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Prologue: Enter Felix Yoshoryuu

The battlefield slowly came back into focus as Naruto came to. The last thing he remembered was a Bijuu Bomb from the Jyuubi coming straight at him with no time to dodge and no hope of survival until someone came out of nowhere with some kind of aura and shielded him from the worst of the blast, which clearly still had enough power to cause him to be knocked out for a bit. He looked up with bleary eyes and his heart stopped as the raven-haired body came into focus.

"Sasuke!" he cried out as he staggered forward, not even really caring what Sasuke was doing there or when he had arrived. He kneeled next to his old friend/foe and took in the damage to his body. It was extensive to a point where not even Tsunade would have been able to save him, despite the aura that Naruto now realized was the Susanoo. Denying the evidence before his eyes Naruto forcefully shook him, shouting, "Sasuke, get up!"

Sasuke groaned as his eyes opened and he looked at Naruto. "Hey there Dobe," he managed to say before he suddenly hacked up blood, some of it hitting Naruto in the face. Naruto ignored this as Sasuke groaned and said, "Damn, it looks like…" he coughed again. "I'm not going to get a chance to fight."

"Sasuke… what are you doing here? And why the hell did you save me you idiot!?"

"How *cough* *cough* should I know? Just like that time before *cough* a lifetime ago… my body just moved on its own. There was *cough* no time to think…" Sasuke then coughed more violently than before, a copious amount of blood flying out. Again Naruto ignored the blood spit that hit his face. Sasuke's pulse began to slow.

"Sasuke! No, you can't die, it wasn't supposed to be like this! I was supposed to save you!"

"Dobe, it really is too late this time." Sasuke managed to wheeze. "Don't you dare let my sacrifice be in vain. Beat the bastard who toyed with *cough* *cough**cough* Itachi. Don't let his will and the village perish like they are some worthless afterthoughts…"

"Sasuke, I promise you that I will find a way to win this fight… even if it kills me."

"I'll hold you to*cough* *cough* …that. Just don't become bent on revenge…it will only blind you, just like it did to me."

"Since when did you get to lecture me on revenge? You're the one who blundered down that road in the first place."

"Guess you're right on that," Sasuke said as he managed a small smile. "I guess that you were always *cough* a better shinobi than I was. It was always your guts that drove you on, while I could not see a thing beyond my own hatred. Do not even think of losing sight of who you are." He looked at Naruto one more time and held his hand to Naruto, his index and middle fingers extended. Realizing Sasuke's intent, Naruto hooked those fingers in his own, forming the reconciliation seal. This lasted for a full three seconds before Sasuke's hand slipped from Naruto's and hit the ground as the light fled from Sasuke's eyes.

Tears stained Naruto's face as he looked at the body of the one he had called his brother. Rain began to fall. "It's like the heavens themselves are crying" Naruto mused as he looked in the distance, where he saw that the Jyuubi had somehow been driven somewhat far from Naruto's position and was engaged in a struggle against several large wooden dragons. "Where did they come from?" Naruto thought, recognizing them as what Madara had used against him and Kurama, but why would they fight the Jyuubi? He noted that the Allied Shinobi Army was also attacking the Jyuubi with everything they had, though they were less than a third their original size and slowing down. "Crap! What am I still doing here? I gotta go help them now!" He dashed towards the battlefield as fast as he could in his exhausted state, sparing one more sad glance at his best friend's body.

"For what it is worth Naruto, I am deeply sorry that your friend died like that, especially after all you did to prevent this from occurring."

Naruto sighed at Kurama's words and muttered, "Yeah, I know." He paused to pilfer a corpse on the path and was able to find a food pill.

"Blast it!" Hiruzen Sarotobi cursed as he dodged another blow from Madara's Susanoo and launched a kunai with an exploding tag attached to it, cast several hand signs in quick succession calling out: Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Said kunai replicated into over 300 copies and they all slammed into the Susanoo, each one exploding violently, but having no effect on Madara's defense. The entire battle had gone thus, being totally one-sided with his and Tobirama Senju's best efforts failing to even faze Madara. Tobirama, Sarotobi's former sensei, had already fallen to a strange jutsu of Madara's, one that allowed him to rip Tobirama's soul from his Edo Tensei body after grasping his head, causing it to crumble into ashes and leaving behind the Zetsu clone's corpse. It was no doubt a technique from the Rinnegan that Madara possessed. Hiruzen could not let Madara get close enough to do the same to him. It was only because he was also resurrected by the same technique that he was still fighting, for he had already received several blows that would have been otherwise fatal. He had to avoid another such hit, for even though he would regenerate from the damage, it would give Madara an opening to finish the fight.

