Word Prompt: Panic

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know Esme picked a pretty casual restaurant so a dress and leggings will be fine," Rosalie told me over the phone after I had called in a panic over what to wear. It wasn't every day that I went out to dinner with my boyfriend's aunt, and I wanted to impress her a little. The last time I saw her I was covered in bruises and stuck in a hospital bed, though I still had a few bruises.

"Okay, cool, and you're picking me up in an hour right?" I clarified just to make sure I wouldn't be running later. Rosalie told me yes and we got off the phone.

Alice was in the room and already pulling out a combo for me to wear. I had already showered and was now trying to get it to do something beyond lay flat.

"Let me," Alice offered as I sat down to let her work.

Thursday's were a busy day for me with classes so I had to rush back from my last class to get ready and I felt a little off balance, of course, the cast wasn't helping. A few more days and I'd be in the walking boot, and I never thought I'd be looking forward to that day, but I was.

Things with Edward had turned for the best after Monday night and it seemed like a weight had somehow been lifted off of him. When I saw him Wednesday he was far happier and even more touchy feely than normal. I wasn't sure exactly what had gotten into him, but I wasn't going to complain and he actually did seem excited that I was going out with Rose and Esme. When I asked about meeting his mom he sort of shrugged and said he felt she was taking his dad's side so he was in no rush. Fearing a slip from his happy attitude I didn't press any further and knew I'd eventually have to meet them, hopefully later rather than sooner.

Alice had managed to curl half of my hair while putting up the other half, though getting the dress over my head took a little bit of work so none of the pins got snagged. I couldn't wait until I didn't have to stretch all of my leggings to fit over a cast and wondered how many I'd have to replace by the end of all my leg drama. Once I went into the walking boot I knew I'd be looking at physical therapy at least once or twice a week and I was not looking forward to that part.

I decided on light make-up and tossed Alice my phone once I was done so she could take a picture. I did a cheesy smile and then texted it to Edward. He was doing something with the ASP pledges tonight so I didn't expect an immediate reply, but my cell phone still alerted a few seconds later.

'Have Rose drop you off at the house when you're done. Love you, you look gorgeous as always.-Edward'

'Love you too, don't kill any pledges tonight.-Bella'

'I'll try.-Edward'

"You look awesome Bella, if I do say so myself," Alice said with a smug attitude. I tried not to roll my eyes, but I couldn't help it. I definitely looked a little more polished than normal, but it would make my mom proud at least.

Things with my parents had definitely changed after they went back to Forks. I did start talking to them more often and it was nowhere near as stressful because I was no longer hiding a huge secret. My mom had even asked about how things were going and that was huge.

When Rosalie showed up a bit later I used my crutches to get out to her car, but was surprised when she had Edward's Volvo.

"Figured you'd prefer the space," she said without me asking, and I just nodded. It looked like I'd have to go to the ASP house regardless so they could switch vehicles back. "So, don't be nervous, Esme really is awesome."

"I'm not nervous per say," I tried to explain though I wasn't really sure how to explain my nerves. "I think I'm more anxious, she seemed really nice when I met her in the hospital."

"She's a doll," Rose announced, "I clicked with her the first time I met her and spent more time at their house in high school than I did at my own."

"They were pretty open parents then?" I asked wondering what that would be like. If a guy came over my dad pretty much had a gun locked and loaded.

"I don't necessarily think of them as open, blissfully naïve maybe? They didn't ask questions, but I know Emmett would get lectures on wrapping it as his dad would say," she informed me with a laugh. "I never had to sit through those talks, thankfully."

"Yeah, that would have been awkward as hell," I agreed with her.

"Besides, protection and all that is pretty much common sense," she brushed off and I just shrugged. I didn't exactly have to worry about that anytime soon so I didn't see the need to comment. "It is common sense, right, Bella?"

"Of course," I finally answered her, "Just not a current priority of mine."

"What?" she snapped and I realized she had assumed way too much with this conversation.

"We don't need it," I replied cryptically without blatantly saying I hadn't slept with her boyfriend's cousin.

"Oh," she said a lot quieter that time, "Oh, you mean, oh wow. Okay, never mind."

"I like the never mind part of that sentence," I agreed and let the subject drop moments before she parked in front of a small café in downtown Seattle.

Esme was already waiting inside for us as the hostess showed us to the table.

"Bella, dear, thank you for coming," she greeted me with a hug that I eagerly returned.

"Thank you for inviting me," I returned as we took our seats.

"Of course, I can't tell you how excited I am that you agreed to come. I think of Edward more like a son than a nephew, so getting to know you is very important to me," she relayed as I smiled.

