Property Line

Chapter 15

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Edd and Kevin didn't go to school together after that day. Or the day after that.

Or the day after that.

This went on for about a few weeks. They thought they could avoid these problems if they just stopped going to school together.

But they were wrong. It wasn't enough.

Even though they didn't interact what so ever, threatening and insulting notes still appeared in Edd's locker. Kevin couldn't take action or else Edd could have it worse. Edd was understanding. He always threw away the notes because he received no physical bullying no matter what the notes said. They both stayed patient and acted as if nothing affected them.

They still found a way to see each other though.

Daily after school, they met up in the cul-de-sac. Edd would skip attending science club and wait for Kevin at his house after his basketball practices. They would talk and update each other about their day before they departed for the night. They would hug and do their typical public shows of affections. Kevin and Edd yearned for more, but held back. They didn't worry. No one would see them at their own houses.

Or so they thought.


A picture of the two of them was taken. It was printed. It was photocopied. It was posted all over the school. Students went to the extent of following them to their houses, but after that, they stopped.

Still, the notes accumulated in Edd's locker. He was being isolated and ignored. Although, Eddy and Ed wouldn't care about what others said or did; they hung out with him regardless. They would be his company for the whole day, and help him if he received any public harassment. Edd was slightly content, since he was used to bullying in his previous life, but things started to tense up as he wasn't the only one who was being bullied.

Somehow, the jocks were able to persuade the science club to dislike Kevin.

"Kevin thinks the science club is lame."

"Yeah I heard he thinks you guys won't ever be in a relationship!"

It was all according to plan though. The jocks would lie and spread rumors about Kevin insulting the science club. The science club talked to their peers and together, they planned to take action on Kevin. They felt angered about their favorite member, Eddward, being taken away about some jock who thought he was all that. They planned to save him by ridiculing Kevin, hoping it would lead to a break up of some sort.

Of course, Kevin didn't mind the science club hating him. He barely knew them and he wasn't going to fall into any of their traps. The jocks and nerds would just talk to him and insult him, but Kevin could care less. They never physically hurt him because everyone knew it would lead them to the office.

By the middle of March, everyone in the school already knew Kevin and Edd were going out. There was no use in denying it. People didn't believe that they were 'just friends,' so Kevin and Edd just stayed quiet. No matter how many times people would interrogate them, they never gave a response. Kevin lost respect from some of his teammates, and Edd lost respect from some of his club members, but luckily, they weren't completely rejected. Other people respected their privacy and would leave them alone. They didn't partake in any social bullying, but they didn't help them either. They simply stayed out of the situation to avoid problems. Of course, just as there were some that couldn't stand Kevin and Edd together, there were some who were tolerable towards their relationship.

"Why the fuck are you gay for a nerd? He's such a freaking wimp!" A classmate yelled at Kevin.

Kevin didn't respond. He continued to sit in silence in the classroom.

"Kevin, you could do better than that." He scoffed.

No response.

In frustration, he went back to his work and continued to lose respect for him.

"Eddward! You couldn't possibly be infatuated with someone who sees himself superior than everyone else!"

"Kevin isn't like that." Edd mumbled.

"You're blinded by the power of love! He's truly not the Kevin you think he is." The classmate leaned in and lowered his voice. "I heard that he's just using you!"

Edd rolled his eyes and continued to take notes. His classmate continued to rampage for a while, but then finally left him alone and stayed silent.

If only people didn't judge so much, Kevin and Edd could have a peaceful life. But no, this was high school. Going out with someone who's so different from you, or going out with someone who is the same gender as you was weird. If you did it, you're weird.

Soon enough, several members of the basketball, football and baseball team and the science club teamed up to form a plan. A plan that would be able to break those two for good. Since, public and social harassment wasn't enough, they were determined that they were going to make things personal.

After school on Friday, Kevin jogged over to Edd's front door. He had just finished his basketball practice for the day and left without notifying anyone else.

"Sorry, did you wait long?" Kevin panted, catching his breath.

Edd stood up from his doorstep and dusted himself off. "No, I didn't wait that long."

Kevin stood up straight and stretched his arms, in the process to compose himself. "Was this week rough for you?"

Edd sighed and shook his head. "No, I'm quite used to this nonsense, but the science club is starting to get quite irksome."

"Tell me about it." Kevin groaned. "The basketball team isn't getting off my back about this whole thing." He removed his hat and messed up his hair in frustration. "It's like they're the fucking boss of me. They can't hold this over me."

