Aura: The Last Airbender

Me: Hey guys! Quick note of names. Ok, so those of you who had read the original know that at first, I stuck with Aang, then, changed it to Artymis and now, as you all know, I've changed it to Aura. K, so at first I used Aang due to nostalgia, but changed it due to realizing that it was too boyish for my Fem!Aang idea. And so, I used Artymis, since I thought it was a cool name and was based on Artemis, the greek goddess of the hunt. And I thought it'd be a good name for a female Avatar, since she's connected to nature through her powerful reincarnated spirit. Then I remembered where I had learned it from. Another Fem!Aang story that I had forgotten about, since I never favorited because I never finished (cause I'm a loser and easily get bored of things). So, not wanting to be using someone else's idea, I changed it, and, taking the reference of goddesses, decided to use the greek divine personification of breeze, which I decided was a good name for an Avatar from the Air Nomads. So yeah, that's where her new name originated from. Anyway, moving on, I'm taking suggestions for a new team name since, obviously, GAang doesn't work. Tell me in your reviews! Now I shan't keep you any longer! Sokka, disclaimer!

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The Avatar Returns

Aura and Katara returned to the village, both guilty for what had transpired moments before. And, unfortunately for them, the rest of the tribe had seen the flare as well.

"Yay! Aura's back" The children cheered as they ran towards her, eager to once again begin their playing. Though they all were confused on why the adults were so upset. BUt that didn't matter since their playmate was back! Aura hugged the children, happy that they at least still cared despite her mistake, while Sokka stalked forward, looking extremely angered, which was no surprise to either girl.

"I knew it! You signaled the fire navy with that flare!" Sokka accused, obviously upset, "You're leading them straight to us, aren't you?!"

"Aura didn't do anything. It was an accident" Katara tried to explain, in an attempt to defend her friend. It was a mistake on Aura's part, but she was sorry for it, so Sokka didn't need to be so mean and accuse her of anything!

Aura scratched the back of her head sheepishly, "Yeah, we were on this ship and there was this boobytrap, and, well, we boobied right into it."

"Katara, you shouldn't have gone on that ship. Now we could all be in danger!" Gran-gran sternly scolded.

"Don't blame Katara. I'm the one who brought her there, and I'm the one who convinced her to go inside. It's my fault" Aura explained, not wanting her friend's family to think she was the one to blame. It was her own fault after all. She convinced Katara to break the village rule and go onto the ship in the first place.

"Aha! The traitor confesses! Warriors, away from the enemy! This traitor is banished from our village!" Sokka declared, making both girls, and the children, upset.

"Sokka, you're making a mistake!" Katara exclaimed angrily.

"No, I'm keeping my promise to dad! I'm protecting you from threats like her!" He explained.

"Aura is not our enemy! See, Aura has brought back something we haven't had in a long time. Fun." Katara stated stubbornly.

"Fun?! You can't fight firebender with fun!" Sokka exclaimed.

Aura tilted her head with a small smirk, "How would you know if you never tried?"

"Get out of our village, now!" Sokka demanded, ignoring her little remark.

"Grandmother, please, don't let Sokka do this" pleaded Katara.

"Katara, you knew going on that ship is forbidden. Sokka is right, I think it's best that the airbender leaves" Gran-gran agreed, forcing Katara to become even more upset. Why could they stop being so stubborn and listen to her?!

"Fine! Then I'm banished too!" she snapped, grabbing Aura's aura and storming away with her, "Come on, Aura, let's go!"

"Where do you think you're going?!" Sokka shouted. What was his sister doing, trying to run off with the traitor! He was just protecting her and the tribe like their father had told him to do! And that meant making sure the spy was punished and turned away from the village!

"To find a waterbender! Aura is taking me to the North Pole!" Katara snapped back. Either way, she got her wish. All that was different was her family pushed them away.

