So…my first 3-way x-over! Durarara!, Fragile Dreams and Mirai Nikki all packed into one adventure and romance filled story where the main pairing are IzayaxShizuo, CrowxSeto and AkisexYukiteru! Hope y'all enjoy!

-Energy pack detected-



-Start Up Start-

-Initiating System Check-

-50% Online-

-Memory Banks Secure-

-System Check Complete-

-98% Online-

-Initiating Self Check-

-Self Check Complete-

-Turning On…-

I felt soft jolts race down my being as I gained conscious thought. Geez, I felt horrible. What the hell happened to me? Memories rushed back. My batteries ran out…and Seto…how was I awake?

Through my still muffled hearing, I heard a voice talking. When it cleared, I heard someone say "He's awake!" it sounded like Seto…

Slowly, I pulled my cat like green eyes open, finding myself staring into dark blue ones. The owner had pale skin, collarbone length red hair and wore a long turquoise coat.

He scooted back a bit as I sat up and asked "Who are you?"

I was silent for a moment. Did he…not remember me? Then again, he looks younger than I remember…I know! I'll greet him like I did when we first met!

"Didn't your mom ever teach you any manners?" I asked, standing up, towering over him, "You first."

He was silent for a moment. "My name…is Seto."

I blinked. I had no doubt…this was my friend but…why didn't he remember me? I sighed, ignoring his presence for a bit, and walked over to a large crow feather. I picked it up. Seto must have put it here after my batteries ran out.

"Mister?" I glanced over my shoulder at Set. "You haven't told me your name."

I spun quickly, dropping the feather. "Oh, yeah! You can call me Crow! C-R-O-W!"

He nodded. "O-okay. Crow, why were you in here?

I frowned and knelt down. "How old are you?"

He blinked at me. "Uhh…14."

This kid's even younger than the Seto I know! I read of something like this before…I think it's called Reincarnation?

"Think you can keep a secret?" I asked.

He nodded. "O-of course!"

"Well, I'm not human." He gave me a confused look. "I know what your thinking. I LOOK human, but I'm not. On the outside I look human, but on the inside I'm made of machine parts like these scrap robots around us. Now, tell me how you found me."

He looked at his hands, curled into fists on his lap. "Well, mom and dad are busy. They aren't my real parents-they adopted me. Anyway, they're both busy, so I decided to go and walk around. The next thing I know, I was here. I found you just lying buried in these things. I moved forward and placed two fingers to your neck, like this." He placed his index and middle finger on my neck, kinda close to my ear. "I didn't feel anything, and I was worried you were dead. But then you jerked. I startled me and I jumped back as you started waking up."

"That's odd," I muttered, not looking at him, "My batteries ran out! How did I turn on?"

"Um, do you have anywhere to stay?" he asked, "Because if you don't, I think my mom and dad might let you stay with us."

I examined him for a moment, "Well, I don't have anywhere else to go, so sure."

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