Avatar: The Last Airbender

Me: So, I got a review about how I was copying Avatar's script, but just to be clear. I'm not. I just couldn't change much in the first episode. This episode will be different. So will other episodes. And some characters will be gender-bent as well. But, as promised, I forced Sokka to drink cactus juice. Now I presnent, LiveInTheDreamWorld's video from youtube, The Dangers Of Cactus Juice!

1) Erratic Behavior

Sokka: *eyes open widely and head spins* Drink Cactus Juice! It'll quench ya! *does the worm* Nothing's quenchier! *gets in your face* It's the quenchiest!

2) Hallucinations

Sokka: *looks at Toph* Who lit Toph on fire? How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?

3) Insane Ideas

Me: *sets of explosion*

Sokka: *looks at explosion* It's a giant mushroom! Maybe it's friendly! Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!

Me: And eventually

4) Death!

Me: *points to Katara*

Katara: *Waterbends*

Me: *points to Momo*

Momo: *jumps into water*

Sokka: Momo, NO! You've killed us all!

Me: So warn everybody about the dangers of Cactus Juice, and watch LiveInTheDreamWorld's videos.

Katara: Um, what about my brother?

Me: What?

Katara: *points to Sokka*

Sokka: *rolling around the ground* WE'RE GONNA DIE! WE'RE GONNA DIE!

Me: Oh *waves them off* just leave him, he'll be fine

Katara: Uh, ok

Me: On with the story!

The Avatar Returns

Aang and Katara return to the village. Unfortunately, they saw the flare as well.

"Yay! Aang's back" The children run to her. Though the adults look mad. Aang hugs the children. Sokka walked forward.

"I knew it! You signaled the fire navy with that flare!" Sokka said, obviously upset, "You're leading them straight to us, aren't you?!"

"Aang, didn't do anything. It was an accident" Katara said.

"Yeah, we were on this ship and there was this boobytrap, and, well, we boobied right into it" Aang explained.

"Katara, you shouldn't have gone on that ship. Now we could all be in danger!" Gran-gran said, sternly.

"Don't blame Katara. I'm the one who brought her there, and I'm the one who convinced her to go inside. It's my fault" Aang said, trying to get Katara out of trouble.

"Aha! The traitor confesses! Warriors, away from the enemy! This traitor is banished from our village!" Sokka said.

"Sokka, you're making a mistake!" Katara said.

"No, I'm keeping my promise to dad! I'm protecting you from threats like her!" Sokka told her.

"Aang is not our enemy! See, Aang has brought back something we haven't had in a long time. Fun." Katara expalined.

"Fun?! You can't fight firebender with fun!" Sokka said.

"You should try it sometime" Aang said, smirking.

"Get out of our village, now!" Sokka said.

"Grandmother, please, don't let Sokka do this" pleaded Katara.

"Katara, you knew going on that ship is forbidden. Sokka is right, I think it's best that the airbender leaves" Gran-gran said. Katara gets upset.

"Fine! Then I'm banished too!" she said, "Come on, Aang, lets go!" Katara grabs Aang's arm and pulls her away.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Sokka yelled.

"To find a waterbender! Aang is taking me to the North Pole!" Katara said.

"I am? Great!" Aang said.

"Katara, would you really chose her, over your tribe?!" Sokka said, "Your own family."

Aang looks upset and guilty. "Katara, I don't want to come between you and your family. I've never had a family, being an Air Nomad. I don't want you to lose yours" She said. Aang, then, went towards Appa.

"So, you're leaving the South Pole? This is good-bye?" Katara asked.

"Thanks for going penguin sledding with me" Aang told her.

"I guess I'll go back to the Air Temple. Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in a hundred years. Not looking forward to that" Aang said. She jumps onto Appa. "It was nice meeting everyone!" She calls to the village.

"Let's see your bison fly now, Airgirl" Sokka said, sarcastically.

"Come one, Appa. You can do it. Yip-yip!" Aang says. Appa slowly gets up.

"Yeah, I thought so!" Sokka says. A little cries and runs forward.

"Aang, don't go, I'll miss you" she says. Aang looks sad.

"I'll miss you too" she says to the little girl. Then she looks at Katara. Aang turns around and whips Appa's reigns.