"I am? Woohoo!" Aura cheered. Fun adventures, here they come! Ooh! They'll have to go to Kyoshi Island and ride the Elephant Koi, then go to Kangaroo Island and ride the hopping llamas, and she couldn't forget-

"Katara, would you really chose her, over your tribe?!" Sokka questioned, "Your own family?"

Oh….Right. So much for their adventures. Aura couldn't, with good conscience, let Katara leave her tribe! "Katara, I don't want to come between you and your family. Air Nomads don't really have families, and I don't want you to lose yours." With that, Aura made Katara release her arm and made her way towards Appa, alone.

"So, you're leaving the South Pole? This is goodbye?" Katara asked sadly. How wonderful. She finally had a friend her age, who's a girl and not her brother, and now her tribe was forcing her to leave! This was the worst day ever!

"Thanks for going penguin sledding with me. I had a lot of fun" Aura smiled weakly, "I guess I'll go back to the Air Temple." Then she frowned at the mention. She was scared to see what she found, but was willing to get to know her old friend's descendants and befriend them, if they were willing. Though, after what happened last time, she'll just keep her little secret, as long as the others hadn't told their children out of shame. And that's not to mention how dirty her room is going to be if they hadn't given it to someone else, "Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in a hundred years. Not looking forward to that." She jumped up onto Appa's head, grabbing the reins, before calling out to the others, "It was nice meeting everyone!"

"Let's see your bison fly now, Airgirl" Sokka snarked, trying to make himself feel better for making his little sister upset.

"Come on, Appa. You can do it. Yip-yip!" Aura commanded. Unfortunately, her precious bison didn't feel like flying just yet and simply stood and began walking away instead.

"Yeah, I thought so!" Sokka huffed as a little girl cried and rushed forward.

"Aura, don't go, I'll miss you" she sniffed, while Aura looked at her sadly. She was going to miss the little kids that seemed to love playing with her so much.

"I'll miss you too" she replied, speaking all of the little children who were as much upset as Katara and Aura were. Then the airbender glanced at Katara for a moment, with apologetic eyes, sorry for not being able to keep her promise of bringing the waterbender to the North and for having to leave her new friend. Aura sighed and snapped Appa's reins, quietly giving the bison his command to continue forward, "Come on, boy." Appa slowly walked away from the village, as the little girl sadly made her own way back to the tribe.

Gran-Gran walked over to Katara and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Katara, you'll feel better after you-"

"You happy now?! There goes my one chance at becoming a waterbender!" Katara snapped, cutting the elderly woman off before storming as Gran-gran watched her sadly. Someday she would understand why the airbender had to leave.

"Alright, ready your stations! The fire nation could be on our shores any minute now!" Sokka ordered sternly. Who knew how long it would be 'till they were attack.

"But I gotta-" the same little boy began to, only to be cut off.

"And no potty breaks!" Sokka shouted in annoyance, pointing to the towers as all the boys rushed to get ready for battle, despite their small age. Sometimes, Sokka hated that all of the men left the village to fight. They should've left some behind to help in cases like this.

With Aura and Appa

Appa moaned as Aura and he rested on the snow bank near the ocean. He still refused to fly, so Aura decided they were rest there for the day before continuing their journey. "Yeah, I liked her too. She was really nice, unlike her jerk of a brother" Aura told her bison. The sixteen year old glanced towards the horizon, only to gasp when she spotted a fire nation ship heading towards the village.

"The village!" she exclaimed in worry, before sliding down the snow. Curse her curious spirit! If she never encouraged Katara into exploring that ship, she never would've tripped the wire and led the Fire Nation to the Southern Tribe! "Appa, wait here!" she ordered, and then began running towards the village as her bison moaned again. He hoped his mistress would be alright and return back to him soon.

The Village

Sokka grabbed his boomerang and ran out of the tent once he had finished placing war paint on his face. He stood at the top of the village wall, looking for the Fire Nation ships that were surely to come attack. The villagers all let out a fearful gasp when, sure enough, a ship began heading their way. The wall started to crack and Sokka looked worried at the sight of the large ship. Until his watch tower once again collapsed, "Aw man!"

