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14th February, Hogsmeade-

As he had thought, the Dark sect had been in a highly amused mood after seeing the stupid old coot who ran Hogwarts actually choke on one of his beloved Muggle sweets. His parents especially had been pleased, though they had not been happy about the comments toward their son's sexuality. James in particular had been furious, while Regulus had seethed with a dark rage that could practically be felt and had nearly stormed the castle to give the Headmaster a piece of his mind and a taste of his anger.

Hadrian had been able to calm his father, but it was a near thing. He had been able to sneak out of Hogwarts after curfew one night in mid-January and bring them the memories of the student's reaction to his marriage and the conversation with the 'Headmaster'. Lord Voldemort hadn't been pleased either but he had retained enough sense to restrain his supposedly dead follower until Hadrian could calm him. The Blacks were well-known for their explosive tempers and Regulus had aptly demonstrated why.

Now it was a Hogsmede weekend, Valentine's Day no less. His uncle Sirius' birthday as well, much to Hadrian's amusement. He had found it very funny that his uncle's birthday landed on a day of romance, the rumors about Sirius when he was younger had purported an image to be deserving of such an auspicious day. Not that any of them had been true, his uncle had been shockingly naive about love and it amused Hadrian to no end (not to mention the others), to see how easily Severus made him blush and stutter.

Severus had been able to get away for his consort's birthday, using the lie of a Potion's Conference to escape the school. There was actually a conference this weekend in Paris, several of the Dark Lord's allies were attending and would swear that Severus had attended if asked by the nosy old coot.

Something that had not escaped their attentions despite their amusement was the fact that Dumbledore had been so shocked about the loss of the Potter votes that he hadn't even asked whom Hadrian was married to. This was to their advantage and Hadrian was to evade that question as much as possible, giving up the name of a fictional foreigner if pressed too hard. It hadn't taken the Dark sect much to come up with an entirely fake identity for Hadrian's husband, down to a bloodline chart. If the old man requested a meeting for any reason, Hadrian was to say that the meeting was required at an off-campus; public venue and Rabastan would wear heavy glamours and charms to take on a temporary appearance that would fit him like the finest-tailored glove.

Hadrian was meeting his husband in Hogsmede even now; the man was wearing a more subtle glamour that changed a few small, key features and blurred others, giving him a face that wouldn't be 'memorable' just in case he was spotted with Hadrian. Not much chance that anyone would care even if they did spot the couple, Hadrian had dropped his glamours after giving his two annoying and unsubtle Gryffindor shadows the slip.

Spotting his husband to the left side of the snowy street he smiled warmly and veered in Rabastan's direction. The glamour was keyed to others, he could of course see his husband's familiar face. Warm honey-toned brown eyes watched him with the usual sparkling intensity, a small quirk of his mouth betraying what might have been a smile. Rabastan reached out with both hands and cupped the sides of his face when he was close enough, bringing their lips together for a kiss.

Loving his husband's spicy taste and broad shoulders Hadrian was happy to let the greeting develop into a long, lingering kiss. Rabastan broke it with tangible reluctance and pulled back just enough to meet his eyes, murmuring in his low, husky voice, "I have missed you, my consort."

"And I have missed you, my husband," Hadrian replied quietly. "A small period like four weeks seems to be an age when I wish I am elsewhere."

Rabastan linked their arms, wrapping one of Hadrian's smaller hands into his broader, calloused one. They set off down the street, mingling with the small crowds and generally giving off the appearance of a pair of pureblood lovers and should one glance at Hadrian's hand, husbands. His wedding band had a subtle glamour on it so that it would not be recognised as the one currently a source of rich gossip at the school.

"I have some good news," Rabastan murmured in his ear as he guided Hadrian into the Three Broomsticks, motioning to Madam Rosemerta who nodded in obvious recognition. Considering she let them make their way for the stairs and private lodgings Rabastan had obviously rented one of her rooms for a while.

"Oh?" Hadrian murmured back. "Would it be from our friend, perhaps?" They were still in the main corridor so he didn't refer to the Dark Lord by name or title. The last thing they needed was an eavesdropper getting far more information than they may have been initially after.

"It was," Rabastan replied, waving his wand to unlock one of the doors. He ushered Hadrian inside and entered himself before shutting the door, locking it and silencing it with a series of powerful spells.

"He wants you to kill the Headmaster at your graduation, hopefully after goading the man into saying something about how you came to be on the side of the Light. Dumbledore is meddling too much and with him gone the rabble of the Order can be sorted later. Cut off the head, the source of their power and organization and the Phoenix will die."

"I will be very pleased to do this, is there a reason for his change of mind?" Hadrian asked.

"Dumbledore is beginning to investigate key members of the Ministry. He hasn't dug up anything of importance yet but it is only time. Lord Slytherin has spent far too much time and money for his attempt to take the Ministry to be foiled now."

Hadrian nodded in understanding. "I assume he doesn't want me to help with taking down the rest of the Order?"

"He does not," Rabastan confirmed. "It is my belief, and our Lord agrees, that you have done much already Hadrian. You have proved your loyalty to him and to our Cause beyond doubt. It is to this end that he gives us more personal good news as well."

"What might that be?" Hadrian asked inquisitively, sitting on the single loveseat couch after shedding his winter cloak.

Rabastan shed his cloak as well, sitting next to Hadrian and turning to look into his eyes. He reached out and laid one broad hand on Hadrian's firm thigh, rubbing lightly with his thumb, which made Hadrian shiver quietly in pleasure, as Rabastan well knew it would.

He still felt Rabastan's lips all but brush his ear as the man purred, "He has heavily suggested that it is time for me to give you our first child, my Rose. And he is more than correct; it is time for me to make you my consort in all ways, not just in name."

And that quite truly was the end of that conversation. Or at least, it was to Hadrian's foggy memory later on.

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