The door opened to the click and turning of the doorknob. Fushimi heaved a tired sigh rubbing the back of his neck. It had been another long boring day at work. As he slid his coat of the Sceptor 4 uniform off his shoulders, a chime rung his ears from the kitchen.

"Fushi! You came home just in time for dinner!" Miwa greeted with a cheery grin, stepping out into the open. Fushimi returned with a nonchalant expression, but inwardly was glad to see his boyfriend and hearing food is served. He was starving. The mixtures of spices and aroma that can make a normal person's mouth water, teasing his nostrils were not helping.

"How is college?"

"How was work?"

Tch. Fushimi clicked his tongue. Miwa was in his sophomore year in college, while Fushimi remained as third in command of Sceptor 4. They started living together in Fushimi's apartment few months ago after Fushimi moved out of the dorms. He couldn't remain living there with the thought of the Captain "bothering" him about Miwa and former friend Yata Misaki. This same former friend was engaged to Miwa's female friend, and will marry after she graduates from college.

As he took a step forward, Miwa stopped him with a flick of his finger to his forehead. Before the dark-haired male made a comeback, the blonde responded quickly,

"Put a blindfold on before stepping one foot to the dining table!"


"Tasting game~"

"Tch. Are you serious? I can just taste it without the ridiculous blindfold," Fushimi said, flatly. He was uninterested in playing silly games, especially when he's hungry.

"Aha~ you see I tried making a 'new' sauce," Miwa pointed, giving a quick wink. "And it'll be sweeter to taste it with your mouth and not your eyes."

Fushimi rolled his eyes. "Whatever. I just want to eat." It took less than a minute for Fushimi to tie a blindfold over his eyes, complying with Miwa's "command." After assuring the blonde that it was tied tight (but not too tight), Miwa took his hand and guided him to the dining table where bowls and plates of food enough for two sat.

After taking one bite, Fushimi paused as the flavor melted in his mouth with an appeased hum sounded in his throat. Miwa grinned proudly watching his boyfriend taking a few more bites. "You can take off your blindfold now." He held a relaxed fist to his mouth to hide a light chuckle.

Fushimi reached to untie the blindfold and paused to see what was inside the curry. Besides the usual beef and rice, he found vegetables….