The villagers rushed away from the wall while Katara quickly ran to help everyone settle into safety. "Aw, man" Sokka muttered once more, not moving as his fear shocked him still. Katara moved Gran-gran and everyone else inside the tents, before she noticed a little boy had fallen. She gasped, before she ran towards the boy, grabbing him, and ushering him in a tent. Then she realizes Sokka was still on the wall, as well as the oncoming ship that was obviously going to hit both.

"Sokka, get out of the way!" She called to him in worry, snapping him out of his revere. The ship hit the wall, and Sokka fell back with the snow of the, now broken, wall. The ship's entrance opened while Sokka hurriedly moved out of the way so he wouldn't get hit. The villagers gasped as Zuko exited the ship. Sokka rushed towards him, fully prepared to attack, but Zuko easily kicked him away without any effort. Sokka fell into the snow and became stuck as Zuko walked around, not able to pinpoint the location of the one he was searching for.

"Where are you hiding him?" he demanded of the villagers, obviously expecting an answer. When no one did, he reached forward and grabbed Gran-gran, glaring the frightened tribe, "He'd be about this age, master of all elements!" Once again no one answered, since they were confused and had no knowledge of what the stranger was talking about, but he, unfortunately, didn't realize that. Zuko shoved Gran-gran to Katara, who quickly hugged her in worry, checking for any injuries the man may have given the elderly woman. Zuko, growing impatient, firebent at the villagers in his frustration, "I know you're hiding him!"

Sokka yelled out, once again trying to attack him. Zuko ducked and Sokka tripped over him. Zuko firebent towards him, but Sokka threw his boomerang at Zuko, who dodged before giving Sokka a raised eyebrow at his pathetic attempts. The warrior would've probably gotten a shot at him if he hadn't yelled when rushing behind him.

"Show no fear!" a little boy called throwing a spear towards Sokka. The teen caught the spear and rushed towards Zuko once again, but the fire prince grabbed the spear and poked Sokka's with the blunt tip so that the warrior was forced to release it, before finally snapping it in half.

Suddenly, Zuko was hit on the head with boomerang, simply making the prince grow angrier. He prepared to firebend at the defenseless Sokka, but Aura came in riding on a penguin. She slid under Zuko, forcing him to fly backwards and fall flat on his face with his helmet landing on top of him.

The children cheered, before Aura accidentally shoved snow on them as she slid past. They stopped cheering for a second due to the sudden appearance of the snow on them, before continuing. The penguin stopped and flipped Aura off his back giving her an annoyed peck and she cowered away from the angered animal she had all but kidnapped, before the penguin waddled away.

"Hey Katara, hey Sokka" Aura greeted happily, as though she hadn't just ride into a battle. Fight or not, it'd be rude if she didn't say hi to her friends. Though Sokka didn't really count as one, she supposed.

"Hi, Aura, thanks for coming" Sokka replied unenthusiastically. Now he felt like a jerk for running her out of the village when she selflessly came back to help….

Zuko stood back up and signaled his soldiers, who surround Aura, both sides prepared for the fight that was to come. She airbent the snow into their faces using her glider and glared over at Zuko, having an understanding of why exactly he was there. It helped that she overheard him yelling for what he assumed the Avatar to look like.

"Looking for me?" She questioned rhetorically.

"You're the airbender? You're the Avatar?" Zuko exclaimed, shock at the revelation. But, this had to be hi-her. She just shoved snow at his soldiers using her staff. But….she's a girl! And his age! What the spirits?!

"Aura?" Katara muttered in confusion.

"No way" Sokka muttered in disbelief, both siblings dumbfounded. This goofy, sorta sarcastic, flirty, older girl was the long lost Avatar?! He refused to believe it.

"I spent years preparing for this encounter. Training. Meditating. You're just a girl!" Zuko exclaimed. So all of that was just for nothing?! He was preparing to fight an experienced fighter who doesn't exist?!

