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'Run Karmya,' the voices yelled at me. I knew that only I could hear them, but I still looked around to make sure that none of the dead had heard. I nodded and packed everything I could. A chill ran down my back as the voices got louder and louder. 'Run!'

'Don't worry about that stuff!'

'Run now or die!'

'If you wait any longer you won't make it!'


I froze. That last voice was new. I looked around searching for the person that had said it.

'GO!' the voice yelled again and this time I slung the bag over my shoulder and took off running. Twigs and branches scrapped against my face, arms, and legs. But I hardly felt the sting anymore. As I ran the bag started to weigh more and the sweat was soaking through my clothes making the random breeze fell cold against my skin. It was the middle of summer and I could never remember it ever being this hot.

As I started to slow down, the wind blew again, and the scent of death blew in with it. I ducked behind a tree as the voices started to scream again. I looked around for the walking dead, but I saw, and heard nothing. "Where is it?" I muttered to myself.

'Look down!'




I looked down and a crawling corpse was about ready to bite into my foot. I jumped onto its head, pounding it into the ground before taking off running again.

'To close.'

'Way to close.'

'Why don't you listen.'

"Why can't you guys be a little more clear," I said out loud knowing that they could hear me if I just thought what I wanted to say. But since the dead started coming back to life, it was easier for me to just answer out loud. With no people around, there was no one to think that I was crazy.


"Jack?" I said spinning around, "Oh Jack." I said covering my mouth with my hands. "No, please no," I said as tears came to my eyes.

"Don't cry baby," he said walking over to me. The grass didn't move. The sticks didn't break. "What happened to you?"

"Please don't ask that baby," he said stopping inches away from me. I could sense him in every way. I could smell his shampoo. I could feel the heat pooling in my stomach which happened whenever he was near. I could feel his love for me. And most of all I could feel the love. "I need to know," I said taking dead, slow breaths. He reached his hand out to touch my cheek but his hand passed right through and I only felt a slight electric energy where his hand should have been. "Please," I begged putting my hand up to where his had touched my cheek, "Tell me how you died."

"The camp was raided. I tried to protect everyone, but one of the people from the other group snuck up behind me and," he made a gun with his hand and pretended that he was pulling a trigger that was aimed right at his head. Anger flooded through my body. If I hadn't gone out on a food run that day, maybe I could have helped and then maybe Jack would still be alive. Or maybe I would've died with him.

"Don't be mad," he said resting against one of the trees.

"I'm not mad," I said leaning against the same tree.

"You're lying. You know that I can read how you feel now. Don't lie to me."

"I should've been there for you."

"You would've died. We almost all died."

"I would rather be dead then be away from you."

"I'm right here," he said smiling at me.

"You know what I mean. Did anyone make it?"

"Yea," he said after a moment.


"Dean, Char and that guy I never trusted."


"Yeah," he said scratching the back of his neck.

"Do you know where they are?" I asked hoping that I could be back with some people that I knew.

"Charlotte is dead now, she made it through the raid but Dean ended up killing her."

"What!" I hissed.

"They were running away from some dead. And she was getting bigger by the day."

"With his baby!"

"Well it was getting close. And she begged him not to let her get bit or left behind. So he turned and shot her in the head. I stayed there with her as he ran and hid from the dead. But a few minutes later, I heard another gun shot, and then he showed up next to me. We waited for Char to come to us. But it took an entire day. The dead caught up and ate her body. And the baby. It was worse than anything I had ever seen before. It turned out that Char had been waiting for her baby before she would come over to this side. The baby hadn't died until it suffocated inside of her. Dean wanted to kill himself as it happened, he couldn't stay for it. When Char finally showed up she threw herself, and the baby, at Dean. They were so happy that this was all over for them."

"Char got off easy."

"Sad that we can say this now that the world has gone to shit."

"Sometimes I think about ending it like that too."

"NO!" Char's voice rang out through the forest. I turned and she was so close to me that I flinched and almost fell over.

"I did say 'thought' right?" I said looking at Jack. He just laughed.

"Don't even think about it Karmya," Char said glaring at me with a baby in her arms. I smiled and started walking again. I turned to see them walking next to me. "Can I see the baby," I asked turning to Char as I stopped walking. She smiled at me and pulled back the shirt that she had wrapped the baby in. It was a girl, and she was beautiful. Dean showed up in front of us and stoked the baby's face. The baby smiled and curled into Char as Char hugged the baby close. "What's her name?"


"Isn't she beautiful?" a soft voice asked as the little girl skipped out from behind some of the trees.

"Yes Sophia, she is very beautiful." The little girl had shown up almost a year ago now and she had been glued to my side ever since. She told me that she tried to talk to her mom, but her mom couldn't see her. I explained that not everyone was like me, and that was the reason that her mother couldn't see her. She checked in on her mom every now and then, but mostly she stayed with me. Her story was a sad one. But then again lately everyone's story is sad.

I continued walking as Sophia talked to Char and Dean and Jack and I talked. "You need to be more careful."

"Why? I have you guys to look out for me."

"Karmya," Jack said looking down at me. The wind blew and my hair whipped around my face, but Jack's dark brown hair didn't move at all and I was reminded that he was dead now and sadness filled my body. "Let's keep going," he said trying to get my mind off of things. I nodded and tried not to notice the looks that they gave each other.

It was starting to get dark when Jack put his arm up in front of me. "Who are you," an angry woman asked. She was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. Her long dark hair didn't blow in the breeze either.

"My name is Karmya," I said as everyone but Jack left, "What's your name?"

"Lori," she said crossing her arms in front of her, "And that's my family in there."

"She needs somewhere safe to go," Jack said stepping up to her, "She just lost all of hers."

"She's not welcomed here," she said looking over her shoulder with a sad look.

"Why not?" I asked stepping in front of Jack.

She sighed, "It's my husband. He does not trust anyone anymore."

"Maybe I can help him, but you'll need to help me first."

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