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Chapter 105: Battle on the Red Snow

Raizen's inexorable approach continued, over three hundred samurai corpses left behind him, all killed brutally, one of the more fearsome examples being when he tore the head off of one of them and casually threw it over his shoulder without even looking with enough force to punch right through another samurai's chest, armor and all.

He was about three quarters of the way to the summit when a kunai landed in front of him, a yellow, tri pronged one. He leapt back in time to avoid a Giant Rasengan from Minato as he teleported to the location of his kunai. "Well, looks like I will finally have a bit of a fight on my hands," Raizen stated in satisfaction.

Minato narrowed his eyes, and Itachi formed next to him out of crows. "Is this the one who killed Jiriaya?" Minato asked.

"Yes," Itachi replied. "But you have to stay calm. Rushing in blindly will not give you a hope in beating him."

"Exactly," Raizen said as the remaining thirty samurai that lived and were in condition to fight formed ranks.

"You guys better stay back," Minato warned them all. "This guy is incredibly powerful, and I would not think you guys could handle him. No offense, but the bodies littering the ground behind him should be a fair indication of your chances in a fight against him."

"We appreciate your concern, Hokage-San," the lead samurai stated in a tone that showed no fear as he leveled his blade at Raizen. "But our duty to defend our homeland will not allow us to stand idle, regardless of our chances."

"Well then, at the very least, wait for us to try to weaken him, and for reinforcements," Minato sighed.

Raizen chuckled, and got into a stance, only to dodge as a sand claw narrowly missed him, having lashed out from above, to his right. "Not bad, you knew to go for my blind spot," Raizen commented, looking up at the sand cloud Gaara had struck from. "But I was prepared for that."

He nearly ate his own words as Kankuro and Temari assaulted him from behind, Kankuro unsealing his Sasori puppet, equipped with a flamethrower, and Temari used her fan to fuel the flames to an inferno that Raizen only barely repelled in time. He was then struck in the small of his back by A, who used the distraction to dash behind Raizen with an elbow blow, but the armored man was unfazed, his dense titanium armor not making a good conductor of electricity. He turned to strike A, who jumped back, and then was almost pulled back to Raizen for another attempt to strike, but was saved when Raizen was distracted by an octopus tentacle wrapping around him. "Thanks B!" A shouted, though Raizen easily broke free. "You Uchiha, start using Amaterasu on this chump, and Yugito, start firing your Mouse Hairballs into the clouds!"

(OST Stalemate plays)

"Yes Sir!" Yugito called back, knowing that he fully planned on using the Twin Edge Storm Armor, from further up the path, and started to do so, while Itachi wordlessly activated his Mangekyo, and the black flames started to form on Raizen, who dodged, and rushed to B, who had gotten all seven of his swords out, and met him head on. Soon, despite Raizen seeming to gain the upper hand, B summoned all eight of his tails and wrapped Raizen, with Gaara lending some sand to coat the man the instant B let go, and Mei showed up, leaping into the air, casting fast hand seals. "Lava Style: Molten River Jutsu!" she shouted, seeming to coat the sand restrained Raizen in the lava, but with a burst of smoke, it was revealed he was a Shadow Clone.

"Not bad, but not good enough," Raizen said from behind her in the air, stabbing at her back with one of his oversized blades, but Chojuro had leapt up as well, and knocked the blade from above with Twinsword's hammer form, and the blade went down, missing the Mizukage, giving her time to turn in the air, and attack.

"Obsidian Style: Volcanic Spear Jutsu!" she shouted, forming a red hot glass like structure on her arm and stabbed, only for Raizen to easily avoid the attack and float in the air as she landed.

"So, someone here did put two and two together that your two Kekkei Genkai were a result of a Kekei Touta," Raizen mused. "Obsidian Style, the Kekkei Touta that comes from Fire, Water and Earth natures, fast to form, hot, and razor sharp, not costing much chakra, but fragile when the not sharp edge has a lot of pressure on it."

