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Monday morning came quickly to Central City. The sun was just begining to rise, the birds were chirping a happy tune, and six soldiers in six apartments were readying themselves for work. They each rolled out of their beds, left their bedrooms and went to their respective kitchens. After breakfasts had been devoured, bathrooms were steamed up with hot water, hair and bodies were washed and teeth and faces were brushed and cleansed. Bedrooms were live with activities as uniforms were pulled on, hair was styled, and finishing touches were added. Readied soldiers exitied their apartments, keys in hand and began the drive to work, each contemplating the events of the previous weekend and bracing themselves for whatever they would face upon stepping into the office.

Roy Mustang was the first in the office. He walked to his desk, sat down and put his feet up. Next in the room was Vato Falman. He strode in, said hi to his superior, and sat at his desk to begin his paperwork. Heymans Breda was next to arrive. He walked to his desk, nodded hello to his fellow officers and ploped in his chair. Jean Havoc and Kain Furey walked in together, said hello to the others, and sat at their desks to continue their conversation. They had been discussing the football game that was on last night and the other men soon joined in.

A few minutes later, Riza Hawkeye entered the room. An akward silence fell over the room as the blonde woman made her way to her desk. Everyone stared at her, and she felt very self-conscious.

"Why the hell are you all gawking at me?"

Roy's eyebrows cocked and he smirked, attepting to hold back a chuckle. "The better question, Lieutenant, is 'Were you dancing at Madame Christmas's bar Friday night?'"

Riza stopped dead in her tracks and sighed inaudibly. Oh well. Figured it would get out eventually... She turned around and, in a playful tone, answered the Colonel's question.

"Maybe I was there." She walked to Roy and the others at the table in a very slow and deliberate manner. Upon reaching Roy, she ran her fingers over his shoulders as she walked past. " If I recall correctly, Sir, you didn't seem to have a problem with it..." Riza stopped near Furey. "None of you did." She trailed two fingers down the back of the blushing man's neck and whispered in his ear in seductive tone. "Especially you, Furey."

Furey practically jumped out of his seat and began stammering and yelling like a mad man.

"I'm sorry Lieutenant! I still have the utmost respect for you! I looked away as soon as I saw you! I told the others that we should leave, but they wouldn't listen!" He gave Havoc a pained expression that screamed 'HELP ME!' but Jean just sat there. Falman quirked an eyebrow at Furey.

"It was actually me that said that. You however, told me not to be such a buzz kill, if i remember correctly. And I'm quite sure I remember correctly, Seargent..."

Riza cocked her eyebrows. So, it's just as I thought... I had suspected a little crush, but if he enjoyed the show that much... I might just have to give him another in private. The look on Hawkeye's face made Kain cringe, especially since it looked to be directed at him *gulp*.

The day from there went on in an akward silence, and when five p.m. rolled around, everyone except Riza made a mad dash for the door.

"Furey, could you stay for a minute? I'd like to talk to you about a paper you left on my desk."

"Uh, ok Lieutenant."

"Aw boy, You're in for it now, Kain ol' buddy! Good luck!" Jean said as he briskly walked out the door waving at his best friend.

"Damn it, Havoc!" Furey whined.

"Ahem." Kain snapped his head back at the sound of Hawkeye clearing her throat. "It seems to me that a certain Seargent has been a very naughty little boy this weekend." Riza purred. She stepped around her desk and towards Furey, who began to nervously back up.

"I-I-I don't-t know w-what you're talking about, L-lieutenant. I didn't do anyt-thing."

"Oh come now, no need for such, formalities Kain... Not when you've seen me damn near naked."

Kain backed into the wall, and Riza's face was mere inches from his. She looked like a mighty lioness about to pounce on her prey. He was begining to freak out. God, she makes me nervous when she looks at me like that... But damn, is it sexy... GAH, Stop thinking like that! Riza leaned closer to the Seargent, her lips ghosting over his cheek. She whispered in Kain's ear.

"You got to see mine, so why don't you show me yours?" She then trailed her hot, wet tongue over the outer edge of his ear.

