon. Aladdin currently was having a discussion with Alibaba as he noticed something at the edge of his vision. Out of curiosity he walked over and picked it up. Moving it around in his hands as he looked it over and noticed that it was supposed to be some type of choker necklace. It was made completely of gold with black gems decorating it and there was a small red gem located in the center. Inside the red gem he could see gems that were hard to make out, they made the gem look like it had veins within it. It gave Aladdin a bad feeling so he was about to put it back. When Alibaba came up beside him and grabbed it. Alibaba looked it over before a terrifying grin worked its way onto his face. Aladdin backed up knowing something bad was going to happen, but luck was not on his side as he just bumped into the wall behind him. Alibaba reached out with the necklace in hand as he closed it around Aladdin's neck and then smiled, "It looks nice on you, even almost pretty."

Aladdin blushed as he reached up preparing to take the stupid choker off, "I'm not supposed to be pretty I'm a guy. Get it off."

Aladdin pulled at it and tried to unhook it as hard as he could, but was now starting to get a little nervous at the fact it wouldn't come off. Alibaba grabbed his hands deciding he should take over before the younger freaks out. He began to pull at it in his own attempt at taking it off, "Calm down you're never going to get it off ….like…. that."

Alibaba continued to fumble with it but nothing worked. He knew he was doing it right it just wouldn't come off, this definitely was not a normal necklace. Morgiana came over and decided to take over believe that it had to just be them both being dumb boys. Yet the clasp on the back would not allow her to remove it no matter how hard she tried. She had used all of her strength by the time she finally had decided to break the news to Aladdin, "It's stuck."

Alibaba's mouth dropped as he just stared at Morgiana shocked that she had decided to break the news to the boy that way. He was mentally screaming at her 'Why did you say it that way?' as Aladdin just turned around slightly confused, "What do you mean it's stuck? Break it if you have too…"

Morgiana shook her head, "I tried too. It wouldn't break."

Aladdin continued trying to get it off as he got more scared about what it could do to him. For all, he knew it could be killing him slowly. After struggling for a few more minutes he gave up deciding to see if Sinbad or anyone else back in Sindria would know how to get it off since none of them could. They quickly exited the dungeon, Alibaba had ended up with a second djinn weapon and they had a lot of loot in hand. Then they were warped out of the dungeon and headed for their boat.

In less than an hour, they were on the boat and head back to Sindria. After talking for a while to the crew on the deck Aladdin decided to head to his room to rest. They had been in the dungeon for the last 2 days and he was tired. When he was walking down the stairs his vision began to blur so he braced himself against the railing. It only lasted for a few seconds, then his vision was back to normal so he didn't think too much of it and continued on his way. This happened a few more times before on the 3rd day of their journey home he woke up with a low fever. He came down to the conclusion that his vision had been fuzzy because he was getting a small cold.

He quickly got some medicine from Alibaba since he had no clue what he should take because he could honestly say that he had never gotten sick before in his life. He told Alibaba about the blurry vision and feeling really hot. So Alibaba checked again to see for sure that he had a fever. Then he looked in his bag to pull out a small bag with tiny bags littered in it. He searched each bag until he found a small vial containing a liquid that he thought would cure Aladdin of what he had.

A few days had gone by and Aladdin had just been getting worse. They couldn't figure out why it wasn't working as they began to come to the end of their trip and Aladdin's symptoms still remained. Alibaba was sitting in a chair in their room beside Aladdin. Who was lying exhausted from the fever on the only bed. His fever hadn't gotten even slightly better, instead, it had just gotten worse and they were both starting to get very worried for their small friend. Morgiana came in with a new bucket of water. She took Alibaba's spot so she could change the cloth that was on Aladdin's forehead. Alibaba moved to the bottom of the bed and looked in his case trying to find more medicine, checking to see if there was anything he could give the small boy, "Nothing worked and I'm out of everything after giving him some every day. All that we can do is get someone to check up on him when we get back to Sindria tonight."

Morgiana turned to leave the room as Alibaba sat back down again beside their friend, he was starting to get really worried. Suddenly he noticed the necklace that had gotten stuck back in the dungeon start to glimmer in the sunlight that shined through the crack in the curtain's covering the window. For a second he thought that maybe it was the cause of Aladdin's sickness, but he couldn't see how it could make someone get sick. He let that thought go when Aladdin woke up and looked at him, "Alibaba where are we?"

Alibaba was surprised, to say the least. Aladdin had been asleep for a few days now and he wasn't getting any better so no one had been expecting him to wake anytime soon. "We're almost at Sindria. We should get there within the next hour or 2."

Aladdin smiled as he sat up and turned to get out of bed. Alibaba put his hands out to stop him and grabbed his arm to notice he wasn't hot anymore. He reached out to touch the kid's forehead to find his fever completely gone. "Well, that was amazing your fever it just suddenly disappeared."