Mei frowned and cast a few more seals. "Vapor Style: Solid Fog Jutsu!" The corrosive mist headed for Raizen, who smirked and formed a few seals of his own. "Wind Style: Mist Removal!" He blew wind at the cloud, and dispersed it.

He paused as his surroundings started to become distorted, due to Ao casting a strong genjutsu on him, but he merely flexed his chakra and the genjutsu faded. Chojuro swung his sword again, but Raizne easily dodged, and threw Chojuro back with a blast of chakra. He turned to see a Rasenlance thrown at him by Minato, and he erased it with Sarutuhiko, before his armor burst into black flames.

He turned to Itachi, who was sending more and more Amaterasu attacks at him, and Raizen created several black holes to absorb the flames, and he turned to see Kurosuchi flying at him with her hands pointed at Raizen. "Dust Style: Atomic Dismantler Jutsu!" she shouted, glad that the seal on her cheek had disappeared a while ago, meaning that Zurui no longer had her bloodline. A cylinder of Dust Style rushed at Raizen, and he moved one of the black holes to absorb it.

"Earth Style: Mobile Earth Core!" Onoki shouted, and the ground Raizen was standing on rose, taking him out of reach of his defensive black spheres, and he turned to see A rushing at him, and slammed a kick in his chest, but he did not even flinch, instead grabbing A's leg and throwing the large man into a large boulder. He would have followed up on his assault, but several balls of diamond struck him in the back, cracking his armor though they shattered in the process, and making him stumble for a moment, giving Minato an opportunity to slam a Giant Rasengan into him, and throw him back, though his armor spared him damage, and Raizen skidded.

Just as he came to a stop, a sealing barrier sprung around him, and he punched at it, but found his hand simply phasing through, and reappearing from the border from behind him, thus resulting in him punching himself in the back of his head. "… I hate Space/Time Jutsu when it is used on me," he muttered.

Minato then warped to Gyuki, who had formed next to Matatabi, and they were both forming Bijuu Bombs. Raizen's eye widened as he realized what he intended. "Space/Time Transporting Barrier!" Minato shouted as the Bijuu Bombs were teleported right into the barrier that Raizen was trapped in, with the barrier expanding at the last instant to accommodate them.

(End OST)

BOOM! The Bombs went off, but the blasts were not only contained in the barrier, but any part of the explosion that hit the outer edges was teleported to the opposite side of the barrier, and sent back to the center so Raizen got the full effect of the blasts.

"I think we got him," Minato said as he searched the surroundings with his Sage senses, and sensed none of Raizen's chakra, the barrier and Bijuu chakra making it impossible to sense inside the barrier, but he at least confirmed that the Raizen in the barrier was the real one, and not a Shadow Clone.

"No, look," Itachi said as the Bijuu Bomb chakra stared to disappear as it was sucked into ten black holes that Raizen had created in haste, and the man laughed.

(OST Heavy Violence Plays)

"Not bad, not bad at all!" he shouted as the barrier was sucked into the black holes as well, him moving them to the edges. "Had I figured out your intent a fraction of a second later, I would not have been able to form these on time! But now it is my turn!"

He pulled the black holes back to him and used his power to levitate, setting the ten voids in orbit around his body. He then formed three more, and sent them at Minato, who had to Hiraishin away to escape their inexorable pull.

Raizen then moved the black holes to attack the two Bijuu, who cried out as the voids sucked out their chakra. Raizen's ability to control his black holes was suddenly hampered with as he felt a pull on him, forcing him to divide his attention, and release all of his holes to make them dissipate. He looked backwards and instantly understood as he saw Kankuro with the Sandaime Kazekage puppet. The clever bastard was using Magnetic Style on his armor. Onoki flew above him and formed a cube.

"Dust Style: Atomic Dismantler Jutsu!" he cried, and the cube expanded, Kankuro struggling to keep Raizen in place, but Raizen, being averse to the idea of becoming dust, had other ideas. He used a burst of gravity to throw Kankuro back, hard, into a rock, making him cough up blood and fall to the ground unconscious. This allowed Raizen to get out of the path of the cube of chakra.

