Property Line

Chapter 1

Outside, fall leaves, brown and orange in color, flew around in the autumn air. In the middle of October, Peach Creek High School was sitting near the ends of the cul-de-sac, as it was further down the street from Peach Creek Junior High. Inside, teenagers could be heard throughout the hallways during lunch and free period. The first lunch period held the sophomores and juniors together in one cafeteria, while the freshmen and seniors had free period. Then after the first lunch period ended, the freshmen and seniors exchanged their schedules. Students in the lunch room sat at rectangular lunch tables that were able to fit ten teens. Each student had their own respective group of friends that would stay together at one table every lunch period.

At one side of the lunch room, a group of familiar friends sat together. Ed, Edd, and Eddy had finally reunited with one another and sat together for the first time after a few weeks being in school. Edd was neatly cleaning up his area since he finished his food early compared to the other two. Edd being a neat freak never changed even after all these years. Ed, of course, was being the usual mess he was since he was younger. Over the years, he has been able to control his sloppy eating habits, but he shall always be considered messy for his eating habits. Eddy was on his cellphone looking for sales and deals on music as he ate, but became distracted when he looked up to Ed eating.

Eddy stood up from his chair and looked at Ed in usual disgust. "Will ya ever learn how to eat like a normal human being, Ed?" he distastefully asked before walking away to throw away his unfinished lunch out.

Ed dropped the food in his mouth and grabbed Edd, who was sitting next to him, by the shoulders. "But I like chicken Double D!" Ed whined.

"I know that Ed," Edd said as he peeled of Ed's hands from his shoulders. "But Eddy is correct. Having table manners are important to one's personality."

Eddy returned to the table and sat across from Edd rather than sitting across Ed. He looked straight at Edd and rested his elbows on the lunch table. "Oh right, I forgot that it's been a while since we all sat together for lunch." Eddy brought up. This was true because as soon as sophomore year started for the group, Edd has started taking SAT prep classes that took place during the sophomore and junior free period. Edd was also part of the science club and gardening club that would have daily meetings during the sophomore and junior lunch period. On the other hand, Eddy continues to scheme plans for his peers while Ed follows him around.

"Yes, I am truly sorry you two gentlemen," Edd sighed as he played with his thumbs. "I have invested all my time in gardening and science club, as well as Scholastic Assessment Test preparatory classes."

"It's okay now, right? You'll be spending free period with us today, yeah?" Eddy asked as he folded his arms.

"Double D is spending his freedom with us?" Ed blinked, to which Edd nodded in response.

"Of course I am! Luckily for you two, there are no meetings for any of the clubs today. Also, preparatory classes aren't resuming until the second marking period." Edd smiled brightly before standing up to dispose his trash into the garbage can.

On the other side of the lunch room, another group of familiar friends were sitting together, also eating and chatting among themselves. Kevin was sitting with Naz and the basketball team for lunch today. Kevin usually changes where he sits from time to time depending which team he is playing with. Naz and Kevin are always together, just like how they were in their childhood. Naz is now a cheerleader in high school for the teams Kevin participate in.

"So Kev! Today we got practice right?" A teammate with auburn hair asked. Kevin looked over at his fellow athlete and smirked.

"You know it dude!" Kevin fist-bumped his friend before laughing around with the other teammates. Just then, a shadow crept behind Kevin.

"Not so fast Kevin." A teacher interrupted. The table looked up at the male chemistry teacher that taught at Peach Creek High. "Kevin, are you aware that the chemistry test that you took last week has a failing score?"

Kevin gulped and stared. "No way Mr. W! I totally passed that test though!"

The teacher crossed his arms and shook his head. "No Kevin, it has a huge 'F' in my grade book," Mr. Woods corrected. "Which means, your grade falls from a 'B' to a 'D'."

"Yeah so?"

"So," Mr. Woods continued. "You are excluded from athletic extra activities, which includes practices."

Everyone at the table either gasped or groaned in pity for Kevin. Kevin scratched the back of his head in annoyance and groaned as well. "Alright alright. I hear ya. What can I do to raise my grade?"

