Chapter One(OriginalSegment343EditedSegment499)

The group of Gryffindors and Slytherins were sitting in an almost awkward silence before the door slammed open, and Severus Snape swept into the potions room with his robes billowing out behind him. When he reached the front of the room his eyes scanned over the heads before his eyes narrowed on two particular Gryffindors. "Weasley! Granger! Where is Potter?" He snarled.

Ron turned red, and Snape noticed that Hermione was glaring at him. "Go on Ronald! Tell him what you've done!"

"I gave him a sleeping potion."

Snape sneered. "You gave Potter a SLEEPING POTION!"

The third part of the notorious 'Golden Trio' had the decency to look incredibly sheepish. "Of course, I can't say much," he started, trying to find a way to phrase it without making anybody angry at him. 'Well, angrier than they already are.' "But to put it simply, he couldn't sleep, and I just helped him by slipping a little bit of dreamless sleep into his glass of water."

Everybody in the room was now looking at the boy like he was a particularly rude passerby. Hermione picked up her notebook, and began swatting him with it. "Dreamless sleep.. is addictive.. you bloody ponce!" When the notebook was ripped out of her hand, she simply glared at him. "He will be upset with you when he wakes up and realizes what's happened!" She huffed, before turning towards the front of the room, "How dare you."

Ron just rolled his eyes, huffed, and crossed his arms under the accusatory glares of the classroom. "Yeah well, when he realizes that the seven hours sleep that he's gotten this week, and that's a total, is thanks to me, then I'm sure he'll forgive me."

Snape just growled and waved his wand, making the instructions for the day's potion appear on the board. "This is what we're doing today, you do it right, or you may risk your life and the lives of those around you."

Had any of them been in Gryffindor tower, or any floor above five, they would have heard someone yell, "DAMN YOU RON!" Just moments before the cauldron in the back of the Potions class exploded.

Harry was sprinting through the corridors trying to make it to Potions class, figuring it better that he be late, than to not show up at all. He was doing just fine, only knocked two people over, until he made it to the staircase leading down to the dungeons. Two steps down the toe of his shoe caught, and he pitched forward, rolling, and flipping down the stairs until he landed in a groaning pile at the bottom with a resounding crack, and a flash of pain that burst through his arm. He stumbled to his feet, and trudged down the corridor towards the looming potions class. Moaning in pain, he somehow managed to get the door open, and closed behind him. "'m sorry 'm late." He slurred, before falling to the floor.