Edd softened. "I'm sorry this has held you back from many things, Kevin. Your popularity decreased sufficiently and people have started to irk you as well."

Kevin ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. "No worries, dude. I feel bad cause we haven't been able to really spend some time together, and it's already March. Sooner or later, they'll just accept it and everything will be back to normal."

"It's understandable, Kevin. I have to apologize for not being able to attend your athletic games anymore." Edd bowed his head in guilt.

"No, dude, you know what. Don't even worry about it. Tomorrow is our three month anniversary and to be honest, I don't give a fuck to what anyone says: We're going out on a date." Kevin crossed his arms in determination and stared at Edd for a response.

Edd's heart started to rapidly beat faster from happiness. Unfortunately, they weren't able to spend their one month or their two months because it usually fell on a school day which meant that they couldn't eat or spend free time together at school. Edd has failed to attend Kevin's basketball games to support him, because knowing if he went, people would have made it difficult for him. The two of them have almost reached a point that they don't even care what people think and they will do what they want when they wanted to. So, finally, they will go on a date to celebrate their three months.

"On the contrary, Kevin. Anniversary means that it happens yearly. You're contradicting yourself by adding month in front of it." Edd giggled.

"Ugh, don't ruin it." Kevin rolled his eyes. "So, you free tomorrow?"

Edd thought of an idea. He bit the bottom of his lip and fumbled with his thumbs. "I'm sorry, I don't think I'm free tomorrow." He lied.

Kevin stepped back. "Seriously? What's going on tomorrow?"

"Well, I have a date planned for tomorrow."

Kevin stared. "A what? With who?"

Edd gripped on the edge of his shirt. "Well, uhm, you don't know him. Well, maybe you do. He's on the football team, you see. He has red hair and wears an orange hoodie. Sometimes a green turtleneck with black shorts."

Kevin narrowed his eyes and listened, nodding to the details as they were listed.

"And he's also part of the basketball team. He's pitcher for the baseball team."

"And he attends Peach Creek?"

"Indeed. You probably don't know him."

"Oh, I don't?" Kevin smirked. "Sounds a lot like someone I know." He stepped forward and leaned in closer to Edd. Edd gulped and took a step back.

"N-No! I'm quite sure you don't know him."

"Are you really sure?" Kevin took another step forward and cornered Edd against his door. He looked at him with a hypnotizing gaze, and inched his face closer. Edd shut his eyes in anticipation for a kiss, his lips puckered slightly and eyebrows raised in a dreamy expression. Kevin inched closer. Edd waited a bit longer but awkwardly stood there. He slowly opened his eyes only to see Kevin walking away.

"K-Kevin?!" Edd stammered out.

"See you tomorrow, Dork!" Kevin yelled back.

Edd stood there with an embarrassed face as his plan backfired on him. He unlocked his door and walked in his house to calm himself down.


"You do know what happens if you get caught, right?" Eddy beamed at Edd. He had been called over to help Edd with his attire for the date, but claimed it was more forced than willing.

"No worries, Eddy. Kevin and I agreed that we would not budge from the judgment others give us." Edd started to go through his drawers for clothes.

Eddy groaned and looked out Edd's window. "Whatever, sockhead. You're lucky Ed and I got your back if shit does go down."

Edd sighed from his language. "Indeed, Eddy, just as I will always have yours, but language, please."

Eddy slyly smiled and leaned towards Edd, ignoring Edd's last words. "Does that mean you'll do my English exam?"

An expression of disbelief appeared on Edd's face. He raised a brow and placed a hand on his waist. "Eddy! That thing is due Monday!"

Eddy playfully fumbled with Edd's arm. "C'mon Double Dee! I did most of the work already, just edit it and make it all smarticle and whatever!"

Edd rolled his eyes and heavily sighed. "Smarticle, Eddy? At least use a proper description of what you're looking for!" He shook his head in annoyance and continued to look for clothes.

Eddy grinned, nudging Edd constantly. "Is that a yes?"

Edd sighed again and finally nodded. Eddy jumped on him with a brotherly hug and cheered for his friend.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!"

"Okay, Okay Eddy. Now help me out for the moment. How does this sweater vest look?" Edd held up an argyle sweater vest that looked like it came from the 70's.

Eddy's smile fell. "Ugh, did you really call me here to help you look nice on your date with Kevin?"

