Title: The Dark Roses
Genre: Romance, Drama, small amounts of Intrigue (Political and Social), AU
Warnings: SLASH, MPREG, Character Bashing (mild), Violence & Language (mild)
Rating: Strong T for now
Main Pairing: Rabastan Lestrange/Harry Potter
Summary: Harry has been hiding something ever since the end of his 5th year. What that something turns out to be is going to rock the wizarding world and a few select members of the Order to their knees. You didn't think the Death Eaters were the only marked supporters of Voldemort, did you? SLASH, MPREG, mild character bashing, Sirius alive.

5th year, post Department of Mysteries-

Draco Malfoy scowled furiously. His father was in severe trouble with the Dark Lord, perhaps imprisoned and it was all Potter's fault! Him and his stupid bunch of lackeys had actually managed to get an upper hand over a select few of the Inner Circle. Draco wouldn't have believed it if not for his father's capture. Now he was very likely going to Azkaban for at least a short time and there was nothing that could be done about it.

He hid behind a statue, waiting for Potter and his precious friends to walk by. Once he did, Draco would show him exactly what a Dark Wizard could get away with doing. He tilted his eyes down, staring at the thin white outline on his arm. Most would think it was just a scar, anyone allied with the Dark knew better. There was a reason why Severus treated his Slytherins better than the rest of the school, an obligation more than it being his own House and that of his godson Draco.

They were coming; he could hear the Mudblood from here. "Really Harry, that tattoo is awful! It looks like something one of the Dark Wizards would get!"

"It was just a design in a Muggle tattoo parlour, Hermione," Potter said, sounding a tad defensive. "I like it and it's not as if many people see it! You two are the only ones who have, you know."

Draco raised his wand, poised to attack. News of Potter having a tattoo 'like a Dark Wizard would get' made him grin nastily, how would Potter like it if he spread rumors he had the Dark Mark, he wondered?

Weasel was the one who attacked this time, "It's nasty, Harry! I mean why would you want something with a rose and a snake on your back? Plus the colours. Black, green and red aren't something Light wizards are going to like."

They passed by, still arguing. Draco had frozen and let them disappear. Black, green and red in the pattern of a rose and snake? That sounded like… but that was impossible! Wasn't it? Suddenly hexing Potter didn't sound like such a great idea and instead he headed off at a swift walk, going straight to his godfather's private quarters. He rapped sharply on the plain stone wall with a small snake on one stone, waiting with none of his usual patience for Severus to come and open the door.

When he finally answered, a look of annoyance on his face, Draco said, "Finally! May I come in, sir? This really shouldn't be discussed in the open hallway."

Severus curtly waved him inside, snapping the door shut. He strode over to his leather couch and sat down, motioning lazily with a single hand at the opposite chair. In his usual dark tone with a slight bite to it he said, "Now what was so important you were hammering on that door? I was actually enjoying a moment of peace before then."

"It's about Potter," he blurted. Near-black eyes narrowed and Severus bit out, "What about him? If this is another whining fit, godson mine, the door is behind you."

Draco sniffed in mock affront and said, "It's not another whining fit, Godfather. No, this is much more serious and potentially alarming."

"Do share," Severus drawled, leaning back. He nearly lost all of that composure at Draco's next words.

"I think Potter may be one of the Roses," Draco said simply, watching as Severus sat up ramrod straight and stared at him.

"This is not a laughing matter, Draco," he warned. "Potter is the golden boy of the light, so what makes you think he is one?"

"I was in one of the hallways, waiting for Potter. He came by with the Granger girl and Weasel both harping on him about a tattoo he has. He was a bit too defensive about it being from a Muggle tattoo shop. Also, Weasel clearly said that it was a snake and rose in the colours black, green and red. Naturally I didn't want to continue with my plan on hexing Potter for putting my father in prison and thought it better to bring my suspicion to you."

"Naturally," Severus replied with ample sarcasm, but Draco watched his eyes narrow and darken. "I don't see how…unless…I wonder if that was possible, a great many things would make sense if it were," he frowned and contemplated things for a moment.

Reaching a decision he stood, setting down the cup of tea he'd been drinking. "I think it best," he said slowly, as if measuring each word, "if you were to go back to the Common Room for now, Draco. Do not attack Potter, and warn the rest of your compatriots of the same. If Potter is one of the Roses and it gets back to him that he was attacked…"

Draco nodded. The results were too obvious and disasterous to mention. "You are going to speak with him?"