"I'm glad to know I've been replaced," Rosalie interjected with a laugh as Esme rolled her eyes.

"As if you're replaceable, Rosalie," Esme brushed off with an eye roll, "Besides, if we got rid of you, who would put up with Emmett? There isn't another woman on this planet that can keep him in check like you, my dear."

"Very true," Rosalie agreed.

Watching her act so young was slightly amusing and getting to know her was also a treat. She asked about the town I grew up in, what my parents did, and how I liked Seattle and the UW campus. Rosalie and I talked about some sorority stuff, and that was when I learned Esme was a Tri-Delta sister when she was in college. I asked Rosalie if that had any influence on why she chose it and she was in between.

Our waitress was very attentive with our drinks and our appetizer didn't take too long before it hit the table, but right as Esme went to hand me one of the plates next to her, her hand froze. With my cast it was hard to look behind me, but I managed to see what had drawn her attention so quickly.

If it wasn't for the hair I would have never realized who she was so fast, but even with a pleasant smile on her face, I still heard Esme huff under her breath as she neared.

"Elizabeth, I didn't know we were expecting you," Esme greeted her sister-in-law with a bright smile that was less than genuine.

"Oh, well, I didn't expect to see you here, I saw Edward's car and figured I'd catch him," she lied like a true lawyer. I knew for a fact Edward had talked to his mother yesterday and had told her he had a pledge event. "Is there any room for me? You must be Bella," she greeted as she turned to me.

"I am," I replied though I made no move to get up or really greet her.

"You don't seem happy to see me dear," her eyes narrowed as the words tumbled from her mouth.

"I don't really care if you stay or not, but you're taking the heat from your son. You knew he wasn't here tonight so I'm not sure why you bothered lying about it," I spoke confidently and meant every word I said.

"Well, you are a feisty one are you not," she mused with a smirk.

"Not really, I just dislike liars," I corrected with a smile.

"Since you're here anyway, just sit down before you cause more of a scene Liz," Esme finally interjected and Elizabeth took the seat next to her. She then called the waitress over to order a Mimosa.

When I looked over at Rosalie I wasn't sure how to read her face. She seemed surprised, if not a bit shocked, but I wasn't sure why; maybe my outburst at my potential future mother-in-law or Elizabeth's audacity to invite herself to our dinner.

"So, tell me about yourself Bella," Elizabeth prompted as I just stared on. "Surely you're not going to be rude to me the entire time I'm here are you?"

"What exactly do you want to know?" I asked before taking a bit of the spinach dip we had ordered for an appetizer.

"Well, I know you're in school here and that you're from a small town a few hours away, but that is about it," she explained. "How about your major, what is that?"

"Psychology," I answered and took another bite. I didn't offer up any other details and waited for the next question.

"What do your parents do?" Elizabeth asked next.

"My mom is a psychiatrist, my father is the police chief of our town," I replied; again, not offering anything else up.

"Where do you see yourself in ten years?" She smirked a little expecting me to spill all of my hopes and aspirations, but two could play this game.

"Married, pregnant, buying a house, and being in practice," I responded and Esme stifled a laugh as Rosalie just stared on.

"You should be a lawyer," Elizabeth remarked.

"I'll pass," I immediately snapped while keeping the smile on my face.

"Elizabeth, I didn't invite the poor girl out for a round of twenty questions," Esme interrupted though Elizabeth didn't take her eyes off me.

"Well, I don't understand why you get to invite her places, and I can't," Elizabeth challenged, but Esme didn't reply.

"Stop choosing the wrong side," I answered the obvious question as she blinked at me in surprise.

In truth, I wasn't sure where my confidence was coming from. I was traditionally known as a people pleaser, but something about Elizabeth crashing our dinner just pissed me off. She knew Edward was upset with her, she knew he wasn't here tonight, and yet I somehow felt like she was trying to get close to me to get closer to him. What she probably wasn't counting on was the fact that she was as transparent as a window and I wasn't budging. If Edward wasn't ready to bring me home to meet his parents yet, I wasn't going to be the one to force his hand.

"Maybe I should just go," Elizabeth offered and while Esme opened her mouth, I assumed to brush her off, I beat her to it.

"I think that's a good idea," I agreed. "I don't mean to be rude, but your son obviously has his reasons for why he turned your dinner invite down. I'm not going to let you use me to try and earn his forgiveness and I'm certainly not going to knowingly go against his wishing. Whether you like me or hate me, I love your son, and I care very deeply about his feelings and how he's treating. It was disrespectful to him to show up tonight, and not only have you put me in a very awkward position; you'll now have him to answer to as well."

