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He sat bored in the chair watching Kouen read over some papers. It took Kouen hours to read through the piles of papers that were brought to him one by one. Which left Aladdin with absolutely nothing to do and hours upon hours a sheer boredom. So Aladdin studied the man slowly, making sure to pay attention to everything he did. After a few hours, Aladdin could tell easily when the paper said something good or bad just by the way the man's face changed. Still bored he sighed rather loudly, "Can't we do something else?"

Kouen glanced down at Aladdin and was opening his mouth when the door to the room opened and he glanced over there to see Koumei. Koumei looked at him, "There are some guests here to see you, do you want me to have the maids escort them in?"

Kouen nodded, "Yes, just give me 5 minutes before they come. Also, can you take him back to my room and show him where the books are, but make sure you watch him. If you take your eyes off of him for too long he will probably try to escape, which is something we can't let happen"

Koumei nodded and looked to Aladdin, "Come."

He turned to leave as Aladdin got up and followed quickly behind him. Aladdin didn't care where he was being taken as long as it was better than here. So he followed him out of the room and stayed close to him. They first went to the room where the guests were and he informed the maids to take them in 5 minutes and then after that they headed to Kouen's room. Once in the room, Koumei went to a door on the far side and opened it walking into another room that had thousands of books and a large desk in the middle. Koumei looked at Aladdin, "You can read any of the books, but you'll probably want to stick to the books on the lower shelves they're easier to read. The higher books are a lot more challenging than these, and the ones on the shelf above the desk are in ancient languages so you'll want to avoid those."

Koumei went and sat at the desk and started on some of the work sitting in the corner. Aladdin figured that he must also use this room to do his work in sometimes seeing as his work was already here. Aladdin waved his staff and his special glasses appeared, he slid them on and then in an instant a few books flew down to where he was sitting. He read them rather quickly until he got curious about what Koumei was working on. So he stood up and went to see what he was working on. While he was standing by the desk he noticed the familiar writing on the books above the desk and decided he would take a few down to read. He grabbed the ones that he thought had interesting titles and then sat down and started reading them, as he expected he needed the glasses because quite a few of the words had faded.

A few hours had gone by but he had been so absorbed in his work that it felt like minutes, when he was done he heard the door opening to the room and saw Kouen walking in. Kouen came over to Koumei walking past Aladdin who was surrounded by books that Koumei didn't even remember seeing him pick out. Kouen sat in the other chair in the room and looked at Koumei, "Did you finish your work?"

Koumei nodded and handed him everything, "Yeah, I just finished it."

The two talked for a couple of minutes until Kouen suddenly stopped talking when he glanced up above Koumei, "Where did all those books go?"

Koumei looked up behind him, all of the books were gone from the top two shelves above him. Which had been the location of all the ancient texts they had. Koumei could only think of one place so he glanced down at Aladdin who was surrounded by towers of books. He saw in the small boy's hands one of the ancient books, he pointed down to show Kouen where the books had gone, "He's got them."

Kouen and Koumei both went to where Aladdin was sitting and the smaller didn't even notice them, he was absorbed in what he was reading, Kouen looked at the piles of books still as
Koumei just leaned down and poked him, "Kid...Hey, kid."

Aladdin looked up at them with his glasses floating slightly against his face. He moved his finger and they disappeared as he stood up and stretched, "What?"

Kouen picked up one of the ancient books and opened to a page, he pointed at a sentence, "What does this say?"

Aladdin read it easily, "The darkness overcame the world and with that the dark entity was created..."

Koumei looked at Kouen, "How can you read this?"

Aladdin looked at him, "It's easy if you know that language."

Kouen closed the book, "So you know the language, how?"

Aladdin glanced down, "I have memories of someone who lived in the world where this language was the normal language, and I know how to read it because I guess I've read it before."

Koumei and Kouen looked at him surprised, "Whose memories do you have?"

Aladdin looked down nervous about if he should tell them or not, but decided to or else they would probably try to force him, "King Solomon."