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"It's finally over."

It's a crispy cold night. A certain brunet lifted up his soft white scarf to his reddish nose, breathing into it for momentary warmth to his cold skin. The frigid air struck his exposed ears as he moved forward. After finishing off hell week, the young editor, Onodera Ritsu is walking home. His shoes clacked against the cold pavement and crunched against the occasional dead orange leaf as he started his slow walk up the slightly icy hill to the apartment building.

"Oh, I have to buy the flowers soon…" He told himself.

Little did he know, there was a certain someone who just came out of the nearby convenience store, trailing behind him. The young brunet is too worn out to even sense the quick steps coming towards him until he hears a familiar deep voice.


"Eh? Takano-san?" Turning around, he finds his old high school love right behind him. "I was calling out to you! Didn't you hear me?" His breath turned into puffs as his voice echoed throughout the cold air. In the golden light from the lamppost above them, Masamune looked stunning even though he had his hell week face on, messed up hair and all. His piercing amber eyes seemed to glow in the trick of the light.

The brunet blushed even more as he realized he was staring. "Sorry, I kind of spaced out."

Joining him, they continued trudging up the icy hill and sighed in relief when they made it into the lobby, the warm artificial heat coming at them like a slap in the face. By the time they're in the elevator, the weary brunet starts tilting his body from left to right. At one point he even ends up using Masamune's right arm as support. "That tired aren't you?"

Suddenly holding his hand, the brunet slightly fidgets as he blushed furiously. "T-Takano-san?!"

Smiling at how adorable he was, "We're sleeping together in my apartment tonight. Just so you know." Masamune slightly chuckled as Ritsu's face managed to get an even darker shade of red.

"Hell week just ended! I don't have the energy for-" He stopped when Masamune interrupted him.

"I said we're sleeping." He smirked. "What? Did you want to do something other than that? Hmmm?"

Still blushing, he looked away as the doors of the elevator opened on their floor. "S-shut up!"

Obediently, the brunet followed him into his boss's apartment. He momentarily questioned himself 'why?' since he would normally rush into his own apartment given the opportunity but didn't have the energy to do much as Masamune pulled him into his room.

Since the following day was their day off, the two editors slept in for most of the morning. Masamune woke up about an hour earlier but decided to stay in to watch his beloved uke sleep. Little snores filled the light-filled room as Ritsu slept away like a log. However, Masamune tried to hold himself back as he looked over the beautiful creature snuggling into his chest. Both men were without their shirts so it became really hard to hold back as Ritsu nestled his head into Masamune's vulnerable neck. Ritsu's silky, apple-scented brown hair brushed against his naked skin. In Masamune's eyes, he was begging to be devoured.

His breath tickled the larger man's pale collar bone as Ritsu murmured out, "Tsuri…"

Masamune's body instantly jolted at the sound of a female name leaving Ritsu's mouth. "Tsuri?" Resisting the urge to shake the brunet awake to ask who this 'Tsuri' is, Masamune's thoughts are filled with a large amount of assumptions about who this person could be. Needless to say, he exponentially grows jealous when Ritsu murmurs the same name again with a small smile on his face.

He clenched his teeth in frustration.

Feeling the brunet shift, Masamune looks down to see bright emerald eyes slowly opening before blinking twice, he yawns. "Huh? Takano-san?" Looking up, he finally notices the amber eyed man staring down at him, and slightly blushes at the sight of Masamune's well-toned body so close to him. "Y-you're awake?" Wasting no time, Masamune asks the only question on his mind.

"So, who's Tsuri?"

"Eh?" Ritsu looked at him, completely shocked.

Amber eyes shining in the sunlight looked to be in anger as he tried again. "You were calling out to someone named 'Tsuri' in your sleep. So who is she?" The brunet stays silent. "Well?"

Green eyes shifted to the side. "… Nobody important."

Upset at Ritsu's apparent secret, Masamune bolts upright and yells. "Do you honestly expect me to believe that?!"