Elizabeth huffed, but didn't say another word before leaving. I could see that she wanted to, hell, I still had things I would have loved to say, but I didn't. I was also pretty certain that I would never have a good relationship with his parents, but if he didn't care about that, I didn't need to either.

When I looked over at Rosalie her mouth was wide open and Esme's facial expression wasn't much better. The waitress chose that moment to come up with our food, and I was dying to dig in. I hadn't had much to eat at lunch and I was starving.

"Bella," Rosalie started and I looked over at her. "I don't even know what to say to that."

"What?" I questioned like it was nothing, even though I knew it wasn't.

"She has always scared me," she admitted and I smirked.

"What have they done now?" Esme asked, and I shrugged. Again, where did the line get drawn between privacy and family information?

"His dad doesn't like his career choice, but I don't think that is new," I replied without giving away much detail.

"That's an understatement," Rosalie commented as Esme nodded in agreement.

"Carlisle said he was applying locally for medical school?" she questioned, and I nodded. "Well, that's probably it. I love my husband, but his brother is just, well he's just something."

As we started eating our meals our conversation slowly started to shift away from Elizabeth and more onto different things coming up. Of course, homecoming was around the corner and while I'd have a walking boot, there was no way I was missing all of the events. Edward had officially asked me to be his date to the ASP semi-formal they were holding in downtown the night of the game and I was excited to dress up. Of course, several of the Tri-Delta sister's would be in attendance too so I knew I'd know a lot of people there. They had the Four Seasons rented out along with quite a few hotel rooms.

Esme said her goodbyes to us at Rosalie's car and made a point to give me her number in case I ever wanted to call and chat. She also told me that I had a standing invite whenever she and Rose got together and that I needed to visit the house soon.

Once in Rosalie's car, I made a comment about dropping me off at the ASP house.

"Are you trying to get to him before Elizabeth does?" Rosalie asked, but I said no.

"No, he asked when I texted him a picture of my outfit if I'd come over," I informed her. "But, I guess it would help if I got to him first. I'm pretty sure I've screwed any chance of her liking me, but at least I'll have Esme, right?"

"I'm still not sure what to say to any of that. On one hand, yes, you probably did, but on the other, her face was priceless. I have never seen Elizabeth at a loss for words and she's normally the nicer of the two. However, if you can handle Elizabeth like that, I have no doubts you'll put Senior in his place soon," she hedged, but I really wasn't looking forward to meeting him. "And, you better make sure I'm there when you do."

"Enough about tonight, is a black cocktail dress okay for the semi-formal?" I asked.

"Eh, yes, but you may want to go a tad bit dressier. Not like ball gown formal, but all of the guys will be in ties and slacks, and you'd look better in blue," she replied, and I nodded.

"Dress shopping it is," I announced more to myself than her.

"We can go this weekend if you want, I actually need a new dress too," she replied, and I agreed, and figured we'd invite Alice too. "Plus we need to get supplies for next week, we have a different theme for everyday of spirit week."

"So, true," I agreed.

It wasn't long before we were walking up to the ASP door. The guys had just wrapped up their own event so I waited for Edward with Rosalie, even though Emmett was already down talking to us.

"She crashed your dinner?" Emmett seemed surprised and I nodded. Edward came around the corner obviously oblivious to our conversation so I figured Rosalie could fill Emmett in while I talked to Edward.

"Hey, babe," he whispered in my ear before pulling me in for a tight hug.

"You two are so darn…" Emmett tried to finish, but I shot him a glare. "You're right, maybe not today. Oh, Edward before I forget, had dad talked to you?"

"No, why?" he asked, and for a second I was confused until I realized Emmett meant Carlisle not Edward's dad.

"He's off Sunday," Emmett announced like that meant something.

"What time?" Edward questioned with a slight groan behind his voice.

"Nine thirty, brunch after, just the usual," he explained like I had any idea what the hell they were talking about. Rosalie groaned when Emmett said the time, so I knew she knew what the hell was going on, but I'd ask Edward later.

"Alright," Edward agreed before they said goodbye and walked off.

Once they were gone, he leaned down to give me a quick kiss.

"How was dinner?" he asked as I smiled brightly.

"Can you leave?" I questioned ignoring his question.

"Yes, why?" He eyed me suspiciously.

"Because I want to go back to my place," I replied as his eyes narrowed.

"Bella, how did dinner go with my aunt?" Edward asked a little more forcefully.

"Dinner with your aunt was wonderful," I told him honestly, and he sighed a bit in relief. "Dinner with your mom was really awkward though. So, my place?"

I'm still tired, but it's looking like an all nighter. If the grammar sucks, well, I wrote it in like an hour and I suck at editing that quickly after. Hope you enjoy it :)