Aura looked at him in annoyance, placing her hands on her hips. "And just what's so wrong with me being a girl, huh?"

"I can't fight a girl!" Zuko yelled, making the female teen raise an eyebrow.

"Why not?!"

"Because! I can't! It would be unfair! I can't hit a girl!" The young prince exclaimed, equally annoyed. Aura paused for a moment, contemplating this. So the little fire prince actually had morals? She never would've thought, considering he had no problem threatening an elderly woman, who is also female….Either way, how dare he underestimate her! Though she did admit he was rather cute.

"Too bad for you!" Aura huffed, before she airbent the snow at him again. He attacked her with fire, but she simply used her staff to extinguish it. Zuko fired again, but this time, when Aura extinguished the fire aimed at her, some flew towards the villagers, making them scream as they try to get avoid being burned. Aura noticed and quickly stopped, worried for the innocent village filled with her new friends. She wouldn't let them get hurt because she was a coward all those years ago.

"If I go with you, do you promise to leave everyone alone?" Aura inquired. He nodded, a tiny bit surprised she would actually sacrifice herself for the small village, and his soldiers grabbed her arms, pushing her to the ship. Katara rushed forward, worry filling her very being.

"No, Aura, don't do this!" she begged, making the airbender weakly smile back.

"Don't worry Katara, it'll be ok" Aura assured, trying to calm her down. "Take care of Appa for me, until I come back!" Katara began to cry at the sudden loss of her new friend. She shouldn't have to do this! Avatar or not, Aura was her friend and Katara silently swore to rescue her later on once the village was safe from the firebenders.

"Head a course for the Fire Nation! I'm going home!" Zuko ordered as Aura looked back at them and made her smile stronger in an attempt to ease Katara's worry.

~Time Skip!~

The villagers were now repairing their home, while Katara looked out into the horizon sadly. She had been doing so ever since the ship had disappeared from view. Sokka walked past her, carrying a bundle of supplies. as his sister went on a passionate rant, "We have to go after that ship Sokka! Aura saved our tribe now we have to save her!"

"Katara, I-" Sokka tried to say, but Katara had cut him off.

"Why can't you see that she's on our side? If we don't help her, no one will" Katara kept going, not giving her poor brother a chance to input his own opinions. He would probably just say something like 'Avatar or not, she led the Fire Nation right to us!', and that would just upset her more, "I know you don't like Aura, but we own her and-"

"Katara! Are you gonna talk all day, or are you coming we me?" Sokka asked, pointing to his boat which he was stocking up,, obviously preparing to rescue Aura. Katara gasped excitedly with a grin, before running to Sokka to give him a hug. He happily returned it with a smile. It had been awhile since the two had gotten along since the village men left to fight in the war, "Get in. We're going to save your new friend."

"What do you two think you're doing?" Gran-gran asked with a raised eyebrow, walking up behind them. The siblings turned and smiled innocently, pretending they weren't planning a rescue attempt, before their stern Gran-gran smiled. They would be lying if they said it hadn't shocked them a little. "You'll need these." The elderly held out blankets and a pack of food, "You have a long journey ahead of you." Katara and Sokka exchanged a look, shocked that their grandmother was actually letting them go. "It's been so long since I've had hope, but you brought it back to life, my little waterbender" Gran-gran said, hugging Katara, before turning to hug Sokka, "And you my brave warrior, be nice to your sister."

"Yeah, ok Gran" Sokka said, awkwardly patting her back. He was not good with affection, at least with his grandmother. He was a man, after all!

"Aura is the Avatar. She's the world's only chance. You both found her for a reason. Now your destinies are intertwined with hers" Gran-gran wisely told them.