"Indeed," Severus replied.

"Good luck, godfather. Please do impart to us any future orders as soon as possible."

"I will do so immediately, Draco. Good evening."

Severus waited for Draco to depart before summoning his robes and half-mask, donning both with the ease and familiarity of 18 years dedicated service to the Dark Lord. He would diligently do so for the rest of his life, Albus Dumbledore was a fool and a manipulative bastard. He wouldn't see, refused to see, that right under his nose was a traitor.

He touched the Dark Mark on his arm and concentrated on the tingling bond that existed there. With a pop he disappeared from his private quarters and ended up just outside the wards of the current safehouse of the Dark. There was a portkey in every Dark Mark, it would bring the Death Eater immediately to the Dark Lord's side. It was also the only way to get into and out of the Hogwarts wards. Convenient, that.

He moved swiftly. Time was of the essence, he already needed a believable lie of some sort to cover his absence with the Headmaster. It seemed that everything was going on his side today however and he was ushered in to the Dark Lord's audience chamber by a sniveling Pettigrew. He ignored the rat and moved to the foot of the magnificent ebony chair, sinking gracefully to both knees and bowing his head over his clasped hands in greeting.

"It is unusual to see you here outside of a summoning, Severus. I hope everything goes well?"

"It does, my Lord. However, I have come across some sensitive information that could change things drastically. Furthermore, the Headmaster knows nothing of it."

"Leave us, Pettigrew!" Voldemort snapped to the creature, waiting until he was sure the rat had scurried away before erecting a powerful silencing ward.

"Speak plainly, Severus," he ordered.

"Draco Malfoy came to me today with an alarming tale. He was going to exact revenge on Potter for putting his father in prison when he heard the 'Golden Trio' talking. Apparently Potter had gotten a tattoo, or at least the other two had just recently seen it. It was described as a rose and snake in black, green and red. When Draco heard the description he cancelled his attack and came straight to me, believing as I do that it sounds quite like the mark of the Roses."

Severus chanced a glance up and noted that crimson eyes had narrowed sharply. The Dark Lord thought for a long moment before he said, "That would make a great deal of sense, wouldn't it, Severus? I know you had often wondered about the events of almost 15 years ago, as do I. If that old manipulator got his claws into him with the Mudblood's help, yes."

He gave Severus a strong glare that nearly made the Potions Master flinch. "Return to the school. I do not care how you do it but interrogate either Weasley or the Granger girl on the mark. If the description is accurate Obliviate them both and send word to me. Make sure that our students know he is off-limits. If it is true we will have to plan a way to meet with Potter, perhaps you can help there. If the boy is one of the Roses and refuses to obey, we will have to eliminate him. I will not jeopardize the Roses for one boy."

"My lord," Severus stood, bowing deeply. "I will need to explain my absence to the Headmaster."

"Tell him that I am investigating an attack on Rowena's Glen. That will make him worry about something else for a while."

Severus nodded and exited swiftly, making his way through the wards and Apparating to the edge of the school wards. He made his way into the castle and gave his excuse to the Headmaster, who swallowed it easily.

As luck would have it, he came across Weasley just beyond the Headmaster's office. He barked at the boy to follow, overriding his protests and leading him to the dungeons. He gave the boy a cup of tea, asking him about his views on the Department of Mysteries. The boy took a drink before beginning his drivel; or rather he would have begun. As the tea was spiked with Veritaserum he instead sat there, slack-mouthed and glassy-eyed.

"What is your name?"

"Ronald Bilius Weasley."


"16 as of March."

"Describe Harry Potter's tattoo."

"A snake curled around the stem of an open rose. The snake is black with red eyes, the rose petals are red and the stem and all of the outline is green."

Severus nodded to himself. He raised his wand at the boy after administering the antidote and without even acknowledging the shocked look on his face snapped out, "Obliviate!"

He replaced the boy's memory with a false one of being told off for a prank he hadn't pulled and a deduction of ten points, then escorted the boy back to Gryffindor tower as it was after curfew. On the way they ran into Granger who began scolding a still-fuzzy Ronald and was heavily Obliviated as well, getting a scolding and a removal of points for being out after curfew to replace the blank spot from the conversation with Potter and Weasley.

He headed back to his quarters to write the appropriate correspondence to the Dark Lord and summon Draco, shaking his head. Who would have thought his entire world would be turned upside down in a matter of hours?