Past Haunts: Chapter 1

This is my White Collar fic. I love this show!:) It makes me smile all the time. This and criminal minds. I'm getting ahead of myself, but U think I have an idea for a CM fic. Anyone interested? Let me know. For now, R&R this. It's AU, so disregard anything we have learned of Neal's past so far. (BTW all of my fics will be rated T cause I'm just paranoid. I don't curse in any of my fics, but there might be hints to some past/current non con. Never any description! Just mentioned, and dealing with after affects of trauma, possibly) Anyways, I'm rambling. SORRY! To the story!:)

Warnings: Oh! and don't kill me! Has Neal whumpage, and some mentions of past non con. as stated above, never anything desrciptive. Read these warnings BEFORE you read please!

Disclaimer: I don't own white collar, just this plot line. *sigh*

"So, Peter, about that new Impressionism exhibit on 5th Avenue-" Agent Peter Burke held a hand up to stop Neal before he got started...again.

"Neal, we've talked about this. It's outside your radius, and after that little stunt you pulled last week, you're lucky they didn't cut it in half." Neal sighed and looked even more like a pouting child.

"How many times have I said that you should be glad I did that. Finch would have gotten away if I didn't-" He noticed that Peter was no longer paying attention to his pleading but was staring curiously behind him. Neal turned, wondering what could be more fascinating than a Neal Caffrey story in the works, and what he saw made his stomach clench.

A man about ten years older than Peter was wandering into the White Collar Division and stopped at Neal's desk. He had a pile of dark brown hair on his head and blue eyes to rival Neal's. He just towered over Neal's height, and instead of lean muscle, he was still boasting a physique that hinted at being very well built when he was younger.

"Neal, who's that at your desk?" Neal quickly looked over at his partner. He was a con man, he could hide fear easily, but not when something like this popped out of nowhere. He wouldn't look Peter in the eye.

"Um.. Not sure. I'll go check." He moved off, leaving the older man wondering who in the world could have shaken the great Neal Caffrey like that.

Jones's Desk

As Neal approached his desk, the stranger looked up with a grin spreading across his face. Peter didn't like that grin; it looked like it was hiding something malicious. Peter especially didn't like the way the stranger grasped Neal's shoulder in an almost too tight, possessive gesture. Neal tensed and that was the last straw.

"Jones," The junior agent looked up. "Yes, Boss?" Peter kept his gaze locked on the two in front of him.

"Do you know who that guy is talking to Caffrey?" Clinton turned to his computer screen.

"No, but I can check." He was already clicking away, as Peter headed towards the men.

Neal's Desk

Neal didn't hear Peter walk up behind him. He was too busy trying not to look like he wanted to run out of the building and puke. He flinched in surprise as another meaty hand clamped onto his shoulder, granted this one was a lot kinder than the first.

"So, Neal, you gonna introduce me to your friend here?" The con man turned towards his friend, not anxious to have his back to the other.

"Yeah, sure. Peter, this" A hand shot out from behind him and it took all of his skills not to flinch and hide.

"The name's John, John Caffrey."


"Caffrey?" Peter's eyebrows shot up. After all the time Peter spent chasing Neal, they had never found out anything more than his name and age. 'Neal Caffrey, age 18 ', even though Peter suspected that age was just as fake as his name. Though now his name seemed to be solidifying with this mysterious new plot twist. Neal could see the cogs turning in his partners head, so he took the direct approach.

"Peter, this is my dad." Peter noticed the slight tensing in Neal's shoulders as he said that last word. He subtly put himself between Neal and as a sudden protective instinct took over. The older Caffrey pretended not to notice and kept on grinning.

"Pleased to me you, Agent Burke. It's good to finally meet someone else capable of keeping Neal in line." Peter's gut twisted at that. What is that supposed to mean? Peter made a mental note to sit Neal down later and have a long chat with him.

"So, what brings you to the White Collar Division, Mr. Caffrey? Are you here to report a crime?" Peter would feel better if the man was just here for business.

"Well, after spending years dealing with Missing Persons, something finally came to fruition, and I found my son after all this time." He clamped his hand on Neal's shoulder again, giving it a supposedly loving shake and eliciting the same reaction as before. This didn't seem like the kind of reunion you would expect in a missing person's case. Neal looked like he really wanted to run.

"Agent Burke, since this is the first time I've seen my son in years, do you think you could let him off work early to spend some quality time with his old man?" The older man looked to Neal expectantly as though waiting for him to help him out. Peter couldn't miss the fear that flashed briefly in his young partner's blue eyes, but it was quickly shoved away, and Neal flashed him one of his famous smiles.

"That would be great, Peter." Without some verbal protest, Peter couldn't see any reason to deny the request.

"I guess that would be alright, but you've still got work tomorrow, so I expect to see you bright and early." The older Caffrey looked like he had just won the lottery.

"Thank you so much, Agent. And don't worry. I'll make sure Neal gets here on time." At that, the two turned and walked out the glass doors. Peter's gut twisted uncomfortably from years of sharpening his instinct. He walked over to Jones.

"Jones, I want you to keep an eye on Caffrey's tracker tonight." Clinton looked confused.

"Uh, sure, Boss. Was that guy really Neal's-"

"I honestly don't know. Run his name for me. See if anything comes up."

"You got it, Boss." Peter looked towards the double doors, silently hoping Neal would bound back in and that nothing had happened. Neal, what is really going on here?

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