A few drabbles and short encounters between characters who might never meet (or have very limited encounters and I'd like to expand on them) in the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Universe. I apologize over having never read the books but I've tried to stay in character as much as possible. That being said, the Game of Thrones/ A song of Ice and Fire universe is owned by George R.R. Martin I am nothing but a fan and take nothing I write seriously.

1. Dolorous Edd and Cersei Lannister

On a cool summer's night an elegant lady with hair as golden as the sun finds herself at the humble bar of an inn drinking away her misery.

"The Gods delight in watching me suffer." she says to herself continuing to sip from her wine glass.

A thin man dressed in black with a dour disposition in hearing this approaches the woman.

"Aye you two then, my name's Edd by the way?" The man responds
The woman stares at him confused and before she can tell the man kindly to mind his own business he continues to ramble on.

"I'll tell you this it ain't good thinking' 'bout them Gods. All they ever really do is lounge about asking for worship, then they piss all over you. Greedy, lot I say."

Amused by the statement, the lady finds nothing wrong with furthering the discussion.
"Tell me why is it a woman shouldn't rule?" she asks him, pondering over her disdain in her husband's inefficiency.

"Aye, man, woman, rat, it's the same thing in the end, someone's bound to ruin us all." He responds in both a spiteful and depressing way. With that he brings his own cup of wine and sets himself in the seat next to hers. "All I really care about is a warm bed and a good barrel of wine." he continues.

Well at least tonight I won't be the only one drinking their frustrations away. The lady thought to herself. "I'll drink to that." She responds in the regal formality only a Lannister woman is capable of attaining. "Tell me what do you think of songs about love?" She asks dripping her response with a subtle venom anyone in passing could easily miss.

"There's nothing more sickening than a man in love. In the end does it even matter, we'll all die anyway. Besides I don't need to hear some flowery song of knights and maidens to remind me that the girls probably a cunt and the knight wants to see how far he can stick his sword up an arse." He responds hinting both dejection and disinterest in the subject. "It's sickening really."

For a moment Cersei feels the need to defend Jamie but recalls the badly kept secrets of the knight of flowers Loras Tyrell. "Not all men, some like to see how far a sword will go up there's." she replies smirking with pleasure at her comment.

The man proceeds to laugh, possibly the only cheery sound she'll get from him. No matter now all she'll need to do is confirm her theory. She will not admit that she is a littleā€¦ feverish from the wine.
"I see you're in black, a man of the watch?"

"Aye, it ain't so bad." the watchman, Edd, responds.

"How so?" she wonders, finding it difficult to imagine a more dreary fate than manning a desolate wall in the frigid north.

"It's cold, it's dark, it's dead, I'll probably die but I could say that about my mother's place too. Just there's less wine at hers." Edd responds with a surprising amount of honesty. "The thing is it doesn't matter if you're in the north, south, east, or the west it's all the same. We'll all die one day and be worm-fodder."

"I think I need another drink." she responds surprised by the bleakness of the statement and the hopes to drown out her new-found misery with more wine.

"Don't we all."