"Come on, boy" she says, sadly. Appa slowly walks away from the village. The little girl turns around and walks to the village, sad. Gran-gran walks to Katara.

"Katara, you'll feel better after you-" Gran-gran starts to say, but Katara cuts her off.

"You happy now! There goes my one chance at becoming a waterbender!" Katara says and walks away, mad. Gran-gran watches her sadly.

"Alright, ready your stations! The fire nation could be on our shores any minute now!" Sokka says.

"But I gotta-" the same little boy starts to say to him.

"And no potty breaks!" Sokka says, pointing to the towers.

With Aang and Appa

Appa moans.

"Yeah, I liked her too. She was like a little sister to me" Aang tells Appa. Aang looks around and gasps. She sees a fire nation ship heading towards the village.

"The village!" she says. She slides down the snow. "Appa, wait here!" she tells him. And then she runs to the village. Appa moans.

The village

Sokka is putting on his warrior clothes. Once he finishes, he paints his face.

Zuko's Ship

Zuko's servants are helping him put on his armor.

The village

Sokka grabs his boomerang and run out of the tent. He stands at the top of the village wall, looking for the fire nation. The villagers hear the ship coming and all gasp. The wall starts to crack and Sokka looks worried.

His watch tower falls down again. "Aw man!"

The villagers are running away from the wall. Katara notices Sokka on it. And then she sees the ship coming through the fog.

"Aw, man" Sokka says, not moving.

Katara gets Gran-gran and everyone else inside the tents. And she notices a little boy fell in front of a crack. She gasps. She runs to the boy, grabs him, and puts him in a tent. Then she realizes Sokka is still on the wall.

"Sokka, get out of the way!" She calls to him.

The ship hits the wall, and Sokka falls back with the snow of the, now brocken, wall.

The ship's entrance open. Sokka moves out of the way so he doesn't get hit. The villagers gasp. Zuko comes out of the ship. Sokka runs to him, to attack. Zuko kicks him away, without any effort. Sokka falls into the snow and gets stuck.

Zuko walks around, doesn't see who he's looking for.

"Where are you hiding him?" he asks the villagers, expecting an answer. When no one does, he reaches forward and grabs Gran-gran.

"He'd be about this age, master of all elements!" He says. No one answers, since their confused and do know what he's talking about, but he doesn't know that.

He shoves Gran-gran to Katara. Katara hugs Gran-gran. Zuko, being impatient, firebends at the villagers. "I know you're hiding him!"

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Sokka screams, trying to attack him. Zuko ducks and Sokka trips over him. Zuko firebends at him. Sokka throws his boomerang at Zuko, and he dodges. Then he gives Sokka a look.

"Show no fear!" a little boy says giving Sokka his spear. Sokka grabs the spear and tries to attack Zuko. Zuko grabs the spear, takes it from Sokka, and pokes his head with the tip. Then he snaps it in half.

Suddenly, Zuko gets hit on the head with boomerang. Zuko gets ready to firebend at Sokka, and Aang comes in riding on a penguin. Aang slides under Zuko, making him fly backwards. His helment lands on his butt.

The children cheer, and Aang accidentally gets snow on them. They stop cheering for a second, then they continue.

The penguin stops and flips Aang off his back. Then the penguin waddles away.

"Hey Katara, hey Sokka" Aang says.

"Hi, Aang, thanks for coming" Sokka says, unenthusiastically.

Zuko gets up. He signals his soldiers. The surround Aang, who is ready to fight. She airbends the snow into their faces.

"Looking for me?" She asks.

"You're the airbender? You're the Avatar?" Zuko asks shocked.

"Aang?" Katara asks.

"No way" Sokka says.

"I spent years preparing for this encounter. Training. Meditating. You're just a girl!" Zuko says, still shocked.

Aang gets upset. She puts her hands on her hips. "And what's wrong with me being a girl, huh?"

"I can't fight a girl!" Zuko yells. Aang gives him a weird look.

"Why not?!" she asks him.

"I have an unfair advantage!" Zuko yells(AN: Aw! Zuko has a heart). Aang gets mad. She doesn't like it when guys underestimate her because she is female.

"Too bad for you!" Aang says, and she airbends the snow at him again. He attacks her with fire, and she uses her staff to extinguish it. Zuko fires again, but this time, when Aang extinguishes the fire going to her, some goes toward the villagers.

