"Another day of being a penguin…" Skipper says, lying down on his lounge chair. Kowalski appears with a letter.

"It's addressed to us, sir. It must be important if they know who we are." Kowalski hurriedly rushes over to Skipper.

"Well then? Hand it over." Kowalski hands him the file with the letter in it.

"It's from Big N." Kowalski explains.

"Big N? Nick?" Skipper asks in shock.

"Yes, sir." Private answers before Kowalski could.

"This is important if it's by the man who made us!" Skipper clearly breaks the fourth wall. He begins to read:

Skipper, I have a mission for you:

The Nick Stadium is imminent to attack, and you must stop these villains from raiding the stadum and taking the trophies for themselves. There will be fifteen other racers, and 12 racers per race. Your mission objective is to stop these villains, but without alarming the racers. You can figure out how to do that. You're smart, Skipper. Your colleagues will not be able to join you in the race, it's too dangerous. Instead, they will be guards who will protect the entrances as best to their abilities. In case you locate one or all of the villains, your allies will be great backup. A truck will appear tomorrow afternoon to take you to the Nick Stadium. We need your help, Skipper. This is the most important mission you ever faced, Skipper. If you unsuccessfully complete this mission, we will have no choice but to decommission you. One more thing: Children will be at this race, so casualties will be unacceptable. Also, I hate to say this Skipper but… Dr. Blowhole is one of those villains you must face. You are our greatest agent Skipper. Don't fail us in this time of need.

"Sweet mother of clams!" Skipper cries out.

"He seems serious." Private says.

"He is serious, Private. This is the whole corporation we're talking about at hand! Plus, Dr. Blowhole is one of those villains! I will not let him and his other men get away with this! This is important to me and my job as an agent!" Skipper begins to panic.

"Don't panic, Skipper. We will cover you. We will customize the car to be as fast as possible. We won't let you down, Skipper." Kowalski explains.

"Thanks, you guys. Now let's get to work." Skipper commands, now with pride.

Want to see Skipper really kick some tail? Tune in for Nickelodeon Racing II: The Return of the Grand Prix, out now!