"Mommy why can't I show my ears?" the young silverette asked holding his mother's hand as they walked together in the forest. The full moon showed above the duo as it bathed them in soft light. The mother closed her glowing blue eyes as the late spring wind tossed her dark brown hair.

"Being a wolf is very dangerous in our world Zero, especially if you are a male. You must never let someone know about you dear for I fear if you do you will suffer the fate many of our kind has." She sighed holding her dear son close. "Please be careful Zero, daddy and I would be very sad if your heart breaks. God knows those vampiric bastards will only use you like they have done to so many of our race."

"It's okay Mommy I will never let anyone know so I won't die. Besides I only wanna be with someone I love." Zero smiled up at his mother his appearance was exactly like any other eight year old save for the silver hair, lilac eyes, fluffy silver wolf ears where his human ears should be and finally a soft silver fur covered tail sticking out from under his shirt.

The duo returned slightly after midnight to a waiting father smiling from the door way. "Hay there, bout time you two got back. Ichiru stayed up till about an hour ago waiting for you guys."

"Heh, sorry daddy I'll go up there right now. Gnite!" the little silverette chimed running up the stairs to join is twin brother in bed.

Later the two parents stood in the doorway watching as their twin boys slept in bed one human like their father the other wolf like their mother. "Honey I am worried. We can't hide Zero forever. Eventually the vampires will find him. I can't stand the thought of my little boy bonded to some son of a bitch pureblood or aristocrat that will only use him to make an heir then throw him away." Her husband just pulled his crying wife into his arms gently brushing her soft furry ears with his fingers.

"We won't my dear, I promise we won't."

A/N: yay go Irony. This story will be kinda AU. They all still attend Cross Academy and they all think Zero is a level D. the main difference is that Zero-chan is a werewolf. (Let me specify the only change is that he will have wolf ears and a tail. I don't like the hybrid type and how could Kaname screw him in wolf form so this is the only way he will appear.) I think I will make Yuuki a bitch in this one also. This takes place after the Shizuka arch. Ichiru got shot in his punk ass by Zero too. Yuuki was awakened and there will be no Rido Arch. Please tell me what you all think.