Edd nodded. "Precisely, Eddy."

"Ugh! I don't think he cares. He probably doesn't even notice what you wear or something." Eddy narrowed his eyes and lifted a brow. "Where are you guys going anyway?"

"I have no idea, Eddy. He never informed me. I assume it's nothing formal since he never inquired me to wear anything elegant." Edd started to rummage through his closet next.

Eddy groaned. "Really, Edd. I don't think Kevin cares."

Edd sighed. "The least you could do is give me advice on this."

"You want advice? Okay here." Eddy started. "You're getting into a huge heap by dating a jock-Especially Kevin."

Edd shook his head. "Eddy, I-"

"Just listen, sockhead." Eddy cut him off. "I really don't care who you date and all, but ever since the rumors were true that you're dating box-head, I've seen you've gotten twice as much bullying than in middle school all together."

Edd stopped looking through his closet and listened.

"And I'm..." Eddy bit the bottom of his lip in embarrassment. "Worried." He gawked at his shameful words.

Edd softened and broke into a pout. "Oh, Eddy-"

"No." Eddy held his hand up. "There's more." He paused. "I think if you two don't help each other and come on an understanding, then things won't end well."

Edd blinked. "Wow, Eddy," A smile of disbelief crawled on his face. "That's the most sensitive thing I have heard come out of your mouth all year."

Eddy glared. "Never speak of it again."

Just then, Edd's doorbell rang. Edd's eyes lit up and turned his attention to his door.

"Your lover-boy's here." Eddy looked at the door with a dull expression as if he wasn't looking forward to his arrival.

"Ah, yes! Thank you for helping me, Eddy! I must get going now." Edd slipped on a random sweater vest over his white shirt before hurrying over to look in the mirror. He removed his hat quickly and fixed his hair, then slipped his hat back on.

"My eyes!" Eddy jokingly shrieked before bursting into laughter.

"Oh hush! You know it already!" Edd groaned. "Will you get the door, please?"

"Me? If you say so." Eddy snorted and then headed downstairs. He opened the door to see and waiting Kevin.

Kevin turned around with a smile only to fall as soon as he sees Eddy.

"The hell? What are you doing here, dorky?"

Eddy smirked. "Is that anyway to talk to your boyfriend's best friend?" Eddy wrapped an arm around Kevin's neck. "Now, Kevin, my boy," Eddy dragged him in. "What brings you here on this lovely day?"

Kevin peeled Eddy's arm off him. "We're going on a date, but that's none of your business, dork."

Eddy crossed his arms and playfully smiled. "On the contrary, I knew about your lovey dovey date." He looked up the stairs and then sighed, his smile fading. "He'll be down any minute, but Kevin, we gotta talk."

Kevin raised a brow. "What do I need to talk about with you?"

Eddy huddled closer to Kevin. "You do know what your pals are doing to Double Dee, right?"

Kevin slowly nodded and shrugged. "Yeah, they're treating him like shit."

Eddy furrowed his brows glared. "So if you know, why don't you do anything?"

Kevin moved away from Eddy and gave himself some space. "Because if I did something, he would have it worse."

"What?" Eddy cocked his head forward and lifted a brow. "Why don't you just help each other?"

Kevin blinked and mirrored Eddy's actions. "Are you an idiot? Didn't you just hear—"

"I mean," Eddy interrupted. "Don't confront your friends. Just help Double Dee out."

Kevin blinked and crossed his arms. "What's with you? Why are you so caring all of a sudden?"

Eddy froze. "I don't know. I need to watch some scary movies with Ed. Maybe that'll help me." Eddy shook his head and softly slapped his cheeks, hoping it would slap some sense in him. "Kay, Imma go. Have fun with your date." Eddy waved and then left Eddward's house. Kevin raised a peace sign signaling his goodbye to Eddy.

"Sorry for the long wait!" Edd rushed down the stairs.

Kevin whipped his head back to Edd and smiled. "It's fine. Ready?"

"Indeed!" He looked around and noticed his friend missing. "Where's Eddy?"

"He already left. You still need him or something?" Kevin headed to the door.

"Oh, no, it's fine!" Edd grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. "I was just wondering, that's all."

"Why was he here anyway?" Kevin spun his head around to stare at his boyfriend.

"He was…" Edd shyly fumbled with his thumbs. "Helping me with something." He cleared his throat and moved on. "Anyhow, may we proceed with today's event?" He looked up with a crooked smile.

