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"There has been more violence in the lower districts. Though these have always been particularly ..brutal, they have become insufferable." The young snowy haired Taicho began, the weary and tiredness clearly heard in his voice. Not a minute had passed that he set foot in Seireitei again before he was rushed off to a captain's meeting.

"Lieutenant Matsamoto could no longer accompany me in the investigation below districts 74. After verification of these districts brutality, we stumbled upon something disturbing. Uninhabited portions of the Soul Society have begun to decay and completely vanish. Though no one lives there, these pieces of land are used for crops and the like." Toshiro Histsugaya stiffly reported after returning from a long investigation in the Rukon.

"Decay and vanishing? Our sensors would have picked something of this magnitude up immediately." Mayuri defended. His crazy deep blue hair enhancing his insanity complexion, especially as it seemed to puff up in anger.

"Apparently not." Toshiro bit out irritated. Rangiku sighed and discreetly placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

Though the appearance that they did not see eye to eye, the women had always been like a mother figure to Toshiro and it calmed him enough to have her near him. The group of assembled Taicho and Fuka-Taicho waited for the boy to settle down before continuing in his report.

"We retrieved samples of decaying spiritual energy from those areas. The ones which have vanished are empty space, I did not want to risk any lives exploring these areas." Toshiro sighed from a mixture of exhaustion and not wanting to deal with the man's attitude, and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb.

"Very well Histsugaya-Taicho, report acknowledged." Sou-Taicho said quickly, as to let the tired and irate captain and lieutenant rest if only for a bit until the meeting was over.

"Kurotsuchi-Taicho, you and your lieutenant are to continue the investigation of these decaying and vanished parts of Soul Society and determine why this is occurring." Sou- Taicho Yamamaoto Genriyu ordered. Though not letting any show, his concern for the matter was instantaneous.

"Hai Taicho." Mayuri begrudgingly replyed.

"Nothing has been reported from Las Noches?" A curious captain called out. Nemu Kurotsuchi, who had been in charge of surveying Hueco Mundo stepped forward, her ever-present stiff and formal attitude well in place.

"Of the small group of shinigami sent to monitor Hueco Mundo and Las Noches, nothing abnormal has been reported. Also the matter of the missing Espada has remain the same; none of the missing 6 bodies have been located, dead or alive. Also the body of Gin Ichimaru is still missing as well." Her quiet, yet steely calm voice rung out, commanding attention.

"What about the World of the Living? No abnormalities have been reported?" Yamamoto continued with his detached attitude.

"No Sou Taicho," Sasakibe, first squad lieutenant, began his report on the World of the Living, moving forward with a set of papers in his hands.

"The Kurosaki twins, Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki have taken over protection of Kurkara town. They use Ichigo Kuroskai's, their brother, substitue shinigami badge and are now the sole protectors of the town, taking over their brother's position. Kiskue Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, and Tessai Tsukabishi have remained in charge of Urahara shouten."

"So I assume, since the brat's sisters are in charge, nothing has been heard of my specimen?" Mayuri asked, though seeming harsh and the tone a bit biting, the tiniest undertone of concern was there along with the uncharacteristic cross of the arms over his chest. Though for the loss of his beloved 'specimen' or for the boy himself unclear.

"No, Ichigo Kurosaki has not been mentioned in any of the reports received from the Living World. Without either reiatsu or spiritual pressure, the young man cannot be monitored; he has remained human." Sasakibe answered solemnly. His face moving to glance up at Yamamoto, fore he was the one who knew the old Taicho's secret; then quickly moved to stare at the floor, arms tightening over his chest.

At the mention of their Savior the room fell silent, the Taicho and Fuka-Taicho shifting uncomfortably, sad faces filled the void of silence as they grieved for their friend. Byakuya showed no sign of outer disturbance, but on the inside he cringed at the mention of the center of his infatuation.

Though he did gaze at the floor, deep in thought. His heart clenched painfully. His usually calm posture, which made him at all times to look regal and king like, tensed. His face tightening further into it's disapproving frown at all who saw it. The mention of the boy had his mind reeling and he was now more than ever, detached from whatever else was said at the meeting.

The meeting soon was dismissed, no one wanting to speak any longer as the Taichos and Fuka-Taichos went separate ways. The sky was already darkened, and Byakuya headed to his manor and thoughts of Ichigo Kurosaki filled him.