"AAAHHH!" they scream trying to get burned. Aang notices and stops.

"If I go with you, do you promise to leave everyone alone?" Aang asks Zuko. Zuko nods and his soldiers grab Aang's arms. They push her to the ship. Katara runs forward, worried.

"No, Aang, don't do this!" she says to her. Aang looks back.

"Don't worry Katara, it'll be ok" Aang says, trying to calm her down. "Take care of Appa for me, until I come back!" Katara starts to cry.

"Head a course for the fire nation! I'm going home!" Zuko says. Aang looks at them and smiles weakly.

The villagers are now repairing their home. Katara is looking out in the water. Sokka walks past her.

"We have to go after that ship Sokka! Aang saved our tribe now we have to save her!" Katara says.

"Katara, I-" Sokka tried to say, btu Katara cut him off.

"Why can't you see that she's on our side? If we don't help her, no one will" Katara kept going. "I know you don't like Aang, but we own her and-"

"Katara! Are you gonna talk all day, or are you coming we me?" Sokka asked, pointing to his boat.

Katara gasped, smiled, and ran to Sokka to give him a hug. "Sokka!"

"Get in. We're going to save your new sister" Sokka said.

"What do you two think you're doing?" Gran-gran asked, walking up behind them. Katara and Sokka turned around and smiled innocently. Gran-gran smiled.

"You'll need these" she said, holding out blankets(AN: Is that what she gave them?), "You have a long journey ahead of you."

Katara and Sokka looked at each other, shocked.

"It's been so long since I've had hope, but you brought it back to life, my little waterbender" Gran-gran said, hugging Katara. She turned to Sokka.

"And you my brave warrior, be nice to your sister" Gran-gran said, hugging him as well.

"Yeah, ok Gran" Sokka says, patting her back awkwardly.

"Aang is the Avatar. She's the world's only chance. You both found her for a reason. Now your destinies are intertwined with hers" Gran-gran told them.

"There's no way we're gonna catch a warship with a canoe" Katara says, pointing to the canoe.

Appa comes over the hill, moaning.

"Appa!" Katara says, running to him.

"You just love taking me out of my comfort zone, don't you?" Sokka said.

Zuko's Ship

Aang's arms are tied behind her back. Two soldiers are behind her. Zuko, his uncle, two more soldiers are in front of her. Zuko is holding her staff.

"This staff will make an excellent gift for my father. I suppose you wouldn't know about fathers, being raised by monks" Zuko says to Aang. Aang just looks at him, annoyed, and her left eye twitches a bit.

"Actually, I had a father figure back home, before I left" she said to him. Zuko glares at her. Aang grins at him.

"Take the Avatar to the prison hold, and take this to my quarters" Zuko says to his uncle. The soldiers who were behind Aang grab her arms and force her to walk to below the ship, where the prison hold is.

Iroh takes the staff and Zuko walks away. Iroh turns to another soldier.

"Hey, you mind taking this to his quarters for me?" he asks, giving it the soldier. He walks away.

"Ugh!" Aang grunts, as a soldier pushes her.

Aang, in between the two soldiers, comes up with a plan.

"So, I guess you've never fought an airbender before. I bet I could take you both with my hands tied behind my back!" Aang said, smirking.

"Silence!" the soldier in front of her says.

They stop so the soldier can unlock the door. Aang notices her chance and takes in a deep breath. Right when the soldier puts the key in the keyhole, she exhales and sends her and the other soldier flying backwards. The first soldier flies into the door.

When the second soldier hit the stairs, she jump out of the stairway. She airbend the door open with her feet and runs in.

The soldier that hit the stairs runs up and warns the soldiers.

"The Avatar's escaped!" he says to the soldier on the top of the ship.

With Appa, Katara, and Sokka

Appa is swimming in the water to the direction the warship went.

Katara is holding the reigns and Sokka is trying to get Appa to fly.

"Go, fly, soar" he says, unethusiastically. Appa moans.

"Please Appa, we need your help. Aang needs your help." Katara pleads to Appa.

"Up, ascend, elevate" he continues his list from before.