Furey's eyes widened"*gulp* You mean like..."

"Yes." Hawkeye slipped an index finger under the waistband of Furey's trousers and pulled at it, sliding her finger side to side."I mean that..."

Oh man oh man oh man, whatdoIdo!? I've got nowhere to run!

"I saw the way you looked at me while I danced, Kain... The others were right. You looked like a horny teenage boy that couldn't control himself. Maybe I ought to teach you some self-control. Would you like that, Kain." By now, Riza had slipped her whole hand in Furey's pants and began running her fingers over his boxer-clad, rock-stiff erection.

"Oh God, Hawkeye! Please!" Kain was panting and straining against the constricting fabric of his underwear.

She ran a finger under his chin. "Good boy... Beg me for it."

"Please, Riza... I need you..." Kain moaned at Hawkeye's touch.

"What do you need from me Kain?"

"I need out of these damn clothes."

"As you wish..." Riza began to strip Kain. She slid him out of his shoes and socks, then ran her hand up his legs, brushing over his groin, up his torso, to his chest. The blonde undid the buttons of the black haired man's jacket and it was cast aside on the nearby couch. She took to his neck as she undid his dress shirt, licking and sucking at his pulsepoint, prompting him to wrap his arms around her shoulders. He loosened her hair from its captivity, and fisted a hand in the golden tresses, the other gripping the back of her jacket.

"Someone wants it bad." Riza chuckled.

"Yeah..." came the breathy response.

"Alright, beg for it like a good boy, and you shall recieve." She moved her mouth back to his.

"Please Riza, I want... you to... make... love to... me..." Kain moaned between kisses.

Riza laid herself on the couch in the office. Kain slipped his pants the rest of the way off and climbed ontop of her. He began to undo her military jacket while she tried to slip off her pants, exchanging quick pecks on the lips and cheeks. Kain helped her get the confining garments the rest of the way off, and both items were promptly discarded on the floor. Riza's hands trembled, making it difficult to unbutton her shirt.

"Riza, did you want some help with that?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice."

Kain made quick work of the buttons, nimbly moving them through the holes with his long, slender fingers. As Hawkeye slipped off her shirt, Furey made a move for her bra.

"Buttercup yellow with lavender lace, cute... hahaha" chuckled Kain.

"Funny, Kain. Stop staring and keep undressing."

Heeding the lieutenant's words, Furey went back to work on the bra. He undid the clasp rather clumsily, and the bra was cast aside in the ever growing pile of clothes beside the couch. Kain slipped out of his dress shirt, and brought his head to Riza's panty line. Grasping the matching underwear with his teeth, he pulled them down and tossed them to the ground. Riza clawed at the waistband of Kain's boxers and he pulled them off.

"Dear God, Riza you're absolutely beautiful..." Kain breathed.

"You're quite the looker yourself, Kain."

The blonde took the glasses off the black haired man as they shared a passionate kiss, as hot hands roamed over even hotter bodies. She laid them on the coffee table near the couch. Sweat was starting to form on both parties, making their skin glisten in the flouresent lighting's glow. Delicous sounds flowed from the brown-eyed woman as her partner trailed kisses down her neck, over her pulsepoint, and to the middle of her chest. He took one of her perky pink nubs in his hot, wet mouth and gently sucked, running his tongue over the super sensitive flesh.

"Mmm. That feels good."

