"Aang, you got a message. It's not good." Katara hands Aang the letter.

"What seems to be the problem?" Aang asks, as Katara hands him the letter. He begins to read.

Dear Avatar Aang,

The Nickelodeon Racing Arena will be under attack in a few days and we need your help! There are plans being held by villains to steal the trophies for themselves. There will be fifteen other racers, and 12 racers per race. You must stop these villains, but do not alarm the racers. The best way of doing this is by entering the race yourself and going undercover. Your entry will be taken care of. Your friends will not be able to join you in the race, it's too dangerous. But, if you need reinforcements in case you locate one or all of the villains, your friends will be great backup. You will also be assisted by another adversary in this hazardous mission. A portal will appear tomorrow afternoon to take you to the Nick Stadium. We need your help, Aang. You will be rewarded anything you wish and a hero of honor for helping us in this time of need. One more thing: Children will be at this race, so casualties will be unacceptable. You are very brave for taking this task on short notice, Aang. We have faith in you.

"That is serious. I need a kart to do this risky task." Aang exclaims.

"Don't worry, we can build you one. We usually wouldn't, but this seems serious." Soka enters in when they are talking.

"If kids are involved, it can't be good." Katara added.

"If it gets to dangerous out there, I got your back." Zuko also adds.

"Thank you. I'll need the help. Now, it's time to get to work." Aang says seriously.

Want to see Aang save the day one more time? Tune in for Nickelodeon Racing II: The Return of the Grand Prix, out now!