Memories of the young man's attitude, his prowess, boldness, strength, determination, loyalty; all his good points and the flaws that plagued him. His stubbornness, hotheadedness, the way he thought of others before himself to the point of self sacrifice, the way he wore his heart on his sleeve. But they all could be considered good points as well, which is what made him so irresistible to the stoic Taicho.

He tried forcing the bold, bright headed man from his thoughts only to have him crawl back in, engraving himself there even more. Not needing to mention, the Taicho was plagued that night, just like all other nights, of dreams of orange hues and a sea of burning amber eyes.

Chapter 1-

Ichigo Kurosaki, the hero of the winter war, the savior of the soul society. Ichigo scoffs at his thoughts. He stands from his bed and leaves the house with knowing glances from Karin and Yuzu.

Even my sisters have more power than I do now. Who am I kidding, they're already to lieutenant level. They are the ones who protect the town now.

Ichigo finally makes his way to his favorite spot by the river to sulk. After losing his powers in the winter war against Aizen, that's all he can do. He can no longer see ghosts like he used to, he cannot see the shinigami or his own family when they are in that form.

It has been a year and he has been leading his human life once again, much to his despair. He has already graduated high school(obviously), and even his friends are moving on. Orihime and Uryu left for Tokyo together, they had gotten together when Uryu protected Orihime in Hueco Mundo after Ichigo left to save the town.

Chad has settled down in Karakura , not taking care of hollows unless he is extremely near and no one else has taken care of it. He has come to check on Ichigo occasionally but hasn't stopped by in a few months. Last time they had spoken he told Ichigo that he had found a nice girl and was thinking of getting serious.

Rukia and Renji, he has no idea how they would be doing. He hopes that Renji has finally man-ed up enough to tell Rukia how he felt after the war.

Ichigo hasn't gone to see Urahara since the end of Aizen, seeing him would no doubt bring many memories, the painful kind and reminders that he could no longer protect anyone anymore.

Ichigo pulls himself from his stupor and hauls himself from the ground. He has lived in this human facade long enough, and he is tired of being protected and of being miserable. The human way may had been his life before the shinigami, but now this was the other world.

This was the strange and boring monotonous life.

He may have lost his powers, but not the fire that had consumed everything that stood in his path from the time Rukia was to be executed to after the war. He headed off to the abandoned warehouse that the visords left when they were requested to return to the Soul Society, and left it there.

He will not be helpless any longer, his determination had returned.

*6 months later- In Soul Society*

Byakuya is standing before the head captain in another boring meeting. Though on the outside he look attentive, stoic and serious; in his mind he is ready to claw his brain out just for something to do. The beginning of the meeting was to appoint Renji to the captain of the Third squad. But that was the only highlight, now they are discussing a influx of hollows in the human world.

"There was a spike in reiatsu that the night shift picked up on." Mayuri informed Sou-Taicho a little giddily.

"Was it one of the remaining Espada?" Sou-Taicho asked opening one of his eyes, his fist slightly tightening on his cane with silent hope it was the very opposite and it had been Ichigo.

"No it was not that of an Espada, but it was insanely powerful. I would love to conduct experiments on whatever this is." Mayuri continued wringing his hands together with a gleam in his eyes.

Byakuya's hearted skipped at hearing that news. No one in the world of the living was powerful enough for Mayuri to call insanely powerful, NO ONE. His hope sky rocketed, if only for a brief second as his childish behavior caught ahold of him. He quickly extinguished the tiny flame within his heart, and reprimanded himself for skipping to conclusions.

"First I think it is wise we investigate what it is. For all we know it might be Kisuke Urahara and a new invention. Kuchiki-Taicho will be sent to the Living World and report the source of this new reiatsu. Speed is of the essence Kuchiki-Taicho, I expect a report within the next three days, understood?"

"Hai Sou-Taicho" Byakuya replied immediately, but slightly irritated that he was chosen. Not for the fact of the Living World itself, nor the people in it, but for fear of disappointment.

"What new news is there from the Rukon investigation?"

"Nothing sir. The lower levels are now almost barren, barley anything can survive."

The meeting is dismissed and the Taichos leave; all congratulating Renji on his promotion on the way out of the hall. The only vacant spot being the 9th squad, seeing that no other visords wanted to return to the ranks except Shinji Hirako and Hyrori as the 5th squad captain and lieutenant. The rest were very content in the large house supplied to them so they could stay in their 'pack' (*apparently being a hollow thing).

"Well, I hope this trip won't be a total waste of time." Byakuya sighs as he steps through the Senkaimon. Already prepared to bring back the news that it was indeed Kisuke Urahara and not, in fact, Ichigo.