The Third Brother's Song

I rose with death beyond my dreams

and he took me to this place.

He said to me, "Your life, it seems

should be rewarded in haste."

I said to not worry and

though honored, was unnerved

for what he wished to give me can

be called an afterlife to serve.

Perchance Death found it just

and punished me this way

A job eternal, but I must

not complain today.

For I must show the dead to come

the life they left behind

For most it is pleasant but some

led lives of the depressing kind

To help them see I bear no ill

Each life follows a song

The music eases the mind

Whether they did right or wrong

So each person the third brother sees is going to get to look over their life with a soundtrack, basically. I'll need help picking people but the first and last will definitely be planned already. See ya guys!