It was a lazy Friday afternoon when Lovino first got the text.

He was at his office, working on filing some papers with his 'boss,' when his phone buzzed, much to his annoyance. Upon seeing the sender, however, the Italian let himself relax a bit. It was from his lover, the personification of Spain.

Antonio Carriedo was a well-built man, with bright eyes and a broad smile that could light up an entire room. He was the man who raised Lovino, but as time progressed, they realized that they had stronger feelings for each other. After a year or so of serious dating, Antonio had proposed to Lovino, and they were planning on getting married later that year, in the fall. Lovino couldn't help but imagine how that day would be, no matter how hard he tried to ignore his gushy-mushy feelings. They'd get married in the park where Antonio had asked Lovino to marry him, the weather would be perfect, Feliciano would be the best man. True, Lovino tended to have a hard time conveying his feelings towards his fiancé, but he was damn sure that Antonio knew that he was loved. Sighing happily to himself, Lovino managed to direct his attention to the unread text message after a few moments, only to lose his breath and feel faint.

lovino, i cant do this anymore. im sorry, but i think were over.

He was silent for a moment, suspended in a sort of shock that was unnatural for such a person like him. Clumsily typing his response, the Italian paused before pressing the send button.

Antonio, I swear to God, if this is one of your stupid jokes, I'm not finding it funny at all.

Lovino closed his eyes as he waited for a reply. This was definitely out of character for Antonio.

" ! I'd appreciate it if you actually got some work done!" An angry, grey-haired boss was staring Lovino down.

His eyes fluttered open and he managed to pull himself up straight. "Mi dispiace, boss. I need to use the restroom."

"Hurry up. We're falling behind on paperwork, idiota!"

Silently cursing to himself, Lovino pulled himself up from his chair, shoved his phone into his pocket, and trudged to the hallway. No way in hell he was going to text Antonio in the bathroom. Only girls did that kind of thing. Lovino was definitely not a girl.




He checked his phone again. Sure enough, there was a new message.

im being serious. can you meet me outside?

Lovino groaned and worded his response carefully. He didn't want to appear worried. He wouldn't give Antonio bragging rights to say that he could make his boyfriend, the great and mighty Italian Republic, scared. No way in hell.

Uhhm, sure. You okay?

He was in the elevator when he got a response.

i just need to talk to u.

Lovino stepped off the elevator, into the lobby, and then out the large glass doors of the state building. As expected, Antonio was standing off to the side, his face unreadable. Lovino headed towards him, his steps shaky and his breaths short. He wanted this to be some dumb prank, there was no way Antonio would break up with him. Not now. Right?

Out of habit, Lovino reached his arms out for a hug, but was surprised when Antonio didn't hug back.

"Antonio, what's wrong?"

Stoney-faced, the Spaniard sighed deeply, ruffling his hair. "Lovino, you got my texts, si?"

"Yeah. What the hell did you mean by that? Dude, you gave me a fucking heart attack up there!"



"Lovino, I meant what I said in that text. I'm breaking up with you."

Again, another silence.

"You fucking bastardo."

This time, Antonio's face turned red as he glared at the Italian. "This is what I mean! You never consider my feelings, Lovino! I thought you knew that romantic relationships were symbiotic relationships, that both parties are both supposed to benefit! But no, with you, all you ever do is take. Take my heart, take my heart and rip it to pieces, and then expect me to be fine! I'm sick of it. Sick of sleeping alone. Sick of the insults constantly being thrown at me. Sick of you. This whole engagement plan was stupid from the beginning, and it wouldn't have ever lasted, anyway."

Lovino was silent, looking Antonio down.

"Well, , do you have anything to say?" Antonio was still red, and somewhat out of breath from his sudden outburst.

"No? What a surprise. The taker can't take the fact that he's never going to get anything out of being an egoísta. Nothing at all."


"Here, no. Take this from me. This last thing."

Antonio forced his calloused hand into Lovino's still outstretched arm, shoving his gold band into the Italian's folded fingers.

"I don't care anymore, Lovino. It was obvious that you never did, anyway." Antonio paused to take a breath, calming himself down a bit. " I've already moved my stuff out of our, I mean, your house, Romano. This ends our personal relationship, I believe. I'd appreciate it a lot if you didn't text or call me from now on. Adios."

He left without even a farewell wave, and as the Spaniard disappeared from view, Lovino could feel himself crumbling inside.