"Well, these are your options. You can come with me to the planetarium and make a ten page report on what you learned about the galaxy and its wonders-…"


"…Or, you can be tutored and raise your grade each day."

Kevin blinked. "Each day?"

Mr. Woods nodded. "Yes, because since you're the only one failing my class, I could count your extra attendance and participation as extra credit and it could raise your grade."

Kevin thought about it and nodded. "Choice. When will my tutoring happen?"

"Only to be fair, it will take place during your free period. Therefore, your tutor must either be a sophomore or a junior."

Kevin groaned. "Man." Kevin scratched his head some more and then focused. "Who will be my tutor?"

Mr. Woods placed his hands on his hips and said, "Well, I high recommend someone from the science club who has an outstanding grade."

Kevin slunk back in his chair. "Who the hell is in the science club from our grade?

Mr. Woods smirked. "Why don't you just go on the planetarium trip with me?"

Kevin made a disgusted face. "Uh…No thanks Mr. Woods." Mr. Woods walked away after Kevin's response. "Man, does anyone know who is in the science club?" Kevin asked. In response, his teammates shrugged or shook their heads. "Dammit. I don't know anyone in the science club either. Actually, I didn't even know our school had a science club."

Naz's face lighted. "Double D!" she recalled. Everyone at the table looked confused, including Kevin.

"Double dweeb is in the science club?" Kevin scoffed. "No surprises." The other people at the table still looked confused. "Man, he's still such a dork."

"Who's Double D?" The auburn haired athlete asked.

"It's this kid from our childhood. Haven't really heard or seen him after school started." Kevin stood up and threw his garbage in the trashcan as if he were playing basketball. He took a seat and sighed. "I guess I might as well ask him since he's not as bad as Eddy or Ed."

Naz giggled. "We see him all the time, Kevin!"

Kevin's stared at her with a blank face. "When?"

"During practices. You know…If I remember correctly, he's also part of the gardening club. When you run with the team, he's nearby because he's always the one who waters the plants."

"How do you know this?"

Naz scoffed. "Dude, Double D still wears the same hat from back then. It's not hard to miss him." She paused. "Actually, he occasionally helps me with my chemistry homework too. He's pretty good!"

Kevin snapped his fingers. "Naz! Perfect! Why don't you just tutor me instead?"

"Uh…Sure Kev! No problem!"


Kevin and Naz planned to meet up after school in the chemistry room that Mr. Woods allowed them to work in. Kevin was walking up the stairs, heading to the chemistry room and calling out for Naz. Oddly, there was no response from Naz.

Kevin walked into the empty chemistry room. "Naz?" He called out. A cabinet closed from behind a table. "Who's there?"

Edd stood up and looked at the entrance where Kevin stood. "Oh salutations Kevin! My, it has been a long time since we have last met, am I correct?"

"Uh…Yeah. Where's Naz?" Kevin looked around the room and set his bag down on the table.

"I'm afraid she's not here. She left a while ago and told me to give this to you." Edd said as he took out a note from his pocket and handed it to Kevin. Kevin took the note and read it.

"Sorry Kev! I'm not really good at tutoring chemistry, so just ask Double D to tutor you! I'm sure he'll go for it! C: -Naz." It read.

"Not cool dude." Kevin crumpled the paper.

"Is something wrong, Kevin?" Edd looked concerned. Just then, Mr. Woods walked into the room.

"Ah! So I see you chose Eddward to be your tutor!" Mr. Woods clapped.

"I beg your pardon?" Edd asked.

Kevin stood up. "Wait-…"

"Thanks so much for helping Kevin out Edd. I really hope you turn Kevin's D to a B or maybe even an A so he can go back to sport activities!" Mr. Woods continued.


"And Kevin, make sure you listen to Edd. He's a great student and leader of the science club!" Mr. Woods nodded. Kevin stayed silent and Edd stared at Mr. Woods. "Well I must be heading home now. Edd, I trust you, so lock my room after you're done, okay?"

Mr. Woods took his things and walked out of the room. Edd looked back at Kevin. "I'm your tutor?"

"Guess so."