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Admissions and Empathy:

Harry had always known there was something different about Gabriel, something unique. It wasn't hard for the young wizard to figure out. Gabriel did all sorts of things that could be attributed to magic, but had admitted to not knowing of its existence – at least not Harry's type of magic – until they had spoken about it together.

Then there were the things magic couldn't accomplish. Like the time-loop.

Although it had been broken for more than a year now Harry hadn't been able to figure out how he had done it.

It was something no human, magical or otherwise, could plausibly accomplish.

And that's how Harry knew that his lover wasn't exactly normal.

Oh, he didn't care, not really.

Sure, he might have done some research on Tricksters after recalling their first proper conversation one night, but it didn't matter to him what Gabriel was. All that had mattered was that he loved Gabriel and, although it was never said out loud, that Gabriel loved him too.

Then, one day, Gabriel had viciously tugged on the magical bond Harry had put in place between them, and Harry had answered his call, following his magic and his senses to where Gabriel was, to find him standing in a ring of fire, confronted by three other men.

It was easy to see that two of the three were the Winchester brothers that Gabriel would rant about every now and again; he'd heard enough about them to recognise them anywhere, even though they had never met.

"Harry," Gabriel whispered, golden brown eyes filled with both relief and apprehension. Harry couldn't understand what the apprehension was for.


Harry half-turned to face the third man. He was wearing a trench-coat and appeared a little beaten up. To Harry's utmost shock, he could sense a sort of warmth coming from the man. It wasn't the same as Gabriel's, not quite, but it was still there, the slightest instinctual thought that he'd be safe with him.

Instantly Harry knew. Whatever Gabriel was, this newcomer was the same.

"Oi, who the hell are you? Actually, how did you get in here?"

Oh, right. Harry had momentarily forgotten about the Winchesters. He had just used magic in front of them, not that they would recognise it for what it was. They probably thought he was utilising the same skill Gabriel did.

"Who I am is none of your concern," Harry replied, heading towards the fire. He got the feeling he knew what it was Gabriel wanted from him, but he didn't understand why the man didn't just zap himself out like he normally would.

"Hey, hey! Stay away from the Holy Fire!" The older brother, Dean, warned him angrily. Harry paused, raising one eyebrow. Holy Fire? He caught Gabriel's gaze and watched the apprehension take over.

Gabriel was nervous.

He was never nervous.

Apparently, Harry deduced silently, Gabriel was afraid that whatever the wizard was about to find out about him would make him angry.

He wouldn't get angry. He'd long ago decided that it didn't matter, but he supposed he had never thought to tell Gabriel that.

"I don't have to follow your orders Dean Winchester," Harry shot back, frowning slightly. He crouched down, going to retrieve his wand from its holster around his ankle.

"What do you care? He's just some douchy jumped-up Angel who's too afraid to get caught up in his family problems."

Emerald eyes snapped over to Dean, glowering angrily at him. In the back of his mind Harry was processing what had been said, but all he really cared about at that moment was that the Eldest Winchester had just called the love of his life a douche-bag.

"I hardly think it's any of your business what Gabriel does and doesn't do," Harry snarled, ripping his wand out of its holster and standing up straight, pointing the stick at Dean's chest.

It was so tempting. He could do anything to the arrogant hunter, anything at all. But he wouldn't. Because despite what had just been said, Gabriel had told him about the importance of the Winchesters, and while he had been rather vague at the time, he was pretty sure he now knew exactly what Gabriel had been talking about.

Gabriel was an angel. The Winchesters were important for some reason to his brothers. The Apocalypse was looming over America.

One and one and one makes three, and Gabriel was smack bang in the middle of it all; if he chose to be. The Winchesters obviously thought he ought to be. Did they not understand anything about privacy? Weren't they all for free will?

Shaking his head and ignoring the startled, indignant curses being thrown his way by the brothers – their companion was silent; he didn't appear to believe Harry would actually attack them; true, but insulting – Harry swung his wand around to point at Gabriel and, by association, the Holy Fire ring.

