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Ok, so wait. I. Know. You, suggested I do a sequel, and I was wondering if that was something you'd be interested in? And if infact it is, then what story would you like to see? Heres how it works:

You suggest your ideas for a sequel, the best three will be posted down below, in this chapter. And you will get to decide in a poll which idea you'd prefer. The winner will not only get their idea picked, but a oneshot of their choosing as well So, let the competition begin XD

Choice 1 GoPotter11Well, how about Beth's little sister (since Beth was an Anthony fan, she can be an Ian fan) is extremely angry and upset because Beth is dead. So she blames Ian for it and decides to play a nasty game: she kidnaps him and the little sister (I'm going to say her name's Becky for this example) tells him that he has to choose who gets to be tortured first. And if he doesn't choose, she will kill all of his friends one by one. So Ian chooses and when ever the Smosh team finds the tortured friend, there is always a note that says, "Ian Hecox chose him/her. He might choose you next."

Anthony knows that Ian would never do a thing like that so he gets suspicious.
Also, Becky should be hurting Ian physically at the same time. Long story short, Ian is going to be emotionally and physically broken.

Choice 2 wait. I . Know .YOU.I think it should be right after Anthony and everybody gets out of the hospital, and shows how the deal with the after math of Beth and Frank. I really want to see the lunch time at the hospital!

Choice 3 CreekGrrl Well, maybe Anthony's ex stepdad gets out of prison thanks to a group of people who want both Anthony and Ian, and are willing to spill innocent blood to do just that. But they don't kill, they just harm their friends and family as warnings for them not to piss them off, or they will start killing.