"There's no way we're gonna catch a warship with a canoe" Katara stated, pointing to the small boat. They would have to paddle constantly and even then, they were trying to catch a steam boat. There was no way they had a chance. If she was a good waterbender, maybe, but she wasn't. And then Appa appeared over the hill, moaning. Aura hadn't come back yet and he had become worried about his mistress. She never left him for so long a time period, so the bison knew something was wrong. Which is why he came looking for her, only to find the new people Aura had befriended, including the younger girl who was nicer than her brother. "Appa!" Katara cheered, rushing towards him and giving the bison a hug.

"You just love taking me out of my comfort zone, don't you?" Sokka muttered rhetorically. At least the animal could probably get them to Aura quickly than the canoe….

Zuko's Ship

Aura's arms were tied behind her back with two soldiers behind her, holding the teen in place, while Zuko, his uncle, and two more soldiers were standing in front of her, the prince observe her staff in his hands. Aura pouted at him for manhandling her precious glider, but he ignored her.

"This staff will make an excellent gift for my father. I suppose you wouldn't know about fathers, being raised by nuns" Zuko said to Aura, who just gave him an annoyed expression as her left eye twitched a bit, before gaining a devious smirk.

"Actually, I was raised by the monks with few nuns around, and I had a father figure back home, before I left. But I guess you wouldn't know that" she told him pointedly. Zuko glared at her, making Aura grin happily, proud of herself for annoying him. He deserved it for kidnapping her (forgetting how she willingly went with him, because he had threatened innocent people's safety)!

"Take the Avatar to the prison hold, and take this to my quarters" Zuko commanded his uncle. The soldiers who were behind Aura grabbed her arms once more and forced her to walk to below the ship, where the prison hold was. Iroh took the staff as his nephew walked away, proud of himself for finally catching the elusive Avatar. Iroh, not particularly feeling like working, having wanted to take a nap instead, handed the staff to another soldier.

"Hey, you mind taking this to his quarters for me?" he asked, not really expecting an answer as he happily walked away for some well rest.

Aura grunted as a soldier pushed her rougher when she refused to move as fast as they were, trying to think up an escape plan. Phase One, get away from said guards. "So, I guess you've never fought an airbender before. I bet I could take you both with my hands tied behind my back!" Aura remarked with smirk. Maybe if she was lucky they would be arrogant and want to prove her wrong in a fight, which she would win, duh.

"Silence!" the soldier in front of her demanded, making Aura pout. So much for that. They stopped in front of the door leading to the prison, so the soldier could unlock it, and Aura noticed her chance. The airbender inhaled deeply, and right when the soldier placed the key in the keyhole, she exhaled and sent her and the other soldier flying backwards, while the first soldier flew into the door. When the second soldier hit the stairs, she jumped out of the stairway. She airbent the door open with her feet and rushed inside. Phase One complete, Phase Two, locate her precious glider.

The soldier that hit the stairs quickly stood back up and warned the other soldiers above. "The Avatar's escaped!" he exclaimed in a panic. Who knew what Prince Zuko was going to do to him when he found out?!

With Appa and the Siblings

Appa was swimming in the water to the direction the warship went, while Katara was guiding the reins and Sokka was trying to get Appa to fly.

"Go, fly, soar" he said enthusiastically, as Appa moaned.

"Please Appa, we need your help. Aura needs your help" Katara pleaded to Appa.

"Up, ascend, elevate" Sokka continued his list from before.

"Sokka doesn't believe you can fly, but I do Appa. Come on, don't you want to save Aura?" Katara asked, petting him, making the bison moan once again.

"What was it that girl said? Yeehaw? Hup-hup? Wa-hoo? Uh, yip-yip?" Sokka pondered aloud. Appa moaned louder and sped up at hearing his memorized command. He flapped his tail against the water below him, and flew into the air.

Katara cheered loudly in excitement, "You did it Sokka!"

"He's flying! He's flying! Katara, he's-" Sokka exclaimed eagerly, but cut himself off when Katara smirked at him, "I mean, big deal, he's flying."

