Chapter 12

Kaname forgot all besides getting his silverette the help he needed. Climbing into his car he ordered the driver to go to his private safe house near Cross Academy. Zero's head rested on the pureblood's lap, soft shallow breaths escaping past his pale lips. The vampire gently ran his hand through his lover's greasy tangled hair, promising him that it was going to be okay, that they would be home soon.

Fishing out his cellphone with his free hand the pureblood quickly punched in the headmaster's number. It rang a few times before a worried, anxious voice came over the speaker. "Kaname please tell me you have him." Cross said his voice revealing his old age.

"Yes Cross I have him, I am headed to the safe house now. Bring Aidou with you when you come."

"Wait," the ex-hunter said nervously, "why does Aidou need to come. Is Zero alright? Kaname what happened?!" Cross's voice became more concerned as he talked. In the background the vampire could hear Yagari's angry/worried voice.

"That's not important right now just get Aidou to the safe house, I will meet you there." Kaname said hanging up the phone, resisting the urge to throw the damn thing. He should have gone after Yuuki, he should have made sure she was dead. Why didn't he just kill her that night she attacked Zero? It was all in the past now, he would just have to live with the consequences of his actions and hope that Zero would live through the mess he created.

After what felt like a lifetime the vehicle finally pulled into the drive. Cross stood quietly by the door in a calm state but his appearance was anything but. His long hair was pulled back into a messy pony tail, the scarf he was always wearing was god knows where, and black marks under his eyes showed just how little sleep he had gotten these past few weeks.

Kaname jumped out of the vehicle cradling a weak, dead looking Zero to his chest with care. Quickly the pureblood entered the cabin setting the Wolf down on the bed in the master bedroom. Aidou followed carrying his medical equipment with him after glancing the silverette over to make sure it was not a corpse on the bed. The noble leaned in checking the boy's pulse and breathing. Every move he made he could feel the vampire's gaze drilling into his back. His hands twitched and jerked about as he reached in his bag for a syringe. "Kaname-sama not to be rude but I will be able to work better without you in here."

The pureblood's eyes narrowed at the squirming noble in front of him, he was about to object to the statement when Cross, who had been sitting quietly for a while now, spoke up. "He is right, the faster Aidou can work the sooner Zero will get better. Why don't you and I go into the sitting room and discuss what you failed to inform me over the phone?"

"I am not sure if there's anything I can do for Kiryu in this condition," Aidou muttered. Kaname snapped around eyeing Aidou, making him jump. "But rest assured I won't rest until I have tried everything possible!" The pureblood nodded stiffly as he and the ex-hunter walked out of the room. The noble let out a sigh of relief as he continued his work.

Outside the room Kaname sat across from the headmaster as he drank the tea that Seiren had got for them. "So what happened after you reached the compound?" Cross started, glancing at the pureblood.

"Once I arrived, Seiren went to handle the guards as I searched for Zero. I found the cell where they had been keeping him first. It was awful. No bed, just hay and a leaking sink. The air reeked of mold and death. I left following the trail but I got there only in time to see Zero fall to the ground tears on his cheeks and a broken smile on his lips. I thought he was dead." Kaname shook his head trying to clear out the haunting memory that was forever burned into his mind. "I killed the pureblood who took him, but Yuuki got away. I was about to track her down when i heard his breathing… I..I thought I was hallucinating at first from the grief when I saw his chest move but I checked and his heart was still beating." Cross just watched him, knowing the pain the pureblood must have gone through seeing his one lying dead on the ground. "After that I called you coming here."

"Excuse me but I have my diagnosis." Aidou said shifting from one foot to another. "Kiryu as kept in a horrid area, deprived of food and clean water, along with being injured. Luckily the injuries healed without infection but they will leave scars. He has been running a high fever for a while as well." The noble drew in a breath before he continued, "under normal circumstances he would have been healing by the full moon but… it appears that he has given up living."

"But why, he hasn't been bitten right?" Cross asked while Kaname's mind was filled with pure murder. Why didn't he kill that bastard slower, he should have. Oh wait, Yuuki was still alive, yes he could kill her slowly, yes. The pureblood was pulled from his thoughts when the noble responded.

"No thankfully. What I believed happened was that his captors had somehow convinced him that Kaname-sama no longer loved him, Kiryu's mind couldn't handle the betrayal so it shut down anticipating his heart stopping. However because he still feels love for Kaname-sama and they never officially mated his heart kept beating though slower. Unfortunately if he stays in this state much longer I fear that his heart will follow after his brain."

