Chapter Nine

McGonnagall began handing out vials. "Normally we don't do it exactly like this, since becoming an animagus is a choice not a class requirement. But, due to recent events," her eyes narrowed on Neville as she handed him a vial, "we have decided that the seventh year students may take the potion that will reveal their animagus form, if they do in fact have one. As the chances in a class of twenty students all having a snake form animagus is incredibly low."

Moving to stand at the front of the room, she sadly looked at the empty space where Harry Potter should bed. Hermione raised her hand. "Professor, what if we all do have snake animagi?"

She snorted. "Then it will be another thing from this generation to add to the history books."

Hermione took it, and there was a badger sitting in her place. Ron drank his vial down and became a turtle. Draco, humorously enough, turned into a white ferret. Pansy Parkinson into a crow. Neville into a bear cub. Several of the students didn't change at all, and they looked like they were trying to decide if they were upset that they didn't have an animagus form, or if they were glad they didn't turn into snakes.


Harry sat in a plain room, quill in hand, and under the stern watch of an elderly ministry employee. "Begin."


Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office alone, Fawkes being out hunting, when the floo flared green. "Harry my boy!"

Harry moved towards the desk, and took a seat in one of the cushy armchairs. He handed the Headmaster two pieces of paper, and held out his hand. "It's a pleasure to see you again Headmaster. I hope I'm not imposing, but I hear you're short a professor."


Hermione frowned at the head table. "I wonder where Professor Tamberlike is." She murmured to herself, before turning towards her fiancé. "Honestly Ronald, have you no manners!" She cried when she saw him chewing with his mouth wide open.

He opened his mouth to respond when there was a light "hem hem." From the front of the room and everyone turned to see Dumbledore standing. "I'm sure some of you are wondering where Professor Tamberlike is, but rest assured that she is in good health. She had agreed to do the job while we were searching for a professor willing to ignore the curse that may or may not be on the position." There was light murmuring though the hall, but Dumbledore raised a hand to silence them. "I would like to introduce your new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Harry Potter."

I know that this is short, and jumps around quite a bit. But I made it so that I can make a sequel. I can't guarantee when it will be out, mind you, but after an anonymous review I got on HPandtheFP I didn't want it to seem like Harry 'forced' Severus into a relationship. So, in the sequel, Harry and Severus, will be getting to know each other as co workers, instead of teacher/student. To answer some questions that may arise from this chapter.

*The plain room – a room set aside for students to take or re-take exams in the ministry.

*The two pieces of paper – one was his N. E. W. T.'s scores, and the other was a letter from the board of Governors saying that he was approved for consideration of the job.

I just wanted to throw that out there so that, until the sequel is up, there aren't too many un-answered questions.

I am also writing an alternate ending to this, that involves de-aging, and people we all thought were dead really aren't.

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