Zuko's Ship

Aura cut around the corner, looking back to see if anyone's following. When she turned her gaze back in front of her, she let out a shout of surprise at the sight of more soldiers, who seemed a bit shocked at her sudden appearance. She looked at them sheepishly, "You haven't seen my staff around, have you?" The soldiers moved into attacking positions, so quickly, she airbent her way around them on the walls and ceiling, calling back in a force of polite habit, "Thanks anyway." She jumped up the stairs and came face to face with another soldier, making the airbender snap, "Geez, how many of you are there?"

This soldier firebent at her, but Aura flipped over the oncoming fire. As she flipped, she used the soldier's helmet to cut the ropes on her hands. She began to open random doors looking for her staff, though in one room, Iroh was sleeping. Aura closed the door quietly. "Sorry" she whispered and tip-toed away. She didn't want to disturb the elderly man. For one, he might attack her as well. And other than that, he didn't seem so bad, unlike Scarjerk.

She ran past another room, but quickly backtracked at the sight of her staff innocently laying against the wall. Aura grinned and rushed inside to happily grab it, "My glider!" Suddenly, the door behind her shut close, making the teen pause and frown at the sight of Prince Zuko, who had been hiding behind the door the entire time since he heard of her escape, knowing she would come to find her staff.

"Looks like I underestimated you" he muttered with a glare.

Deciding to use her resources, Aura quickly went on the flirting defense. It helped that he was rather handsome, "Oh, come on, you don't really want to fight me, do you? I'm just a sweet, innocent, pretty girl. And it's obvious that you're attracted to me."

What was wrong with this Avatar?! Is she defective or something?! First she tells him that she was raised by monks and not nuns, unlike as Air Nomads were said to do, and now this?! What Nomad encouraged flirting?! Then again, they've been extinct since before he was born, other than this girl, so he wouldn't know other than the teachings of his uncle… But nevermind that. He had an Avatar to re-capture! "I'm not attracted to you!" he yelled, obviously flustered by the accusation. Despite knowing that it was true. Though he'll always deny it. Meanwhile, Aura decided to tease him a bit, simply because it was fun.

"Your mouth says no, but your eyes say yes" Aura stated comically wiggling her eyes.

That seemed to be the last straw as Zuko firebent at her, but she expertly dodged his fire. She rolled under his legs and hid behind him, while he tried to turn around to attack her. Aura made an airball and flew around the room on it, dodging Zuko's fire. However, she soon lost concentration and her ball stopped from underneath her. Aura hit a wall, but regained her focus and jumped up through an overhanging banner, grabbing it as she exited the top and wrapped Zuko in it.

She grabbed her staff and turned to face him as he burned the banner off of him and prepared to attack. Aura, being faster, airbent the mattress towards Zuko, making him hit the wall, then hit the ceiling. She hurriedly ran out of the room, but then popped her head back in to tease him a little bit more. What? It was hilarious and he was even cuter when he blushed!

"Too bad you want to kill me, you're kinda cute" she said, with a flirtatious. And with that, she left the beaten prince to his glares and blushes.

Aura ran to the top of the ship, preparing her getaway. Now that she had her staff, all she needed to do was fly as far as possible and make her way back to Appa, then they'll be safe and sound, on their way back to the Air Temple. She threw her glider out into the air and jumped after it, grabbing onto her staff as she glided away. However, right when she thought she was going to escape, Zuko had followed and jumped after her.

He grabbed her foot and hung onto her, as she tried to make him let go, kicking and flailing as much as possible without falling herself. Their fighting, unfortunately for Aura, caused the glider to fall back down towards the ship. They both landed in an, uncomfortable, position. Zuko landed on his back while Aura landed on top of him, one leg on each side of him. They both blushed at their close proximity, before Aura smirked, ignoring her own blush.

"I knew you like me" she teased. Zuko blushed more, then glared and kicked the airbender off of him. They both moved into their stances, but were interrupted by a loud moan, that was happily familiar to Aura.