Hashirama Senju growled with the effort of using three of his wooden dragons, but he knew he needed to keep the brunt of the Jyuubi's attention on him rather than on the Allied Shinobi Army, at least until they were able to wear the beast down enough to either seal or finish off somehow. Three was practically a bare minimum for the task against such a powerful enemy, and even that was only partially successful because said army was still taking a beating. He grunted as the dragon he was riding took a particularly brutal hit from one of the ten tails.

"It's finally the end for you, Orochimaru," Obito declared as he yanked the soul out of the screaming Sannin and quickly avoided Minato's Rasengan. "Stay dead this time."

"I truly had high hopes for you, Obito," Minato Namikaze declared with a glare in his darkened eyes. "Was the pain of losing Rin truly that bad that you gave up on what you have held dear?"

"That was only the start, sensei. It was the realization of how sickening this shinobi world truly is that caused me to wake up. Now I can help create a world of peace with the Eye of the Moon."

"A peace that won't be real." Minato retorted as he ducked a blow from Obito's chain.

"Here's a revelation for you sensei." Obito declared throwing shuriken at Minato who Hiraishined to a seal he had managed to put on Obito with another Rasengan ready. It merely phased through as Obito shouted "Reality is not worth living in!"

"I was too late to strike," Minatocursed mentally as Obito swiftly turned around and went to grab Minato's head. He would have succeeded if a shuriken made of chakra didn't come from nowhere and strike him while he was still solid. He cried out in agony as the blow carried him several feed before the shuriken expanded, effectively shredding the last Uchiha.

"Dad, where did you come from?" Naruto asked Minato as he landed next to his father, unable to believe what he was seeing. Here was his father, alive and well right before him!

"Naruto, you're all right! I thought you were killed along with Sasuke!" Minato declared, as he and Naruto embraced, overjoyed. "To answer your question, Sasuke and Orochimaru somehow released me and the other three Hokages from the Shinigami and Orochimaru used Edo Tensei with some of those Zetsu clones to bring us back. Sasuke asked a few questions of us and he made a decision to honor his brother's wishes and we came to help in the battle. We arrived in time to see you about to be killed and Sasuke… well you know what he did." Minato finished sadly.

"So you were still the same person I called my friend deep down Sasuke… I just wish you could have survived as well…" Naruto thought. "We need to help the others now," he said as he managed to snap out of his funk.

"You are right son, we'll catch up later. Now let's-" He got no further as an ominous figure appeared behind him.

Hashirama was finally starting to make some headway against the Jyuubi. Several shinobi in the army were able to get under the beast and their most powerful jutsu were able to divert its attention long enough for Hashirama to use his three dragons to try to pin it. He was unable to capitalize on it however, because he felt a hand grab the back of his head. His last thought before Madara pulled out his soul was that Tobirama and Hiruzen must have failed.

As the reanimated corpse dissolved, Madara looked almost sadly at the Hokage who was once his friend. "Goodbye Hashirama." Then Madara turned his attention to Obito's location. There was no need to worry about the army. Without the support of the now fading wood dragons, the Jyuubi would finish them easily.

"How the hell are you not dead!?" Naruto yelled in despair as he watched his father "die". " I hit you dead on with my Rasenshuriken, and you don't have a scratch!"

Obito chuckled as his Rinnegan eye closed.

"The bastard must have used the Izanagi!" Kurama shouted in indignation. "It basically allows the user to alter reality in exchange for an eye such as the Sharingan and apparently the Rinnegan serves as well! He just made it as though your attack never hit him!"

Naruto cursed as he entered Sage Mode and prepared to fight. That's when Madara showed up.

