Title: "You want me to what?"

Author: glasswrks

Rating: T

Copyright Date: 05/08/13 – 05/08/13

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Author's Note: This could be considered a continuation to the story: Missing Carol's Presence.

Thanks: To SOA mom for looking at the story for me.

Rick thought about the conversation he had had with Carol.

He knew it was the right thing to do in asking her to be Judith's Godmother.

There was no other choice, even if Andrea had made it, Michonne was just too new. And as much as Maggie and Beth had done for their rag-tag group, Carol was the obvious choice as far as he was concerned.

He smiled as he watched Daryl run his hand through his hair and looked at him as if he had suddenly grown a second head.

"You want me to be her Godfather?"

"Yes I do." he responded seriously. "I know that you and Carol will protect her without fail."

"Hell, that's what she has you and Carl for." Daryl replied.

"Daryl, we both know anything can happen at any time."

Daryl looked away and Rick thought he might be thinking about Merle.

Just as he had thought of all the people they had lost.

Those days when everyone thought Carol had died had been... difficult to say the least.

Not only had he and Carl mourned Lori – the group as a whole had lost the heart and soul of their family: T-Dog and Carol.

Rick, even in his mind shattering grief, he could see how hard it had been on Daryl. When Daryl found her miraculously alive, he was sure the tenuous relationship between Carol and Daryl would finally culminate into a full-blown one, but to his surprise, it hadn't.

They were as close as two people could possibly be without being in a romantic relationship. He felt deep down, either one of them would lay down their life if they thought they could save the other.

"Okay." Daryl said bringing Rick out of his thoughts.

He placed his hand on Daryl's shoulder. "Thank you."

"Yeah, well... I gotta go."

Rick nodded and watched as Daryl left and went straight towards Carol. He felt his heart flutter slightly as he noticed the smile Carol reserved for Daryl.

She reached out and took Daryl's hand in hers. She was the only one that Rick could see that Daryl would allow that sort of familiarity... well, except quite possibly Judith.

Judith had Daryl Dixon wrapped firmly around her finger without having tried.

Rick chuckled as Carol practically dragged them both over to Beth who had been watching Judith.

As Carol picked up Judith, she kissed her face then handed her over to Daryl, he knew he had made the right choice when he saw Daryl smile.

The End.