"What is that?" Zuko muttered in confusion as he stared at the incoming object.

"APPA!" Aura called out happily to her bison. She turned around to deflect Zuko's fire before she used her staff as a helicopter. The airbender landed right at the edge of the ship, unfortunately, while Zuko kept firing at her. At one point, Zuko's fire knocked her staff away as she continued to dodge by jumping when she accidentally landed onto the rail of the ship. With Zuko firebending at her, she had a hard time keeping her balance, which proved inevitable as she was soon flung off the ship as the siblings watched in horror.

"Aura, no!" Katara yelled in fear, as Aura kept sinking below the water. Katara's calls for her friend could be heard, despite the depth and the fact that Aura's conscious kept slipping. However, by the third call of her name, Aura's spiritual instincts kicked in and her body entered the Avatar State, the well known defense mechanism of unrecognized Avatars. Her glowing blue eyes opened wide as her tattoos shone brightly. As the airbender connected with her past lives, she waterbent to the surface, creating a cyclone of water that brought her back to the surface above. It was a fearful and amazing sight for all of the people who were witnessing, including Zuko, who was torn on what to feel himself.

Aura landed onto the ship and waterbent her cyclone around her in a circle, while the water forced Zuko and his soldiers to fly backwards. Zuko soon fell off the railing as Katara and Sokka watched in amazement.

"Did you see what she just did?!" Katara exclaimed. She knew the Avatar was powerful, but she never knew it was like this!

"Now that was some waterbending" Sokka muttered. He was now going to be careful with how he acted around the older girl, or at least make sure he didn't act bad enough to send her into such a frenzy as the one he was witnessing.

Aura, exiting of the Avatar State as she was no longer in immediate danger, fell to the ground with a moan. Her eyes were closed and her tattoos stopped glowing as Appa landed on the ship and the siblings jumped off him before rushing towards Aura, hoping she was alright.

"Aura! Are you ok?" Katara asked worriedly. The airbender groggily opened her eyes and looked up at them.

"Hey Katara. Hey Sokka. Thanks for coming" she said weakly. It was nice to know they cared enough to come rescue her. But she was having a hard time concentrating with how tired she was. That was some experience she just had. And it confused the spirits out of her! Now she was eager to learn a little more about being the Avatar, but only to find out what that just was! She was in no way ready to be some 'world heroine that was to always keep peace between the humans and the spirits'. She was only 16! She never even had a boyfriend before! She was close though….

"Well, I couldn't let you have all the glory" Sokka stated, trying to play it off. He wasn't going to give her the pleasure of knowing he was worried about her well-being. He had a reputation after all.

"I dropped my staff" Aura muttered, looking over at where it landed. Sokka got up and ran to the staff.

"Got it" he assured the tired girl, picking it up. However, another hand grabbed it as well. Zuko tried to use it to climb up, but Sokka poked him in the head, like how Zuko did to him earlier. Zuko then fell down towards the ocean, only to grab the anchor chain to prevent him from falling into the freezing water below. "HA! That's from the Water Tribe!" Sokka gloated. REVENGE!

Meanwhile, Katara was helping Aura onto Appa, who lied down to help his mistress as the soldiers stood back up. Katara gasped and quickly tried to defend them with waterbending. The soldiers stopped, a little worried as they've never fought a waterbender before. They already took out the last ones years ago, and the Fire Nation hadn't been prepared to attack the North, who had benders with much more experience than the South. Katara tried to freeze the soldiers, but her plan backfired. Literally. The water moved behind her instead and Sokka's feet became frozen to the ship.

"Katara!" he exclaimed in annoyance, before grabbing his boomerang and starting to chop the ice. The soldiers continue to run towards Katara, no longer afraid, seeing that the girl was in no way ready to use her bending to fight. The younger teen turned around and prays to the spirits that it'll work the same again. This time, thankfully, the water froze her intended targets, before Katara climbed on top of Appa, where Aura was slowly regaining her bearing.