Slightly flinching at his tone, Ritsu gets up and yells back at him. "Why are you so worked up over that?!" His eyes slightly widen as he chuckled out, "Wait, are you jealous or something?"

"So? What if I am?" By surprise, Masamune grabs Ritsu's bare arms and pushes him back down on the bed, straddling him. Hovering over him, he looks him dead in the eye. "Calling out a woman's name in your sleep, how the hell do you not expect me to get worked up?!"


"W-wait a minute, Takano-san!" His arms stilled pinned beneath the raven haired man, Ritsu is unable to resist as he's forced into a kiss. "Mmn…!" His mouth slightly parted in the kiss, Masamune managed to find the opening as his tongue slicked past it and started stroking it against the smaller man's tongue. It was a battle for dominance but Ritsu quickly lost himself as his head slightly moved in synch with the strong strokes of Masamune's tongue, putting his mouth into submission. The shuddering brunet blushes furiously as the saliva builds up and a bead of it slips out, trailing to his chin and dips down his naked neck.

Pulling out of the kiss with a small trail of saliva, Masamune looks and slightly smirks at the sight of the brunet's lustful expression. He could feel himself going hard at the sound of Ritsu's panting as the trail of saliva going down his pale neck glistened. "T-Takano-san, w-wait…"

"Ritsu…" He licked his lips. "I can't."


The following gray morning, the brunet walks through the damp and icy streets of Tokyo. It had rained overnight and the cold humidity wafted through Ritsu's nose as his shoes lightly tapped against the slick pavement. The street he was on had a fair amount of people as he continued on in his slow pace. However, he's taking it slow due to certain reasons. Every now and again he has to stop and lean on a nearby wall or fence as he wrapped his arm around his side. His hips were screaming.

Why the hell did he have to be so rough? He's already big enough as it is…

Furiously blushing, the brunet banged his head with his fists. "Geh! Why the hell did I think of his…?!" His hands fell to his sides as the nearby scared pedestrians quickly moved away from him. Not caring, he picks up the pace.

Down the puddle filled street, he stopped himself again as he looked at the grim looking sky. "…Tsuri."

He slowly looked down at the sidewalk as a run of images crossed his mind. "…!" He momentarily held a hand to the side of his aching head as he blocked them off. "This again…" Leaning against a nearby lamppost, he weakly told himself, "It's almost that time of year…" Little did he know, he was being followed by a certain amber eyed man who would've stepped in had he not recomposed himself and kept walking.

Walking into a nearby flower shop he greets a familiar part-time cashier. "Ah, Kusama-san." Obviously not able to follow him into the store, Masamune stands outside, hoping to catch the conversation. "Good morning."

"Oh, Onodera-san. It's been a while since I've seen you come in here!" Looking at the nearby calendar, the tall man's deep blue eyes had a flash of realization. "Oh, right. It's that time of year isn't it?"

Looking around the small store, to the brunet it seemed as if all the ready to be sold flowers were bursting with lively color even though it was almost the end of the fall. "Yeah, this place is on the way to where I work so I figured I should stop by. I'm going to be visiting them in a few days so I figured I should order beforehand. I would've stopped by to order yesterday but there were unexpected changes to my plans…"

As if on cue, the brunet's hips momentarily gave out before he put his hands on the counter to keep from completely falling over.

Rushing to his side, the blue eyed managed to grab his shoulders to keep him from hitting the ground. "Onodera-san! Are you alright?!" It took Masamune all he had not to barge into the store and push the oversized cashier away as he helped Ritsu back up to his feet.

"Yes. Sorry if I scared you." A wave of what seemed like recognition went across Nowaki's deep cobalt eyes as he looked him over. "Rough night?"

Recomposing himself, he slightly blushes. "More like a rough morning that went into the night…" From outside, Masamune held back a snort as he looked on.

The giant slightly chuckled. "You still have that look on your face."

"Eh? What look?"

"Well, it's a given since you get her flowers every year. But you still haven't gotten over that Tsuri, haven't you? I've never even met her but it seems pretty obvious."