Kevin analyzed him for a moment longer before disregarding his question. "Alright, let's go." He took Edd by the hand and headed out of Edd's house, closing the door behind him. He led him to his motorcycle and tossed Edd a helmet.

"Wait, where are we heading off to?" Edd looked at the helmet and took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for all the germs and bacteria that would invade his clean scalp. He slipped it around his head and waited for Kevin to get on.

Kevin silently slipped on his helmet and sat on his seat, getting the motorcycle ready. Edd comfortably sat behind him and gripped on the sides of Kevin's jacket.

"You're gunna fall if you do that. Just wrap your arms around me." Kevin ordered.

Edd nodded and looked down to watch himself force his arms around Kevin's waist. They seemed to fit perfectly as if they were meant to be around his waist. He could feel Kevin's body structure again, especially since he's wearing thinner clothes. Edd removed his head from the gutter and looked up at the jock.

"Will you tell me where we are headed off to now?" He questioned.

"Hold on tight." Kevin smirked and started his motorcycle. After he heated up the engine a bit and let his motorcycle roar, he kicked the brake back and drove away from the cul-de-sac.

Edd watched them as they passed many buildings and houses, leaving their town as they continued to ride through the streets. Edd started to question their destination more and more as they went farther and farther. Kevin had the perfect date planned out that would blow Edd's mind and heart into many flustered feelings. He pulled up to a round white building that had the words 'MCKINLEY'S MUSEUM' on the welcoming sign.

Kevin parked his bike in the lot and pulled off his helmet. "Okay, ready for part one?"

The other male pulled off his helmet and stared at the building. "McKinley's Museum?" Edd's eyes sparkled. "This place is filled with scientific wonders and history of our President McKinley!" His mouth gaped at the building in awe.

The corners of Kevin's mouth slightly lifted to a small smile. "Exactly, now let's get going, babe." He took Edd by the hand and tugged him inside the museum. Edd's face flushed from the new nickname, but didn't say anything about it.

A smile grew on his face as he looked around the museum with Kevin. First, they went through the historical events of the president, where Edd would tell little stories that came off the top of his head. Kevin wasn't particularly interested in history, but tried to listen even though he would get distracted. Next stop, they passed by the scientific part of the museum. Edd's eyes sparkled as they walked through the halls. He would share any interesting facts that he knew about each material displayed in the museum. Kevin actually listened to him and would make little comments or remarks about the displays if he found them interesting.

Although it was the weekend, the museum was pretty empty. There were few people here and there, but it wasn't crowded like it usually is on the weekdays. Kevin and Edd made their way to every piece of work and took pictures together by some displays. Unfortunately, the planetarium was closed for maintenance, so their tour around the museum ended quickly than planned.

"That was incredibly entertaining!" Edd squeezed Kevin's hand as they walked through the exit.

Kevin squeezed Edd's hand back and chuckled. "I'm glad you liked it. You hungry? Let's stop by a café nearby."

Edd nodded, going along with the plan. They both climbed on Kevin's motorcycle and slipped on their helmets. They took off to the highway and headed farther away from their town. Edd wrapped his arms around Kevin tighter than before, trying to mix his grip with a hug. Kevin smiled behind his helmet and felt goose bumps rise under his clothes.

They arrived to a café near the museum and parked in the front. Edd and Kevin walked in the café and took a seat next to each other by the window. A petite lady came over to the table and handed them menus and introduced herself as their waitress. She left to give them time to look over the menu.

"What are you in the mood for, babe?" Kevin analyzed the menu.

Edd heart cheered in joy with the pet name. He liked it, although it seemed strange to be called that. "I think I'll just order a salad."

Kevin scrunched his nose. "Salad, eh? Why don't you grab a burger or something and share with me?"

Edd bit the bottom of his lip in thought. "I'd rather not. Some burgers have high cholesterol which is actually unhealthy."

Kevin scoffed. "I knew you'd say that. That's why I chose this café. This place serves delicious and healthy foods, so don't be afraid to order a burger." He smirked.

Edd's eyes widened. He did research? "Oh my, Kevin. I'm impressed." He smiled and closed his menu. "Alright, I take you up on your offer."

Kevin smirk grew into a smile and then reached over to take Edd's hand and give a little squeeze. He called over the waitress and ordered two different burgers and water. Edd ordered ice tea and ordered a small salad. The lady left with their orders, but then momentarily returned to serve their drinks. She left once again and gave Edd and Kevin alone time.