What Alibaba said went in one ear and out the other as Aladdin's stomach growled. He then yawned and looked at the door "I'm hungry."

At that, Morgiana came in "Alibaba here's your dinner… Aladdin you're awake. Are you feeling better?"

Alibaba handed his tray to Aladdin "Here you can have mine I can eat after and remember you haven't eaten for a few days so take it slowly."

Aladdin smiled and slowly ate the food he was given because he didn't want to upset his stomach. While Morgiana headed out of the room to go make some more food for Alibaba. When he was done he got out of bed and went out to get some air with Alibaba standing right beside him, not believing that he was actually really okay. Alibaba was ready to catch Aladdin if the boy's body decided to give out. They watched the waves as they waited to arrive at their destination.

The time went by fast and before they knew it they could see Sindria entering their line of sight in the distance. Alibaba was noticing that Aladdin was beginning to get tired from moving around so much and decided to pick the smaller one up when he started swaying with a dull look on his face. Alibaba turned to head in when Aladdin grabbed his shirt "I want to stay outside I'll go back to sleep when we get to Sindria."

Alibaba could tell that since he had woken up his fever had come back. He knew that he should take him inside but he couldn't refuse the younger's request so they sat on a chair as Aladdin fell asleep in his arms. They arrived to see Sinbad and a few others waiting outside for them Alibaba stood up and carried Aladdin to the rail as he jumped overboard landing in front of Sinbad. Alibaba looked up at Sinbad, "He's been sick basically the whole trip and nothing we gave him helped."

Instantly Sinbad took Aladdin from Alibaba's arms and turned to take him to the palace's infirmary "You go get some rest and I'll take him to get checked out. I mean you look like total shit."

Alibaba went to his room to go to bed as he had been ordered, Jafar followed closely behind to make sure he actually did go to bed. Morgiana had come down from the ship and headed with Sinbad to the infirmary. Sinbad was deeply concerned he could feel how warm the young magi was, but he remained calm and cool so that he wouldn't cause his friends to worry too much. Sinbad turned to look at Morgiana "How long has he been sick?"

Morgiana counted on her fingers trying to make sure she gave him the correct number "About 2 days after we left on the boat he got a fever but he told Alibaba that symptoms had started appearing basically right when we got on the boat. So I would say 9 days if we count the 2 days when he didn't have a fever."
As they were walking Sinbad glanced down when he felt Aladdin shift in his arms. While he was looking down light reflected into his eyes from the choker around his neck, "Why is he wearing a necklace?"

Morgiana looked at him as the man glanced back at her, "Alibaba put it on him as a joke when we were in the dungeon and it wouldn't come off no matter what we did."

Sinbad instantly thought that maybe it could be the cause so he stopped walking and looked at Morgiana, "Can you go find Yamraiha for me I think she might have an idea of what is wrong with him."

Morgiana took the next turn and headed to find Yamraiha. As Sinbad continued towards the infirmary. Suddenly the small creature in his arms was awake and looking up at him again "Hi Sinbad."

This surprised Sinbad as he thought the kid was completely out of it, "Aladdin… are you feeling any better."

Aladdin yawned as he looked around and almost fell from the elder's arms, but he was caught before he hit the ground. This time Sinbad held him differently so that the younger could look around. Suddenly when Sinbad went to move the small child Aladdin made a weird noise and quickly covered his mouth. Aladdin's hands covered his mouth as he looked down at the ground confused as to what that noise was. Sinbad's face had lit up red from the weird noise. He knew what it was although he didn't understand why Aladdin was making it, but god it still sounded hot, though.

The rest of the walk was quiet as he quickly continued on to the infirmary and set Aladdin down. Then turned away to hide the fact he was kind of turned on by the small boy. Sinbad knew he was being weird but at the same time, he understood that Aladdin did always look like a girl anyways so it's not that weird. Sinbad sat in a chair across from the bed where Aladdin laid curled up under a blanket clearly worried about something, and trying to figure out what to do about his newly developed problem.

After sitting there for 10 minutes of grueling silence Yamraiha arrived with Morgiana, and she went up to Aladdin and looked the necklace over quickly. She didn't know what it was but she could tell it had a strange and powerful spell cast on it. Yet she had never seen the spell before so she didn't know what it would do to the small magi. She looked at his face and took a step back as he smiled and then he whispered something to her and her eyes shot open realizing what the spell did as she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the closet. Sinbad and Morgiana sat there staring at the closet confused when suddenly they heard a scream and Aladdin and Yamraiha came out, Aladdin was crying as Yamraiha tried to calm him down well at the same time trying to figure out how to get the necklace off. Aladdin looked a Sinbad all teary eyed "I don't want to be a girl."