I walked along the bridges which connected our tree-bound homes. They really were magnificent -high in the woods where the flood couldn't wash them away; each tailored to our own, personal tastes; fit for any post-apocalyptic king (or queen)!

Despite the magnificence of our new homes, I knocked on Iggy's door solemnly. No answer.

"Hey, Ig. I know you're in there. Please, just let me in."

No answer.

So naturally, I slammed my fist against the door as hard as I could and snapped, "Open up!"

This time, the door opened and a pair of damp blue eyes glared bitterly into space, "What do you want, Max? I'm trying to sleep?"

I pursed my lips, then raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to let me in?"


"Let me in."

He grit his teeth and hesitated before moving aside. I looked around at the splintered remains of what used to be furniture, shattered picture frames (why did the blind kid needed pictures? don't ask me), and scattered clothes everywhere.

"Iggy," I said, as gently as possible, "what did you do?"

No answer.


"Shut up!"

I frowned, taken aback by his sudden outburst, "Excuse me?"

"Just...shut up, okay? I don't want to talk, I don't need one of your lectures on why I'm not supposed to blow up my furniture o- or throw my pictures, I don't need you telling me how bad this all looks -Okay? I know how bad it looks! I've felt it! You don't even know! I didn't invite you in here so just...just get out!"

I didn't say anything for a long moment. I was probably pale as a ghost. I didn't know what you say besides, "I know how you feel."

"No," he countered, slamming himself backward onto his bed with amazing aim. "No, you don't! I just lost the first person I've ever really loved!"

I frowned and sat beside him, "How can you even say that? You have us!"

"It's not the same! You don't- How would you feel if you lost Fang?"

I frowned.

"Pretty darn crappy, hu?"

"That doesn't-"

"That has everything to do with this, Max! And you know that! You know how I felt about Ella, so you should get that I'm not exactly feeling like the happiest person in the world right now!"

"She was my sister," I snapped, white fire burning holes through my heart, "Of course I know how you feel, but I'm not destroying every freaking thing in sight!"

"'Sight,'" He laughed, bitterly, "That's a good one, Max. Real good!"

"That's not what I- You know what I meant!"

"Yeah, I do, except you did act like this, remember? When Fang disappeared?"

I grit my teeth.

I swear, I would kill this kid if he wasn't so pathetic right now, I thought and I had to close my eyes to keep myself even somewhat calm, "That's different."

"No, it isn't!" he shot to his feet and threw his hands in the air, "In what parallel universe is this different?"

"Iggy, calm down," I growled, shedding whatever already thin layer of patience I might have had.

"Calm down? Wow, you reallyjust can't take a hint, can you? I can't calm down!"

"Why? Is it because if you don't you'll start crying?" I snapped, standing as well, "is it because...because you're afraid you might break down again? You're scared that...that if you lie down..." I strained to keep my voice from cracking, "you won't be able to get back up?"

I was never really the best at making heart-felt speeches, but that seemed to get his attention.

"I do get it, Ig...and you don't have to accept my help but, if you ever want to admit it -that you can't do this on your own- I'm here."

I rushed out and didn't stop until I got back to my place. I looked around one, twice, three times to make sure I was alone. I broke down.