"Give up Naruto Uzumaki," he said. "You cannot hope to defeat me, let alone both of us. Your friends are even now being destroyed by the Jyuubi. You have lost."

"Shut up! I will not dishonor the sacrifices my friends have made to get us this far! And it's not over yet, no matter how bad the odds! Give up on trying to make me give up!"

Before either Madara or Obito could respond, a voice seemingly from thin air declared, "Well spoken gaki!" Then the very air next to Naruto seemingly broke as if it were glass and from this hole in the fabric of reality, a figure stepped next to Naruto. He was a tall man, just over 6 feet, with a rather lean but well muscled frame. He couldn't have been older than his late twenties at most. He had slightly tan skin and his dark green hair was rather spiky on his head though the part he had grown about halfway down his back was somehow smooth. He had no facial hair and his face was a little thin though far from gaunt. His bright yellow, almost like molten gold eyes stared down Madara and Obito with a piercing gaze. On the back of his right hand was the tattoo of a sapphire blue dragon. The straight sword he held in said hand was about four feet long in the blade and had ten linked circles etched along its length. The two circles closest to the hilt were glowing with a green aura, while the two next to those had a yellow aura, though not as bright as the green ones. Then there were two blue ones, then two brown ones, finally ending with a dull glowing red nearest to the tip. "But I don't suppose you want help."

"Who are you?" Madara asked, his Susanoo flaring to life.

"Oh, you can call me Felix Yoshoryuu (Elemental Dragon). I come from the Elder Dimension, just like the Jyuubi. I suppose it was you who revived it?"

"The Elder Dimension? Never mind, it does not matter. All that matters is that if you get in our way, I will show you no mercy."

"Yeah whatever," Felix said as he swung his blade at Madara, releasing a lightning-wrapped wind slash at Madara faster than the eye could follow. It was stopped by the Susanoo momentarily, but Madara was still forced to dodge before it breached the defense. The attack kept going and struck a large boulder and sliced cleanly through without slowing and was soon out of sight.

Madara landed and looked at Felix with some interest now along with Obito while Naruto was flat out gaping at him. "Wow," Felix said. "I have rarely seen my signature move, the Thundering Gale Slice avoided before even if it was slowed, which is also quite a feat."

"Obito, you take care of Naruto, while I deal with the Yoshoryuu character." Madara said, clearly excited at the prospect of battling someone who could fight him.

"Separate one on one battles is it?" Felix asked, pointing his sword at Madara. "I'm game." He then rushed his opponent who quickly jumped to high ground and launched a large fireball at Felix. Felix didn't even slow as he launched a slash of water this time at Madara, splitting the fireball. Madara dodged the water slash before using wood style coils to try surrounding and crushing his opponent. Felix responded by breathing fire at the coils in front of him and dashing through the ashes before the rest could close in on him, then he jumped in time to avoid the black flames of the Amaterasu and quickly raised his sword to block one of Madara's Susanoo blades. The force of the blow blasted Felix into the ground, causing him to sport a few cuts, though he quickly recovered and was able to roll away from the other blade, before rising in time to leap away from more wood coils and launched some stone spears at Madara as he landed.

"He can use all 5 elements?" Madara thought now truly impressed as the stone spears impacted the Susanoo with minimal results. However, those were mere diversions from the Thundering Gale Slice Felix sent at him. This time Madara lost his arm, though it quickly regenerated. Madara responded by creating another wood dragon.

"Huh, a dragon made of wood eh?" Felix asked before stabbing his blade into the ground and conjuring all five elemental chakras and forming a large dragon of his own, the body made of earth, the legs of water, the tail of fire, the wings of lightning, and the head of wind. This beast was as large as Madara's wood dragon.

"This will be exciting," Madara commented with an evil grin.

"Who is your ally exactly, Naruto?" Obito asked as Naruto avoided another attempt to drag him into Obito's space. The dragons were clashing with titanic force and both Naruto and Obito were in some awe of the spectacle.