Masamune's eyes went slightly wide as he saw a rare warm smile on the brunet's face followed by a blush. "Of course. She was very precious to me. Besides, if I don't remember those two, then who will?"

"I guess that's true. Which bouquet do you want to reserve?"

"Let's see…"

"… What the hell is all this?"

Walking into the pink explosion that is Emerald, Ritsu finds a large stack of papers on his desk. All of his fellow editors are already present as he dropped his bag to the floor. Their boss managed to quietly come from behind with a coffee in his hand as he informed Ritsu, "I dropped off some extra work for you. Get it all done by tonight, newbie." After informing him, Masamune nonchalantly went to his desk.

"Hah?! This'll take two days to finish!" Turning around, he exclaims even further as he followed Masamune to his desk. "Hell week just finished and you're lumping all of this onto me?!"

Masamune slams his fist on the desk, his deep voice barreling throughout the office floor. "Can you or can you not get it done?! If you're going to half-ass it then I might as well-"

"I'll get it done!" Needless to say, the weary brunet went back to his desk to start off his nearly impossible job.

Obviously aware of the fact that he was just tricked, Kisa just pitied the prideful brunet. "Poor Ricchan…"

About an hour into his work, Ritsu could feel his cell phone vibrate and went slightly pale at the caller ID. He slightly jolted in his seat as he heard his boss's now ominous voice. "No phone calls in the middle of work, Onodera."

"I know, I know. Just give me a minute." Much to Masamune's annoyance, Ritsu got up and left the office to take the phone call.

"You never learn." Following him to the nearby lobby, Masamune was about to call out to him, "Ono-" but stopped himself when he heard Ritsu start.

"Mother, I'm in the middle of work. I've already told you before; I'm not supposed to be taking personal calls. Oh, you wanted to ask if I was going to visit them again? I am. In a few days actually."

The look on his face shifted to one of annoyance as he exasperated, "Why are you so against that? Did you just call me in the middle of work for that?"

He lifted an eyebrow. "A date? Like, I've told you many times before I never agreed to get married to An-chan. Even An-chan knows that. Can you please stop trying to set up these dates?" Closing his eyes, he pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing wearily.

After what seemed like yelling on the other end, Ritsu curled his fingers. "Don't you think I already know that?!" A flash of what seemed like pain crossed his eyes. "I have to get back to work. Bye." After he hung up, Ritsu put his phone in his pocket and was about to turn to head back to work before he stopped himself.

Emerald eyes slightly widen. "…!" He held a hand to the left side of his head as he murmured out, "Ah, this again…"

"Onodera!" At the shout of his name, Ritsu turned around to expect Masamune full of anger and was thrown off guard when his eyes revealed worry. "Takano-san?"

"Onodera, you-"

Interrupting him in an emotionless tone, "I finished my phone call. I'm getting back to work now. Excuse me." Ritsu walks past him, not making eye contact as he goes back to Emerald.

"…" The moment he gets back to Emerald he continues working on the seemingly impossible stack of papers. Obviously not going to make a scene at work, Masamune goes back to his desk as he repeatedly asks himself what the phone call could've been about.

Looking up from his work, Kisa slightly frowns at the sight of the solemn brunet. "Ricchan, what's wrong?"

"Eh?" Stopping what he was doing, he noticed that the other editors were looking at him in worry. However, he looked away from Masamune as soon as they made eye contact, slightly blushing.

"You have the same look as a kicked puppy."

"A kicked puppy look?" Mino and Hatori nod as they look at the solemn brunet.

The fan girl editors of Sapphire, the BL department, secretly squeal as Kisa inches towards him with open arms. "I have a very strong urge to hug you-" The raven was interrupted as a stapler hit him in the back of the head. "Owww!" Turning around, he saw an angry Masamune holding yet another stapler.

"No hugging the newbie! Get back to work!"

Rubbing the back of his head, Kisa dejectedly turns back to his work. "…Sorry, Ricchan."

"I-it's alright."