"So basically Zero is in a coma and if he doesn't come out of it he will die." Cross summed up rubbing his eyes. "So how do we get him out of the coma?"

"Kaname-sama has to convince him that he still loves him and he should pull through, the problem is that his brain is unresponsive."

"How am I supposed to convince him if he is unconscious and I can't acess his brain?" he said sharply his nerves wearing thin.

"Mate with him."

"What?" Aidou and Kaname said.

"Mate with him." Cross said light shining in his eyes as he jumped up. "It will fix everything! He will gain strength from the bond and it should awaken him, plus he doesn't need to be conscious for it!"

Kaname just stared at him, this was the same man who threatened to kill him if he ever tried to do that to his child. "He is right Kaname-sama that should work, but you need to be careful. Vampiric mating while not as serious as wolf mating is still very serious. If your mate dies you can still find a new mate but the previous bond will still exist and cause pain, even madness to the affected vampire."

"I know the risks Aidou but Zero is more important. I will do anything to get him back. Besides he still hasn't told me in person yet."

"Right. Well then Aidou, let's be heading back to the school. Call me later to tell me about Zero's condition. I will try to hold back Yagari for as long as possible." Cross said standing and heading towards the door.

"But wait, shouldn't I stay and watch over Kiryu's condition?" Aidou asked.

"Aidou-kun, mating is a very private matter and I don't think that Kaname or Zero would like you to watch."

"Oh...OH...Ya I should...ya let's go." Aidou said getting very red faced practically running out the door."

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Kaname sat on the bed holding Zero in his arms as he drew blood from his own wrist, gently the pureblood pressed his lips to the wolf's letting the blood slip between them. The silverette's breath grew heavier as a faint blush appeared on his cheeks. After all the blood was drank the pureblood sat the wolf up as he leaned into that creamy neck. It smelled just as sweet as he always imagined, even after all the dirt and grime from cell. Pressing a small kiss to the junction where neck met collarbone, the vampire grazed his tongue along the surface before biting down.

The pureblood moaned lowly at the taste. It was like a memory long forgotten; familiar and breathtaking. He could feel his heart give a stuttering beat at every gulp of the wolf's sweet lifeblood. He felt a pulling force in his mind like it was calling out to its other half. He allowed it, following down the path after it only to meet darkness. In the darkness a small light shown, so weak that Kaname feared the slightest breath would cause it to go out, but as the pull got stronger so did the light. It showed brighter and brighter until the vampire feared he would go blind from its brilliance, but instead it was warmth that greeted him. He could hear faint whispers calling to him until he finally opened his eyes.

The sight before him made tears come to him. Tired pools of lilac glanced up at him through silver lashes, and a faint smile pale cracked lips. "Kaname." the voice he feared he would never hear again said. "Kaname...came bac….still lov...please…lea…"

"Shhh." the pureblood hushed him. "I'm here, I love you. I always will, I'll never leave you Zero, never.

With care Kaname lifted the wolf into his arms, leading him to the bath. Once inside the vampire turned on the shower, setting Zero down as he undressed them. Stepping into the shower, he sat with the silverette in between his legs, as the shower head above sent a warm spray down on them. Grabbing the shampoo he rubbed it into his lover's silver hair, mindful of those beautiful silver fur ears he loved so much. The smell of lavender filled the stall as the tired hunter melted into the vampire's touch.

Once the matted, greasy, grime filled hair once more shown like silver he moved on towards washing the equally dirty tail draped lazily on his upper thigh. The pureblood cleaned it, scrubbing the soap in lightly as Zero moaned lowly at the actions. "Hush love. Not today, you need to rest okay?" The wolf nodded dropping his head back onto Kaname's shoulder. After cleaning off the rest of the dirt that was on the boy, he turned off the shower. Grabbing the two towels waiting for him, he wrapped the first around the silverette and the other around his own waist.

Back in the bedroom after drying the hunter off, the vampire stood gathering some clothing for bed, dressing himself simply in boxers and Zero in one of his more comfortable shirts. Kaname crawled back into bed and under the covers where his love waited for him. Pulling the sleepy wolf flush against his chest he buried his nose in that sweet smelling silver hair as fur ears brushed his face. "Sweet dreams my hunter."

"Night Kaname…" Zero said, sleep making his voice grow quiet. "I love you," he whispered against the pureblood's neck.

Warmth spread through Kaname like lightning, he hugged the wolf tighter. "I love you too Zero."

End of Chapter

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