"Beats me," Naruto replied as he dispelled one of his shadow clones to restore his Sage Mode before it ran out. Sage Mode was his best weapon against Obito, as it allowed him to tell were Obito was teleporting to as well as giving him the needed speed to avoid the attacks. He was down to one clone to gather the needed energy now, so he needed to finish the fight quickly. So far all he and Obito had managed on one another were a few small cuts. "This is my first time meeting him, so I don't have a clue who he is."

"I see. Then that means you have no idea what the Elder Dimension he mentioned was."

"Your guess is as good as mine," Naruto said simply as he and Obito rushed each other again.

Madara was having a little bit of trouble. Trying to avoid Felix's attacks was proving quite challenging, for Felix was very fast, to the point were the Sharingan was almost a requisite for tracking him, and he had already demonstrated the power to penetrate the Susanoo and had even cut Madara's gunbai, almost in half when Madara had tried to block that sword with it.

However, Felix was also having problems. Unlike Madara, his body was not reanimated, so he did not have the regeneration factor or the endurance that came with it. That said, he had been hit with a few of Madara's weaker attacks and had the cuts, bruises and burns to testify. He also had a large slash across his chest from narrowly avoiding death from one of Madara's Susanoo blades. And he didn't even want to think about the moment he was almost hit with the Amaterasu either. He would have to seal Madara and soon.

He rushed his opponent again, launching one of his wind and lightning slashes and quickly dashing to were Madara had dodged to. He used his sword to bypass the Susanoo and ducked under Madara's quick swing of his gunbai. For a moment, they traded blows before Felix was able to kick Madara to the ground, pin him and cast a few hand signs and shout "Elemental Dragon's Separation Sealing!" He slapped his hand on Madara's chest. This was a special seal made to separate all five elements that were in the intended target and bind them to the world's natural elemental energy, effectively spreading the target's being to the world's collective being.

Before Felix could finish however, Madara was able to knock Felix off of him and tried to use Amaterasu again. Felix dodged, cursing. Just one more second and he would have won! His musings were cut off as he heard the Jyuubi roar and head for them.

"Well, it looks like the Jyuubi has finished swatting all those flies," Madara commented to the seething Felix. Even if he still could beat Madara, he had no chance with the rapidly approaching Jyuubi. He was down to one option, and he needed a resident of this world for it to work. His eyes fell upon Naruto and he dashed for him.

Naruto was preparing a Rasenshuriken when Felix appeared next to him with no warning, grabbed him and shouted, "Elemental space Manipulation!" Then things went white for Naruto as he and Felix disappeared from the battlefield.

Naruto groaned as he slowly regained consciousness, then he bolted upward frantically as he remembered what transpired. His gaze fell on Felix, who was panting very hard and fast.

"What the hell!?" Naruto shouted at Felix. "Take us back right now! I still have to help my friends."

"That is redundant gaki. The Jyuubi killed all of them." Felix said coldly. "We can't win anymore, and even if we did, there's not much left to save."

Naruto froze at the revelation and despair overtook him. First Neji, then Sasuke, and now everyone else precious to him. Shikimaru, Choji, Sakura, Sai, Ino, Kiba…so many others and especially Hinata. All dead. Gone. It was too much as Naruto broke into tears and sank to his knees.

"There is still something you can do though, something that can fix things." Naruto looked at Felix as he conjured a large scroll and unfurled it. "This seal will let you go back in time."

"What?" Naruto asked hardly daring to believe it. "How is that possible, and how far back?"

"It's a complicated seal that requires someone from the home dimension to activate, at least effectively. And you go back to the day you were born."

"So I can save my parents that day?" Naruto asked.

"No, you're bound to this world's time, meaning if I turned it back one year, you'd physically be one year younger. So you'll only be a baby. However, I'm not from this world, so turning back this one's time won't de-age me so I can help you with that."

"What do I do?" Naruto asked.

"Place your hand on the seal and pour some chakra into it. Your tenant should still have a little bit, so you should have enough."

"Wait, how do you know about that?"

"I took the liberty of viewing your memories while you were out. No more talking, Madara and Obito could find us at any minute. Hurry!"

Naruto nodded and placed his hand on the seal. "Guess this is goodbye Kurama, since you'll be in my mother's seal again."

"It was a pleasure knowing you Naruto."

Naruto sighed as the time seal activated and things went white again.

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