"Sokka doesn't believe you can fly, but I do Appa. Come on, don't you want to save Aang?" Katara asks, petting him. Appa moans again.

"What was it that girl said? Ye-haw? Hup-hup? Wa-hoo? Uh, yip-yip?" Sokka says. Appa moans louder and speed up.

He flaps his tail, runs, and flies into the air.

"You did it Sokka!" Katara cheers.

"He's flying! He's flying! Katara, he's-" Sokka says, happily, but cuts himself off when Katara smirks at him. "I mean, big deal, he's flying."

Zuko's Ship

Aang turns the corner, looking back to see if anyones following. She turns around and screams, surprised, seeing more soldiers in front of her.

She looks at them.

"You haven't seen my staff around, have you?" she asks, smiling nervously. They get into attacking positions.

She airbends her way around them on the walls and ceiling.

"Thanks anyway" she yells back at them, still running.

She jumps up the stairs and comes face to face with another soldier.

"Geez, how many of you are there?" she asks, annoyed.

This soldier firebends at her. She flips over the fire. As she flips, she cuts the ropes on the hands with the soldiers helmet.

She opens random doors looking for her staff. In one room, Iroh is sleeping. Aang closes the door quietly.

"Sorry" she whispers and tip-toes away.

She runs past another room and comes back. The room has her staff. She grins and runs in to grab it.

"My staff!" she exclaims. The door behind her shuts close. She stops and looks back. She sees that Prince Zuko was behind the door the entire time.

"Looks like I underestimated you" he says, glaring at her.

"Oh, come on, you don't really want to fight me, do you?" Aang asks, "I can tell you're attracted to me and that can be used to my advantage, so why don't you just give it up."

"I'm not attracted to you!" he yells. Aang decided to tease him a bit because it's fun.

"Your mouth says no, but your eyes say yes" Aang tells him, smirking.

Zuko firebends at her and she expertly dodges his fire. She rolls under his legs and hides behind him, while he tries to turn around to attack her.

She makes an airball and rolls around the room on it, dodging Zuko's fire. She loses concentration and her ball stops. She hits a wall and jumps up through the banner. She grabs it as she came out and wrapped Zuko in it.

She grabs her staff and turns to face him. He burns the banner up and gets ready to attack. Aang, being faster, airbends the mattress to Zuko, making him hit the wall, then hit the ceiling.

Aang runs out. Then pops her head back in to tease him a little bit more.

"Too bad you want to kill me, you're kinda cute" she says, flirtily and winks at him. Then she runs back out.

Zuko glares at where she was, with a little bit of a blush on his face.

Aang runs to the top of the ship. She throws her glider out into the air and jumps after it. She grabs onto it and starts to glide away. Too bad Zuko followed her and jumped after her.

He grabs her foot and she tries to make him let go. Their fighting caused the glider to fall down towards the ship.

They both land in an, uncomfortable, position. Zuko landed on his back and Aang landed on top of him, one leg on each side of him. They both blush a bit and Aang grins.

"I knew you like me" she says. Zuko blushes more, glares at her, and kicks her off of him. They get into their stances, but they hear a load moan.

"What is that?" Zuko asks confused.

"APPA!" Aang yells. She turns around to deflect Zuko's fire.

She uses her staff as a helicopter. She lands, but right at the edge of the ship.

Zuko keeps firing at her. At one point, Zuko's fire knocks her staff away. She starts to dodge his fire by jumping. She accidentally lands onto the rail of the ship. With Zuko firebending at her, she has a hard time keeping her balance.

She loses it and falls back into the icy water below.

Katara and Sokka see this.

"Aang, no!" Katara yells.

Aang keeps sinking below the water. Though she can hear Katara call her name, somehow.

"Aang! Aang! Aang!" Katara's calls can be heard. By the third call, Aang goes into the Avatar State.

Her eyes open widely. They're glowing, along with her tattoos.

She waterbends to the surface. Her waterbending creates a tornado of water, with Aang in the middle. She waterbends it to the ship.

Zuko watches, scarred.

Aang lands on the ship and waterbends her tornado around in a circle. The water forces Zuko and his soldiers to fly backwards. Zuko falls off the railing.

Katara and Sokka watch in amazment.

"Did you see what she just did?!" Katara says.

"Now that was some waterbending" Sokka says.