"Aguamenti," Harry chanted, causing water to burst forth from his wand. Walking closer to the flames Harry guided the water, dousing the Holy Fire. He couldn't be bothered walking all the way around the circle, so Gabriel got rather soaked in the process, but Harry didn't care.

It might just have been a small piece of petty revenge for not trusting him enough to tell him what he was. That's what hurt; the lack of trust.

Once the fire was out Harry cancelled the spell and put his wand away – he only needed it to really control that particular spell, defence he could accomplish just fine wandlessly.

The ever-present protests from the Winchesters, mostly Dean, ceased suddenly; apparently they had seen the fruitlessness of their efforts. Or perhaps they were shocked that he had ignored them. It didn't matter.

Wordlessly Harry held out a hand to Gabriel, and the drenched angel stepped out of the still smoking circle and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, burying his face in the crook between Harry's shoulder and the base of his neck.

"I'm sorry, for lying," Gabriel muttered against his neck, warm breath ghosting across his skin. Harry smiled softly, not that Gabriel could see it, and ran a hand through his hair, caressing.

"You didn't lie," Harry said simply, staring over Gabriel's shoulder at the Winchesters' silent companion, the other angel. His face was blank, obviously he didn't have nearly as good a grasp of human emotions as Gabriel did, but Harry could detect an amount of understanding in his eyes.

The angel understood Gabriel's decision, and that meant more than any dissatisfaction from humans, because it was approval from his family. A family that one day Harry would endeavour to get to know, but not now.

"You two," Harry called to the brothers, "Whatever shit ideas you've got about Gabriel, forget them now. Leave him alone. If you don't understand I'm sure you can ask your pet angel."

He shot an apologetic look to said 'pet angel'. He wasn't intentionally trying to be mean to the man, he was simply annoyed at his charges.

"Man, don't say shit like that about Cas! What did he ever do to you?"

Harry ignored Dean's heated glare, holding Gabriel close.

"If we're all finished here boys?"


"Goodbye then."

With a nod to Cas Harry gripped Gabriel tightly and spun on the spot, imagining the lounge of their shared apartment (he moved out of his and Matt's apartment a year ago).

Harry spelled Gabriel's clothes dry and guided him to the couch. The Trickster had frozen up, seemingly terrified of what thoughts might be floating around in Harry's head about his revelation.

Sighing in exasperation Harry sat down next to him, shoulders brushing, and waved a hand in front of Gabriel's face. Golden-brown eyes blinked before he slumped down in his seat, resting his head on the back of the couch.

"I dislike your method of travel," he mumbled, staring at the ceiling. Harry laughed at that, smiling.

"I hate it too Gabe, remember?"

When that garnered no response Harry shook his head and got off the couch, moving to kneel on the floor in front of his angel.

"Gabriel, look at me," Harry demanded, gently grabbing one of his hands and cradling it between his own. "You know I hate it when you get like this. When you aren't happy it makes me depressed too, because you're never unhappy."

Gabriel's lips twitched, and he jumped up from the couch, ripping his hand from Harry's grasp. He raced through to the kitchen and began rummaging through the cupboards.

Harry frowned at his retreating form, brow furrowed in thought. Gabriel was never that jumpy, ever. The angel – and it would take a while to get used to that thought – was perpetually happy, never standoffish like this.

Climbing to his feet, simply brimming with determination, Harry followed Gabriel's path and stood just inside the doorway to the kitchen.

"Gabriel..." Harry sighed as he watched Gabriel tear open a packet of liquorice. Knowing, despite never having dealt with him in such a mood before, that he wouldn't be getting a response from across the room, Harry moved silently across the linoleum floor.

"Come on Gabe," he muttered, placing a hand on Gabriel's shoulder and forcefully spinning him around. Golden-brown eyes looked anywhere but into emerald, muscles tense beneath Harry's hand.

"If you think I'm going to throw you out or something you might as well leave, because you obviously haven't learnt anything about me."

