"Jake you and rocky go find her. Me, FQ, and Billy will stay here as long as we can." Finn told. Jake didn't hesitate for a moment and ran out the door. As soon as they were out of sight FQ looked at Finn. "Honey, I'm pregnant." "No no no no no no. NO!" Finn yelled. "Why, no not now no, please god, please!" Finn walked away to another room. "Billy, you are going to be a big brother, so I need you to be strong, ok." FQ said knowing he couldn't answer. "Ok," Billy said. "Oh my gosh!" FQ said surprised. "Finn get in here! Billy just talked.

Meanwhile, Jake and Rocky were at the candy kingdom. "She's probably here," Jake told Rocky. "Lets split up you check the castle I'll check the houses." They both ran off looking for Rainicorn. Hours passed not finding her. They met back at the fountain. "There's only one more place to check," Jake said. "The sewer." They climbed down the ladder and found a strange deer. Jake walked up to get a closer look. "YOU!" He said in a mad tone. The deer kicked him in the face and broke Jake's leg. Rocky ran at the deer and punched him. He sat on top of him punching him in the face. Finally, he broke his spine and killed him. They looked on the ceiling and Lady was there. "Lady!" Jake yelled happily. "uhhg." Said a voice. Rocky looked back and punched the deer. He was a zombie. Jake got Lady down and looked at Rocky. Hundreds of zombies stared to come at them. "Come on lets go!" Jake yelled at Rocky. "No! Go without me! I'll be fine!" Rocky yelled back. Jake ran got on Lady's back and they flew away. Jake looked back at Rocky and a zombie bit him. Zombies jumped on top of him and ate him. Tears started to roll down Jake's eyes. Jake and Lady found the bar and went in. "Jake! Billy can talk! Wait where's Rocky?" Finn said. Jake looked at Finn. "No please no," Finn cried. Jake looked at Finn sadly. Finn started to cry. "Please no!" He yelled. "NO!"