Word Prompt: Siren

"Bella," my mom approached me as Edward left the kitchen and towards wherever my dad was. I was sure Edward knew where he was going. When I looked over at my mom I could see a look of worry and maybe even some doubt. I knew the upcoming conversation was really a long one coming, but it didn't make it any easier. I wanted to be strong enough to fend off the nightmares and anxiety without having to wave the white flag of help. I didn't want help, even now, even though I knew that I needed it, I didn't want to feel like a failure and yet, that is exactly what this felt like.

I didn't even answer her; I simply sat down at the table and waited for her to say something. First, she pushed over a mug filled with steaming hot chocolate giving me the sure fire answer that she was waiting to bombard me the second I walked in. All of our talks, even when I was little on up to my days in high school, always started with hot chocolate.

"What is troubling you?" she asked point blank, though her tone showed concern I could almost see her shift from mother to doctor before my eyes.

"I didn't appreciate your comment last night," I began quietly before taking a sip out of my mug. "I had news to share, you were right about that, but you jumping to that accusation stunned me and I couldn't regain my bearings."

"That isn't like you," she noted. "I've never seen you react quite like that before and then again outside, this is more than an accusation. Which, I do apologize for. I guess it was more of my fears talking, and I shouldn't have said it. I know you're smart enough to be responsible."

"Yes I am," I agreed with the raise of my eyebrow. "But, you're right, there is more." My voice trailed off as I stalled. "I'm moving in with Edward over the summer. I plan to come to Forks for a week, maybe two, but otherwise, I'll be in Seattle."

"I know," she told me as my eyes snapped from my drink to her.

"Edward spoke to your father last night, he was quite candid. I may have listened in a little," she brushed off with a shrug.

"I see," I replied. "You're reacting better than I thought you would."

"Well, you're not pregnant and that was my actual fear," she retorted. "To be honest, I'm not thrilled. I think you're both very young and a little more serious than I'd like. I think Edward is an amazing guy, and there is no in doubt that, but I fear that you're going to lose some of your youth as a result of how fast things have gone. I also fear that you'll become stuck in a relationship that seems perfect, but may not truly be what you want for the rest of your life," she tried to keep going, but pause as I opened my mouth to rebut. "Hush, Bella, I'm not done. Now, like I was saying, I fear things, but I'm your mother and it's my job to worry. But, with that worry, also comes trust. So, while I'm not happy that my nineteen year old daughter is going to be living with her boyfriend for the summer, I also have to trust that she knows what she's doing, and trust that if she realizes the path she's on isn't the one she wants that she'll have the strength to step off even if it's hard. I like Edward, I'd like to see him stick around, but you're nineteen Bella and you don't have all the answers in your life. So, I'm reacting how I'm supposed to, not how I want to. If this were marriage, I would be far more vocal."

As she finished talking, I realized what I was going to say in defense of her words was no longer valid. And, while a small part of me rejoiced in the fact that she wasn't going to scream and throw a huge hissy fit, the other part of me wanted to know where the catch laid; because with my mother, there was always a catch.

"You're rather quiet now, Bella," my mother interrupted my internal thoughts as I looked up. "You look very deep in thought and you're probably wondering when the other shoe will drop, so let me drop it for you now. While you are under Edward's roof, your allowance will be gone. Your tuition, sorority fees, food, and books will continued to be paid for out of your college account, your monthly allowance will remain until the summer. After that, it will not resume until you're back on campus, and that goes for any other summer or length of time you decide to live together in the future."

"Okay," I accepted, though her catch wasn't all that bad. In fact, it was far easier than I was expecting it to be.

"Now, onto the matter of your car, are you ready for a new one?" she asked as I froze. I didn't realize that we had gotten away from what I wanted to talk about by talking about what we needed to talk about.

"I don't know," I replied nervously. "I haven't even attempted driving sinceā€¦"

"Edward may have touched on that, he said you were having nightmares?" she asked, this time her voice had come down a few notches and for a brief second I saw more of my mother and less of the doctor who was technically my mother.

I nodded my head and looked down, the visions from the night before still fresh in my head. Logically, I knew it was a dream, but as I burned in the car; unable to move free and yet unable to wake up, all I could do was scream about a baby that didn't even exist. It didn't even occur to me that I was crying until a tear dropped onto my hand.

"Bella, you know it's normal," she tried to explain, but I cut her off.

"I know, I know," I hushed her. "But, I hate this." More tears fell down my cheeks as I set my mug down and covered my face with my hands.

My mother stood up from her chair and started to rub my back. It was a small gesture, but I appreciated it.

"Maybe now isn't the best time to talk," she suggested. "It's my understanding that you didn't get much sleep, maybe try lying down for a few hours. We can talk later, but this isn't finished."

"I'll try," I conceded and stood from the chair. She gave me a quick hug before I took off upstairs.

Even though my body felt like lead once I hit my bed, my mind took it's time drifting off to sleep.

I wasn't sure how long I was out before I felt the bed dip beside me. I vaguely remembered moving towards the heat but it didn't occur to me that Edward was in my bed until I opened my eyes. I glanced at the clock to reveal most of the afternoon had been slept away as Edward slept quietly by my side.

Panic set in when I realized my parents were probably home, my dad was going to freak, and my mom was going to lecture. I jostled Edward lightly and whispered for him to wake up.

"What's wrong?" he asked with sleep laced through his voice.

"You're in my room," I stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "My parents are going to flip."

Edward sat up with a start and then shook his head. "Wait, wait, no, it's okay. Your dad said I could," he corrected, though he almost sounded confused.

"Wait, what?" I stuttered.

"Yeah on the drive to the store, he said if it would help you sleep and you were having a nightmare when I got in here so I lied down," he answered as I just blinked.

"You're not kidding?" I questioned in shock.

"No," he replied and lied back down to stretch his back. I rolled back over and placed my head on his chest. As his arms circled me I sighed at the warmth and security I felt.

"This has got to be the weirdest trip to date," I stated and I felt Edward's chest move as he chuckled.

"Did your talk go okay?" he asked as I shrugged and moved to sit up on my elbow.

"We didn't really talk about my nightmares," I relayed to him. "I mean, we started talking about the summer and I was so tired, I honestly may have been slurring. She said we'd talk more though."

"Just tell me when I need to be scares," he told me as his hand came up to brush some hair out of my face. I leaned down to kiss him and wanted so badly to deepen it, but I knew it would only serve in getting us in trouble.

"Thank you," I whispered as I pulled away.

Edward's cell phone sounded a second later as I rolled over to grab it off my nightstand. His face scrunched up and I asked him what it was.

"My mom," he replied and flipped his keyboard out to text something before stalling as he looked over at me. "She wants a head count for dinner."

"Ah," I said with a nod. Edward still hasn't decided whether or not he wanted me to come when he and his mom celebrated Christmas. I had told him I didn't favor either side and would leave the decision up to him. His fingers flew a few seconds later and he hit send before flipping the screen in my direction.

'There will be two of us for dinner.'

I raised my eyebrow at him as he shrugged with a smirk.

"I think it's time for you to start coming with me," he defended as I nodded.

"Yeah, I guess it is," I agreed before rolling out of bed to face my parents after sleeping the day away with Edward.

This was going to be awkward.

Thank you for all the kinds words for Waynesville, slowly-very, very slowly, the water has been going down and people have been able to get back in to assess the damage. It's bad, many, many homes lost, even casualties ( a 23 year old mom was on her way to drop her 4 year old off at daycare and got caught in the floods, they didn't make it)...etc.

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