"Kankuro!" Temari shouted as she unfolded her fan again and send a large gale of wind at Raizen, who crossed his arms as the wind blades struck him, but he was heavy enough thanks to his armor to avoid getting blown away, and the armor only took a few nicks from the assault of wind.

This was changed when she sent another gale of wind at the man, but this time several sand cannons formed in front of her with diamond balls fired at the exact moment of the wind being launched. This made it so that the diamond balls were moving at a faster velocity and knocked Raizen back a few feet, leaving a few dents in his armor. He snarled and struck them with bursts of gravity, but he was then hit by one of Gyuki's tails as B swung it down.

"Nice work B!" A said as he got out of the rubble of the boulder that Raizen had thrown him into. Before the jinchuriki could respond to his brother, the tail quivered and Raizen rose under it, having his arms wrapped around the tentacle. B was shocked when Raizen took a step and swung him, in Bijuu Mode, right off of his feet and used him as a club to smack Matatabi. Both Bijuu cried out and Raizen released the tail to let the Bijuu roll, and Minato had to Hiraishin Akatsuchi out of the way, lest he get crushed.

"Ow, that is hot!" B groaned as his skin in Gyuki's form burned where his side had struck Matatabi. "And that Raizen punk's guns pack quite the shot!"

"… I'm… sorry…" Matatabi said weakly.

"Earth Style: Boulder Launcher!" Akatsuchi shouted, stomping on the ground and sending a boulder at Raizen. Raizen however caught the projectile despite the weight, but Onoki saw that coming, and landed on it.

"Earth Style: Super Weighted Boulder Jutsu!" he shouted. Raizen grunted, but still managed to throw the boulder away, despite it making a huge crater.

"Never would have managed that without my gravity powers," Raizen admitted as Onoki used the Super Weighted Boulder Jutsu on a Stone Fist to strike at Raizen, who caught that. "Or maybe, two can plat at this game. Earth Style: Super Lightened Boulder Jutsu!"

Onoki's eyes widened as Raizen poured so much chakra in that it not only negated his Weighted Boulder Jutsu, but also made him much lighter than usual, right before Raizen blasted him away with a burst of gravity. Onoki yelped as he was sent spinning through the air at an insane speed, and was propelled quite a distance, an audible crack and screech as the force of his momentum took a toll on his back.

Itachi took the chance to attack Raizen from behind, then above, forming his Final Susanoo and stomping on the man with it, but Raizen lifted his hands up and caught the oversized foot and used a blast of gravity to throw Itachi right out of the Susanoo, and it dissolved.

Mifune slashed at Raizen from behind while the man had done this, but his blade only created sparks on Raizen's armor, and left a nick. Raizen turned around with lighting speed, and used gravity to hold Mifune down and swung at him, but Minato Hiraishinned the samurai away, followed by throwing a Blazing Rasenlance at Raizen, who dispersed it with Sarutuhiko, only to find that a second was thrown under the first, and he caught the drilling attack with both hands, straining to keep the point from sinking into his chest, before redirecting it at Kakashi with some effort, and Kakashi glared at the Rasenlance, and used Kamui to make it vanish, before another rift opened in front of Raizen, and he was impaled on the jutsu as it exited this one that time.

"Nice work Kakashi!" Minato shouted.

Raizen was carried with his eye open in shock on the jutsu, and was pinned to the wall by the burning lightning spear. He was then enveloped in smoke, and replaced by one of the samurai corpses.

"Substitution!" Minato cursed, looking for Raizen, who appeared behind Kakashi, and before the silver haired jonin could react, Raizen punched him in the back, sending him right through a boulder, and he did not reemerge. "Kakashi!" Minato shouted, before glaring at Raizen. "You bastard…" he growled, and cast seals to send a fire jutsu at Raizen, who moved out of the way fast.

A fully straightened as he looked up at the sky, where the clouds had started to crackle with lighting. "Perfect," he said as he braced himself. "Forbidden Lightning Style: Twin Edge Storm Armor!" Lightning came down and struck A, who absorbed the thunder as he roared with the power that surged through him.