Aang, coming out of the Avatar State, falls to the ground with a moan. Her eyes are closed and her tattoos stop glowing.

Appa lands on the ship. Katara and Sokka jump off him and run to Aang.

"Aang! Are you ok?" Katara asks.

Aang looks at them.

"Hey Katara. Hey Sokka. Thanks for coming" she says, weakly.

"Well, I couldn't let you have all the glory" Sokka says.

"I dropped my staff" Aang says, looking at wear it landed. Sokka gets up and runs to the staff.

"Got it" he says. He grabs the staff and picks it up. A hand grab at it, too. Zuko tries to use it to climb up. Sokka pokes him in the head, like how Zuko did to Sokka earlier.

Zuko falls down and grab the anchor chain.

"HA! That's from the Water Tribe!" he yells to Zuko.

Katara is helping Aang on to Appa, who lied down to help his best friend.

The soldiers get up. Katara gasps and tries to waterbend. The soldiers stop, a little worried.

Katara tries to freeze the soldiers, but her plan backfires. Literally. The water freezes back and Sokka's feet get frozen to the ship.

"Katara!" he yells. He grabs his boomerang and starts to chop the ice.

The soldiers continue to run towards Katara, no longer worried.

Katara turns around and does her waterbending again. This time it hit her target. She runs onto Appa.

"Hurry up Sokka!" she says.

"I'm just a guy with a boomerang" he mumbles to himself, "I didn't ask for all this flying and magic!"

He chops off the last piece of ice and runs up Appa's tail.

"Yip-yip! Yip-yip!" he yells getting on Appa.

Appa moans, flips his tail, and flies into the air. Iroh sees this just as he comes out from his nap.

He rubs his eyes, thinking he's imagining it.

Iroh helps Zuko back onto the ship. Zuko glares at the now flying away Appa.

"Shoot them down!" he yells.

Iroh and Zuko send a giant blast of fire at them.

Aang get up and deflects the fireball to the glacier on the side. The fireball causes the ice and snow to crash onto Zuko's ship.

Aang, Katara and Sokka all laugh as they fly away. Aang smirks and winks at Zuko.

"Good news for the Fire Lord, the Fire Nation's greatest threat, is just a teenaged girl" Iroh said.

"That teenaged girl, uncle, just did this" Zuko said pointing to the damage Aang made, "I won't underestimate her again."

"You probably would've won if you weren't so attracted to her and didn't get distracted by her flirting" Iroh says.

"I'm not attracted to her!" Zuko yells at his uncle. "Dig the ship out and follow them!" he says to his crew. Then he notices that their thawing out the other soldiers. "As soon as you're done with that."

With Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Appa(AN: I refuse to call them Gaang without Toph and Momo)

"How did you do that with the water?!" Katara asked excitedly, "It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

"I don't know. I just, sort of, did it" Aang says.

"Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?" Katara asks.

"Because," Aang hesitated and looked away, "I never wanted to be."

"But, Aang, the world's been waiting for the Avatar to return and finally put an end to this war" Katara says.

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Aang asks.

"According to legend, you need to first master water, then earth, then fire, right?" Katara asks.

"That's what the monks told me" Aang says.

"Well if we go to the North Pole, you can master waterbending" Katara points out. Aang smiles widely.

"We can learn it together!" she says, excited.

"And,Sokka, I'm sure you'll get to knock some firebender heads on the way" Katara says to Sokka. He smirks.

"I'd like that. I'd really like that" he said.

"Then we're in this together!" Katar says.

"Alright, but before I learn waterbending, we have some serious business to attend to" Aang says, taking out a map. She unfolds it and shows Katara and Sokka 3 different places.

"Here, here, and here" she said, pointing to the destinations.

"What's there?" Katara asks.

"Here, we'll ride the hopping llamas. Then way over here, we'll surf on the backs of giant koi fish. Then back over here, we'll ride the hog monkeys. They don't like people riding them, but that's what makes it fun!" she explained to them. Katara and Sokka look at each.

A few hours later, the sun went down, and Katara & Sokka fell asleep. Aang couldn't sleep, so she let her mind drift off.

She started to think about was that Fire Nation prince that tried to keep her captive. Now she can't get him out of her head.

End of Ch.2

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