"So you enjoying the date so far?" Kevin wrapped an arm around Edd's shoulder while they waited for their food.

Edd softly smiled and nodded. "Indeed. This is a well thought out date, Kevin."

Kevin sucked his teeth. "I'm full of surprises, Eddward." He chuckled.

Edd rolled his eyes. "One can see such from you, Kev."

"Oh, 'Kev,' now?" Kevin raised a brow.

"Oh, 'Eddward,' now?" Edd mimicked.

The two ended up laughing and making fun of each other. Kevin looked at Edd's smile and paused. He took off his hat and held it over their faces, then drowned Edd in kisses. He tried to resist, but failed. Kevin kicked it up a notch and brought him closer with his arm, deepening their kiss. Edd finally pushed Kevin away when he noticed the food was on the table, but no waitress to be found. Edd shyly pulled his hat down to cover his pink ears which made Kevin smirk.

Kevin picked up a burger and started to eat. Edd stayed there frozen and tried to calm himself down. After a few seconds, he silently picked up a burger and took a bite of it.

"So?" Kevin watched the expression on Edd's face stay constant.

Edd finished swallowing before he spoke, "You're right, it does taste delicious and looks quite healthy to me."

"Told ya so." Kevin took a bite of his burger and hid a little smile. "How did the other thing taste?"

Edd froze before he took a bite into his burger. "I-I…"

"Yes?" Kevin raised a brow.

"I liked it."


Edd slowly ate as he tried to tidy his mind from such thoughts, while Kevin enjoyed himself on the other side. The two quickly finished their burgers and shared the small salad before they completely ended their lunch. Edd started to take out his wallet, but Kevin stopped this.

"Don't worry, babe. This one's on me."

Edd tilted his head. "You don't have to worry, Kevin. I could pay for my part." He held up the fare for his lunch.

Kevin rejected the money. "Nah, you owe me the next one, okay?" He winked and tapped his lips before leaving to go pay for their food. Edd looked away and tried to ignore Kevin's comments, but ended up slightly looking forward to it.

The two came back home before sundown. Kevin walked Edd to his door before they departed for the night.

"Thank you for today." Edd smiled.

Kevin rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm glad you had fun. I had fun too." He shyly smiled.

"I guess after tomorrow, it's back to the usual routine, right?" Edd sighed.

"Yeah." Kevin's smiled faded. "I guess goodnight."

"Goodnight, Kevin." Edd waved before leaning in and giving a quick peck on the cheek. He turned to walk in, but Kevin pulled him back.

"Wait, on Monday," Kevin took Edd by the hand. "Do you want to go to school together?"

Edd's eyes widened. "Are you sure you're alright with that, Kevin? What about your friends—"

"Don't worry about them. I'll help you out if anything happens. You can count on me, okay?" Kevin sternly stated.

"O-Oh, I couldn't possibly—"

"No, I'm serious." Kevin interrupted. "I'm so sick and tired of just pretending we're not going out." He removed his hat and ran his fingers through his hair. "Why should they even give two shits about us, when it's our choice and not theirs?!"

"Kevin, calm dow—"

"No. I'm not going to calm down." Kevin glared. "I want to be with you at school, I want to hold your hand at school, I want to hug you at school, and I want to kiss you at school. Heck, I'd fuck you at school!"

"O-Okay Kevin, t-that's enough information!" Edd covered his mouth. "I-I understand how you feel about this, and I partially agree with you on your desires, but," Edd dropped his hands to his sides. "You have to think this through. Do you know the consequences if we just boldly stayed with each other at school?"

Kevin sighed and took a moment to think. "Yes, I do." He looked at his feet. "I know it's going to be rough, but do you really want to hide everything for the rest of the year?"

Edd bit the bottom of his lip and shook his head. "Not quite."

"Exactly." Kevin took a step towards his partner and took him by the hand. "I wouldn't force you to do anything you don't wanna do, so if you don't want to do it then…" He trailed off.

Edd looked up softly at his partner. "Let's help each other out on Monday, okay, Kevin?"

Kevin's lips curled into a smile before he leaned in for a kiss. They tightly held on each other after their lips departed. Kevin pulled back and look deeply in Edd's eyes. "Happy three months." He smirked.

Edd scoffed and kissed Kevin's nose. "Happy three months."