Several hours later, the vast majority of the editors have left the floor. Ritsu is still stuck with a large amount of work but he's made good progress. About half of the stack of papers, completely looked over, sat on the floor as he continued to make corrections on the other half. "What's taking you so long?" Coming into Emerald, Masamune shows he's ready to leave as he held his bag in his hand and wore his usual black jacket.

Narrowing his green eyes in anger from the obvious reason, Ritsu barks out, "You know why! Just leave, I'm going to finish up over here." Looking back down, he continues his work. By surprise, Masamune dropped his bag on the floor and took the nearby chair, wheeling himself next to the brunet.

He props his arm on the desk, supporting his chin as he looked down at Ritsu's work. "I'll leave if you tell me who this Tsuri is."

He slightly flinched as Ritsu unexpectedly slammed his fist down on the table in frustration. "Why are you so hung up on that?!" He went wide eyed as he found that the look in the brunet's eyes were one of utter fury. "She's not someone you have to worry about!"

Trying to calm him down, Masamune grabs his shoulders as he looks him in the eye. "Are you an idiot? It's because I love you."

Snapping out of his momentary rage, Ritsu's slit eyes widen up again as a blush crossed his face. "W-well it's not any of your business." Uncurling his fist, the brunet turns away from Masamune and solemnly goes back to his work. "Sorry, I really don't want to talk about it."

"Then will you tell me what your old lady called you about? Kisa was right; when you came back in the office you had the same look as a kicked puppy."

"…" Needless to say, the same pitiful look formed on the brunet's face.

He wrapped an around the shorter man's lithe waist. "Then it looks like I'm staying here with you. All. Night. Long."

"Don't try anything funny!"

About half an hour into his work, Masamune starts. "Is your body alright? I was kind of rough with you…"

Slightly blushing at the genuinely worried tone of Masamune's voice, the brunet lets his bangs cover his eyes as he fidgeted with his pen. "Y-yes. I can manage."

Pulling him close, Masamune whispers into the brunet's ear. His body reverberates with each word from Masamune as Ritsu starts to blush even more. "Are you sure? You were moaning so much when I kept thrusting so deep into you. You were stuck in bed so long after that I wondered if you could resist if I spread your legs apart and-"


He smugly smirked at his red faced reaction. "Well it's true."

Flying over the illuminated sky of Tokyo, a young brunette with bright wings soars throughout the frigid air. Her dark mailman uniform makes for the perfect camouflage for flying throughout the night even though the wings managed to stand out. Her sharp green eyes, with rings of gold around their pupils had an eerie shine as she looked below. Short, wavy brown hair doesn't have a single hair out of place when she lands on the tip of the luminous Tokyo Tower.

Her long cape flapping about, she asks aloud, "How far away is he, Yara?"

The wings and head jewelry hanging in the center of her forehead glow pale green before turning into a tall staff about twice the petite girl's height, resting in the girl's small hand. "He's about a few miles away. Hey, Tsuri aren't you excited? You get to finally meet him again after all this time! I bet he'll be crying like a baby when he sees you!"

Her sharp jewel-like eyes slightly narrowed. "…Probably. He's a grown man though, will he even recognize me? He's most likely moved on…"

"There's no way he'll forget you."

Unconsciously, she rests her pale hand on her messenger bag. "Besides, I only have to give him her letter. It's been on hold all this time it probably doesn't matter as much to him at this point. What was she even thinking asking to put it on hold?"

"But… you fought so hard to get this area. I thought you had every intention of reuniting and catching up."

"I just had that odd feeling that he's going to do something stupid soon." Tsuri put on a frown as she looked at the far off horizon. To her, the lights of the city reminded her of overwhelmingly bright fireflies resting in a field. "I'll never forgive myself if he's going to wind up doing that."

"But that would mean he still remembers you two. Doesn't that make you a little happy?"

"Not if it gets him killed, Yara."

Transforming back into the brightly feathered wings and pale green head jewelry, the little girl jumped off the tower and soared into the night.

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