Furey switched sides and pleasured the neglected nipple of her left breast. He remained like that for a few seconds, relishing in the sounds coming from his superior officer. Riza brought Kain's lips back to hers. They met wildly, rougher than before, in a heated liplock. Hands were entwined in hair, and short nails on perfectly manicured hands clawed at a strong, muscled back. Furey broke the kiss and dipped his head back down to Riza's entrance. He licked at her clit and drew out a rather long and loud whining noise from the back of Hawkeye's throat. Furey kept licking and sucking at her clit, eventually coming up for air when a lack of oxygen threatened to make him pass out. He moved a finger to the outside of the lieutenant's sacred cavern, and stopped. Kain looked up at the woman lying on the couch, asking for her permission with his eyes. No words were exchanged, but a nod was given in the affirmitave, signaling that she was okay with the next course of action. The seargent slowly slicked up his pointer finger with his saliva before pushing it into the lieutenant's tight entrance. Riza gave a low whine, and nodded for him to continue. Kain slid his finger in and out, penetrating and exiting, every movement slow and deliberate. After a minute or two, he added a second finger and began to scisor Riza's pussy. The juices were begining to flow, coating his fingers and aiding them in their movements. Kain kept the pace, adding a third and final finger to the mix. Riza moaned and, after growing bored of the in and out and the sicsoring, gave Kain a look. She was practially begging for him to insert his dick inside of her.

"Are you sure you want me to do this, Lieutenant. It's not too late to back out."

"I wouldn't have initiated this if it wasn't what I wanted, Seargent. And I thought I told you to drop the formalities?"

"Yes ma'am."

Kain crawled up further on the couch, and had Riza take his length in her mouth. She happily obliged, swirling her tonuge around the tip of his throbbing need. She licked up and down the shaft, taking him back in her mouth and deepthroating him. She hummed as she did, and Kain let out a low growl. He was deffinatley enjoying the skills Hawkeye displayed for him. He removed his cock from her mouth and lined himself up with her slick, wet, pink hole. Kain looked Riza in the eyes as he penetrated her. She gave a high pitched whine, and he stopped, fearing that he had hurt his partner. Hawkeye took a few seconds to adjust to the new sensation of being filled, and nodded when it was okay for Furey to continue. He fully sheathed himself inside of her, and his mouth met her nipples once again. He began a steady pace of rocking his hips and she followed suit, meeting his rhythm with her own.

"Ah, Kain, it feels so good!"

"Mmm, Riza..."

They picked up the pace as the sensations began to overwhelm their bodies. Kain's mouth made its way to Riza's neck once more, and he sucked and nipped at her pulse, which had sped up due to the activity. Both lovers decided it was time to switch positions, and Riza wound up sitting in Kain's lap. Furey leaned back against the back of the couch and Riza leaned into him. She adjusted herself so that she was on her knees to give herself some leverage and increase her mobility. The picked up the pace even more and their breathing became erratic as they both neared their climax. Chapped, reddened lips met sensitive breasts once again and a pink muscle ran up and down hard nipples. The moistened nubs chilled as the mouth released them and they met with air.

"Oh... Kain... I'm so close...!"

"Me too... guh!"

Both lovers met in one last heated kiss. Kain broke the kiss, threw his head back, and grunted as his white hot seed spilled into an equally warm pink cavern and triggered the other's climax. A scream was ripped from Riza's throat as she came, pressing her forhead into the crook of Furey's neck and grinding her hips into his as she rode out her orgasm. The two laid down on the now soiled couch, cuddling and basking in the afterglow of their romp.

"Wow, that was so much better than I ever could have dreamed."

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. Listen Kain, I've got another show tonight at the bar. What do you say? Come see the show, then you can take me home afterwords, and we can do this again."

"I'll be there."

The two laid there for another minute or so to catch their breath, and then began to redress themselves. Sure enough, Kain went to Madame Christmas's bar that evening, and left with one very horny stripper for a repeat of what happend earlier.

The next day, Roy Mustang got a call from Furey's appartment.

"Hey boss, who was that?" asked Havoc.

"That was Furey. It seems that he and the Lieutenant won't be showing up for work today..."

Everyone just stared wide eyed and in disbelief at Roy.

Kain and Riza lay in his bed, and the blonde began to stir from her sleep. Turning over to face her bed partner, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned.

"What time is it?"

"Don't worry about it. I called us out. Go back to sleep."

"We're never going to hear the end of this tommorrow, Kain."

"Oh, I know. But man, is it worth it."

Kain grinned at Riza and they snuggled up under the covers, slowly drifiting back to the realm of sleep.

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