One long afternoon, Goten and Trunks had just finished sparring in the woods nearby the Brief's house. They were on their way back to the Brief's house when they heard the gravity room break and Vegeta came out cussin'.

"Oh no Trunks he broke it again."

"I know he ALWAYS breaks it."

"I feel bad for your mom."

"You'll feel differently when she starts yellin' at you cause he broke the machine."

Goten smiled cautiously at Trunks. "I go to go home now my moms gonna be mad."

"Ok, bye Goten see you tomorrow at school."

"See ya tomorrow."

Goten then flew off in the direction of his house, hoping his mom wasn't going to yell at him for being late, again.

Meanwhile Trunks walked into his house and sat down at the dinner table in front of his dad waiting for his meal. Bulma turned around to feed Vegeta and found Trunks was there too.

"I suppose you want to eat too."

"Ummm.yeah?" Trunks said hoping not to get yelled at.

The phone then rang and Bulma asked Trunks to answer it. Trunks picked it up and said hello and in response he got yelled at by ChiChi on the other line who was chasing Goten around the kitchen screaming, "Trunks help she's gone insane." ChiChi who was the one supposed to be talking then said, "You little brat your teaching my nice little Goten how to be a dilinquint. (Hope I spelt that right.) Don't hang around with my son ever again." She then hung up as did Trunks, he was then on his way to his room when Bulma said, "I thought you were hungry." Trunks then replied, "She made me loss my appetite."

Trunks then walked straight up to his room, closed and locked the door. He sighed and laid down on his bed and watched t.v. Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen, Bulma was just picking up the dishes Vegeta had just eaten on and was going to wash them when Vegeta grabbed her by the waist, spun her around, and brought her upstairs and into their room.