Raizen turned just in time to block A's attack, and he grunted with the exertion as the force of the blow created a shockwave that blew away a lot of snow, and cracked the ground. A was shocked that Raizen was able to defend against the attack, but quickly followed up with several more blows that cracked Raizen's armor where he blocked each one, and the ground shook with each hit.

"Bro!" B shouted as he reverted to mostly human form, only keeping one arm in Gyuki's form, and dashed at Raizen from behind. "Double Lariat!" they both shouted, each one striking Raizen's neck, but before they could do any damage, he grabbed their arms by the wrist, and spun, flinging them away, and then extended his hand to disperse the blue fireball that Matatabi sent at him. Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi attacked his sides with Rock Fists on either side, but he went straight up, causing them to punch each other's fists, and he blasted them away with gravity, followed by Substituting himself with a stone to avoid Mei's Lava Style Attack. Chojuro was naturally on him in an instant, swinging his weapon and extending the blade, but eventually, Raizen caught the chakra of the blade in his hand, stopping the swing, and he smashed his fist into the side of Hiramekarei, breaking the blade into pieces.

Chojuro gaped, and so did Ao, who stopped in the midst of trying to put Raizen in a genjutsu. Raizen then grabbed the Kiri boy by the neck and slammed him into a rock, breaking the stone, and many bones in the poor kid's body, before moving to dodge several more attacks from Gaara.

The sand pursued him, and Kurotsuchi tried to take advantage of this by intercepting Raizen by flying in front of him, and firing a dust style cylinder at him, but he formed a black hole to absorb the attack, and she was forced to fly away as he sent it after her.

A then slammed his shoulder into Raizen, and gave Gaara the chance to partially restrain him, and he began whaling on Raizen's face, causing a part of his helmet to crack and fly away, revealing part of the left side of his face around his eye, but Raizen freed himself and slammed his fist into A's gut. A coughed up blood as he bent over double, shocked at how he was harmed through the Twin Edge Storm Armor, which had higher offensive and defensive power than his own father's Lightning Armor, despite the drawbacks of the use of natural lightning, with just a punch. Even Tsunade would not have been able to damage him to that degree with just that.

"What… the hell are you?!" A demanded, glaring up at Raizen.

"Far more than you could comprehend," Raizen said, bringing his elbow down on the back of A's head, followed by slamming his knee into A's face, knocking him up, and then he punched A in the cheek, starting to send A flying, but the Raikage's leg was grabbed, and Raizen swung him at a wall, carving out a large portion. A was then launched in a heap into another boulder.

"Jerk!" B shouted, not even trying to rhyme as he launched himself at Raizen, using all seven blades in a deadly dance, but Raizen's armor refused to take more than a few nicks and scratches, and B was knocked away by an elbow to the ribs.

Mifune, who had been analytically waiting for that moment, dashed in at high speed, and stabbed at the part of Raizen's face A had exposed. Raizen spotted the attack just in time, and moved so the sword only cut into his cheek slightly, and Mifune bit back a curse as he was flung back with gravity.

Then Matatabi made an attempt to eat Raizen, only to be sent spinning through the air with a very powerful burst of gravity, though this drained Raizen for a second, seeming to leave him vulneral to attack, and Minato tried to capitalized by throwing a kunai and flashing to it, striking at Raizen with a Sage Mode Giant Rasengan, but Raizen dispelled it with his eye, causing Minato's hand to only slam into his breastplate, which while still a strong hit due to Sage Mode, failed to move Raizen an inch, and Raizen kneed Minato hard in the face, making him disappear in smoke, showing that he was a Shadow Clone.

Moving fast, the real Minato made several more Shadow Clones, each of them forming Rasenshurikens, and looked at Itachi, who nodded and set them ablaze with Amaterasu. "Scorch Style: Halo Gale Jet Black Arrow Style Zero Barrage!" Minato shouted as each of the blazing wind shuriken were launched at Raizen from different angles.

(End OST)

"I'm almost too shocked by the absurdity of that name to do anything about the attack," Raizen said as he flew up to avoid the majority of the attack, sucking the remaining Rasenshuriken into a few black holes.

