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I was bored, and this plotbunny bit me hard, I was randomly thinking of an idea when this popped up. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Also, the letter is alot longer than that, but I'm going to be evil and let your minds come up with what the letter said...infact lets have a contest review what you think it said, and the best one gets an Ianthony one-shot.

Ian made a few gagging sounds and pretended to die, as he slumped down on the ground. Anthony chuckled and faced the camera towards himself.

"Ok well, thats about it for this edition of Mailtime with Smosh, leave any suggestions for Ian is bored down below." Said Anthony cheerfully before turning off the camera. Ian spat out th marbe he'd been holding in his mouth the entire time. Anthony laughed at Ian's grossed out face, clearly he hadn't liked the taste of that marble.

"Dude, That was nasty, next time lets do something else." Said Ian, as they cleaned up the rest of the mail. When Anthony noticed a particular letter, that was specifically addressed to him. He tilted his head to the side curiously, and opened it.

'I see you, you're so handsome with your hair as black as death, and your lips so full and kissable...'

Anthony smiled, at first believing it was another poem a fan had written. His smile began to fade as he read more and more...he swalloed the light in his throat, as the letter began to take a more disturbing tone...

'I'm coming for you Anthony, and when we meet, you'll feel my blade's kiss...soon we will be one...I can see as you read this...you look so pretty Anthony...can I keep you? '

"Dude, you ok?" Asked Ian in concern, Anthony immediately looked up and gave his best fake smile.

"Yea...I...I'm fine, just...just something stupid, its nothing." Said Anthony, he never liked it when people worried or fussed over him. Besides, there was nothing to worry about...it was probably just some stupid troll...so why did it scare him so badly?

Ian took the letter, wanting to see what had freaked out Anthony so badly. His blue eyes widened when he read it through, he felt disgusted at the thought of a person wanting to do these things to his best friend. He looked up at Anthony, who was looking down at the ground sheepishly.

"Don't worry, its just probably some stupid kid trying to be funny, you're ok...ok?" Said Ian, gently placing a comforting hand on Anthony's shoulder. Anthony was happy and enthusiastic, but deep down inside, his best friend had alot of self esteem issues. And while he had gotten better, there were times he retreated into his shell...like right now.

Anthony looked at his friend.

"You sure?" He asked, the leter had left him very shken up. I wasn't the first flame leter they got...but it was down right the creepiest.

"Positive." Said Ian, Anthony smiled back at his friend. He trusted Ian, and if Ian said things were going to be fine then they had to be fine...right?