"Hurry up Sokka!" she called out.

"I'm just a guy with a boomerang" he mumbled to himself, "I didn't ask for all this flying and magic!" He finally chopped off the last piece of ice and hurried up Appa's tail. "Yip-yip! Yip-yip!"

Appa moaned and flapped his tail, before flying into the air. Iroh saw this just as he came out from his nap, though he rubbed his eyes thinking he was imagining it. After all, flying Bison haven't been seen in over a century, either extinct or in hiding since the death of their human companions. Iroh, over his shock, quickly helped his nephew back onto the ship after noticing him hanging off the side. Zuko glared up at the now flying away Appa, who was carrying his ex prisoner.

"Shoot them down!" he demanded, before joining his uncle in sending a giant blast of fire at them.

Aura quickly stood up and deflected the fireball to the glacier on the side. The fireball caused the ice and snow to crash onto Zuko's ship. Aura, Katara and Sokka all laughed as they flew away, while Aura smirked and winked at Zuko, sending a small flirty kiss towards him, which Iroh noticed as Zuko tried to ignore it.

"Good news for the Firelord, the Fire Nation's greatest threat, is just a teenaged girl" Iroh remarked blandly.

"That teenaged girl, uncle, just did this" Zuko replied, pointing to the heavy damage Aura and her friends made to their ship, "I won't underestimate her again."

"You probably would've won if you hadn't been distracted with how pretty you thought she was" Iroh stated flippantly.

"I don't think she's pretty!" Zuko yelled at his uncle, who waved him off. It was obvious to the old man that his nephew was simply lying to himself to make him feel better. Just his luck to be stuck with an angsty hormonal teenager. But he loved his nephew, either way, the prince being practically another son. "Dig the ship out and follow them!" Zuko ordered to his crew. Before he noticed that they were thawing out the other soldiers, "As soon as you're done with that."

With Aura and Friends

"How did you do that with the water?!" Katara asked excitedly, "It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

"I don't know. I just, sort of, did it" Aura shrugged.

Katara tilted her head curiously, "Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?"

"Because," Aura hesitated, before looking away in shame, "I never wanted to be."

"But, Aura, the world's been waiting for the Avatar to return and finally put an end to this war" Katara argued.

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Aura exclaimed, overwhelmed with the responsibility on her.

Katara paused in thought, "According to legend, you need to first master water, then earth, then fire, right?"

"That's what the monks told me" Aura sighed.

"Well if we go to the North Pole, you can master waterbending" Katara pointed out. Aura smiled widely when she realized her friend was right. She still wasn't happy with all the responsibilities, but she'll pretend for Katara. Besides, maybe she'll grow to like being the Avatar in time.

"We can learn it together!" Aura exclaimed in excitement.

"And, Sokka, I'm sure you'll get to knock some firebender heads on the way" Katara remarked to her brother, who smirked.

"I'd like that. I'd really like that" he nodded.

"Then we're in this together!" Katara proclaimed happily.

"Alright, but before I learn waterbending, we have some serious business to attend to" Aura said, taking out a map. She unfolded it and showed her new companions three different places, pointing them out, "Here, here, and here."

"What's there?" Katara asked curiously.

"Here, we'll ride the hopping llamas. Then way over here, we'll surf on the backs of giant koi fish. Then back over here, we'll ride the hog monkeys. They don't like people riding them, but that's what makes it fun!" she explained to them with a slightly mad grin on her face. She blamed Bumi for that. The siblings exchanged a wary glance with one another. Avatar or not, Aura was still a fun-loving girl. And both doubted there'd be any way to dissuade the airbender from taking those detours.

A few hours later, the sun went down, and the siblings fell asleep. Aura, however, couldn't, so she let her mind drift off. She started to think about that Fire Nation prince that tried to keep her captive. Now she couldn't get him out of her head. She also can't help but think that this was going to bite them in the butt at some point in time...

To be continued...

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