That caught the trickster's attention. His eyes widened and locked on to Harry's, fear bleeding into his gaze. It pained Harry to do this to Gabriel, but he needed to get it through his love's thick skull that he understood.

Harry stepped closer and reversed their previous positions, wrapping his arms around Gabriel and resting his forehead on his shoulder.

"You're such as idiot sometimes, you know that?"

Slowly, Harry felt Gabriel's tense muscles relax, and his hand hesitantly came to rest on the small of his back.

"Are you calm now?" Harry queried, pulling back just enough to clearly see Gabriel's expression.

"Yes. Fine. Okay." Gabriel acquiesced, shoulders slumping.

"Good," Harry replied simply, content for now that Gabriel was no longer trying to put on a brave face.

Grabbing the hand that still rested by Gabriel's side Harry laced their fingers together and pulled him out of the kitchen, back to the couch in the lounge. Harry sat down at one end of the couch and forced Gabriel down next to him, dragging his head down so that it rested on his lap. Idly he ran his fingers through Gabriel's hair, sitting in silence.

"Why aren't you angry?" Gabriel eventually asked, his voice quiet, as though he still expected Harry to turn around and say that he was mad, that he was furious.

"You didn't tell me about being an angel." Harry stated calmly, fingers never ceasing their lax movements.


"Well, I never told you that I died once." He said blithely, as though it were as mundane as disliking coffee. Immediately Gabriel rolled over, staring up at Harry with shocked eyes, mouth hanging open.

"You- what?"

Harry rolled his eyes and poked Gabriel on the nose, smirking to himself when Gabriel's nose twitched and he glared up at him.

"Neither of those two facts have any relevance to our relationship. While yes, I'm a little bit annoyed you never told me, it's not because the idea of you being an angel changes the way I see you. It's because you didn't trust me enough to tell me about it yourself." Upon seeing the guilt that was rushing into Gabriel's expression Harry hurried on. "It's rather hypocritical of me however, as there are things I haven't told you either, like the circumstances around my death."

"I should have told you..." Gabriel muttered, feeling thoroughly chastised.

"Perhaps, but you told me about being a Trickster, and you told me about Loki. Those are the parts of you that you seem to identify most with, and I'm glad you opened up to me about them."

"They want me to fight," he whispered, changing the subject to the remainder of what was plaguing him. "What should I do?"

Harry remained quiet for a moment, staring out the window.

"Do you want to fight? I've seen family disputes, and while they were only wizards it was still pretty ugly."

"I don't want Michael and Lucifer to fight, but I know it will just hurt more if I try and get in the middle of it. We may not be on very good terms with each other, but they're still my brothers, you know?"

Harry did know, to some extent. The Weasley's had been like a family to him, and it had killed him to see the brothers fighting amongst themselves. He had never been particularly close to Percy, but the man's strained relationship with the family had been painful to experience.

"The other angel..."

"Castiel," Gabriel supplied absently.

"Yes, Castiel. He does not mind which path of action you take."

"How can you know that?"

"Castiel may not be very good at expressing emotions," Gabriel snorted at that, closing his eyes, "But he appeared to understand your indecision. If I am correct, he isn't as intimately involved in the situation as you are, and so he realises that his decisions may be easier to make than yours, and have less consequence on himself."

"But what do you think I should do?" Gabriel asked again, after a silence in which he tried to understand Harry's reasoning.

Harry was touched that Gabriel was asking for his advice on something as important to him as this, even if the angel didn't have anyone else to go to.

"I think that you need time to think about this, and I will be content with whatever decision you come to, providing you don't get yourself killed. Then I will be very angry."

Settling back into the soft couch cushions Harry silently summoned the crumpled bag of liquorice and placed it in Gabriel's hands. Picking up the remote he switched on the television and flicked aimlessly through the channels, eventually settling on an episode of Dr Sexy, MD. He didn't watch the show, but Gabriel did sometimes.

What would come would come, and Harry knew that he would stand behind Gabriel 100%, no matter what he chose to do in the end. That was his commitment.

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