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It's been 2 days since Black Mists attack, and I found myself more cautious. I started scanning my surrounding constantly. While doing so, I also think.

How would I regain my memories? Clearly, I was here for an important reason. But why? And how did I end up with Yuma of all of the humans littering the planet? There had to be a reason for everything that's happened. I just can't seem to be able to figure it out.

"Kattobingu!" I glanced over my shoulder at Yuma, who was grinning at Tetsuo. Tetsuo held what looked like an oval-shaped board of wood in one hand, wheels attached to one side. "Let's go!"

Tetsuo let the board drop to the ground and placed one foot on. "Ready?"

Yuma got into a ready position. "Set…"

"Go!" at the same instant, Tetsuo pushed the board forward with his foot and Yuma took off running.

As I followed, I noticed something glint around Yuma's neck. I wasn't able to examine it until Yuma slowed to a stop before Kotori.

It was a golden pendant, with the charm looking like an oddly built key. I blinked, feeling something tug at my consciousness from my subconscious. But whatever it was, I couldn't focus on it. When I tried, they seemed to simply disappear, as though they hadn't been there in the first place.

What did it mean?

"It's about time you two arrived," Kotori laughed, "I thought your guys weren't gonna make it before the rain began." She pointed to the sky, where a bunch of floating, grey, fluffy things were blocking out the normal blue that covered the surface.

Yuma took a deep breath and grinned, turning to Tetsuo. "I win!"

"You do not!" Tetsuo said.

Kotori sighed. "Actually it was a tie."

"Good enough for me!" Yuma said, "Kattobingu! Let's go!"

"Try and pay attention in class this time," Kotori said as they started walking, "We're supposed to be reviewing for a test today. Knowing you, you slept through the lessons needed."

Yuma puffed his cheeks out. "Whatever. It's not my fault school's so boring." This statement resulted in Kotori grabbing his ear and pulling it harshly. "Gah! Stop it, Kotori! It's hurts!"

As I followed, I looked at the pendant around Yuma's neck once again. It glinted in the dim lighting around us, and I frowned, feeling the odd tug again.

What did it mean?

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