"He has a point," Itachi said to Minato, who had a shadow over his face as he slumped, depressed.

"Not one of my better ones that's for sure," he admitted. "I never was good at naming techniques, they always sounded ridiculous."

"The Rasengan was a fine name for your prize jutsu," Itachi consoled him.

"Actually, Jiraiya named it, after he stomped down "Ultimate Super Spinning Heavenly Blue Orb of Total Devastation,"" Minato admitted, and Itachi looked at him in a deadpan.

"As bad as lying is supposed to be, my opinion of you would have been so much higher if you had kept that to yourself," Itachi said.

"If you two are done, it is my turn," Raizen interrupted, sending the black holes at Itachi and Minato, forcing the man to flash them way. "I think it is time to end this," Raizen said, flying up and unsealing thousands of his oversized blades.

"Shit!" Itachi shouted, recognizing what was about to happen.

"Endless Descending Blade Graveyard!" Raizen shouted, and the swords all started to fall at a rapid rate, and the shinobi and samurai below watched as the blades came down at them.

Crashes rang throughout the area, rocks being flung all around, and kicking up dust that obscured the entire battlefield and tore up the path to the summit. "Now then," Raizen said, crossing his arms. "Let's see who was able to survive that…"

(OST Hurricane Suite plays)

He was surprised though when he saw enough of the dust clear to get a good look at the battlefield. With Onoki and Kurosuchi missing, the former being flung far off, and the latter still trying to shake a black hole, they had been safe, but everyone else should have been in the line of fire.

That was indeed the case. But every single person was inside their own personal barrier seal, as a result of the sealing matrix on the ground originating from the kunai in front of each person. "What in… that many barrier seals from you Minato Namikaze?" Raizen asked the man in shock. "Surely even you couldn't have shielded all of them! The blades would have broken through the barriers if you had to divide your chakra to over forty different people, even with Sage Mode!"

"You're right," Minato admitted, looking up at the man. "If they were classic barriers, shielding that many from an attack of that caliber would have been beyond me. But these… were my Guided Redirection Space/Time Barrier Seals. Similar to that special barrier that redirected what struck the inside of the barrier to prevent escape, these defend the ones inside by transporting the attack rather than taking the brunt of it. Where you may ask?" Minato said, before he smirked and pointed at Raizen, who looked down to see a seal on his breastplate, where Minato's Shadow Clone hit him earlier.

"…Fuck," Raizen said as a tear appeared in front of him and he was hit by a barrage of his own blades that poured from the portal and was slammed to the ground and peppered by blade after blade that he tried to hold back with hasty gravity manipulation. Dust was kicked up and the Minato made a Shadow Clone, forming a Rasenshuriken with fire and lightning elements added.

"Ready Itachi?" Minato asked the Uchiha next to him, who nodded and Minato hurled the jutsu at where Riazen was occupied with defending against his own attack. Itachi glared at the jutsu, and black flames were added to supplement it as it raced at Raizen.

The man, having his hands extended, turned his head to see the deadly attack racing at him, and his eye shifted into Eternal Mangekyo. "Sarutuhiko!" he cried, and the attack disappeared. Only to reveal a second hidden in the shadow of the first. His eye widened as the jutsu hit and expanded rapidly, the blades catching fire as they fell at Raizen, who was no longer able to concentrate on redirecting them.

The jutsu faded, and the tear closed, having run out of blades that hit the barrier seals. "Did… did we do it?" Itachi asked.

(End OST)

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A bit of both, some of my own ideas, and what I can bring from canon.

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That too, but I also have a lot of other stuff going on, more hours with my job due to Summer, needing to spend more time at home to weed on occasion, costing me days off, and RPing in most of my free time.

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Hope it met your expectations!

So, the latest chapters with it turning out that it is not just DNA that awakens the Rinnegan, but also the chakra of Ashura and Indra that awakens the Rinnegan, which is Kishi inadvertently solidifying my basis for Naruto getting his Rinnegan, so thanks for that! It also complicates one of my other plans, but I can work around that.

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