Title: Multiformity
Author: Sita
Summary: What if in a different dimension Season2, Angel opened Acathla sooner and pushed Buffy and Spike through, but instead of going to hell they ended up being transported to Season7, our dimension?
Spoilers: Post-6.22 Graves
Rating: PG-13 (for curse words and sexual themes)
Disclaimer: BTVS is owned by the almighty God named Joss Whedon. All characters used in this story are owned by him, ME, and UPN.
Distribution: Want. Take. Have. Just tell me where it's going first.

Definition of the title: Multiformity: multifariousness; variety; nonuniformity

AN: The words people say here in 1998 may not all be the same, remember this is a different dimension. It's similar, but still different.

Prologue----(1998)----Alternate Dimension

Buffy walked into the mansion where she knew, Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike resided at the moment. Her face was grim and hard. She knew today was the day she would kill her lover. It was going to be hard, but she had to do it.

The first room of the mansion held only minions and she killed them off quickly, heading to her destination: Angelus.

"Hello lover," She spoke, defiantly charging into the room where Angelus had just pulled the sword out of Acathla. Her eyes widened when she realized she had been too late. Spike was already trying to fight him off, by himself!

Angel cackled evilly at the Slayer, "I see Spikey boy here is working with the Slayer." He successfully punched Spike in the head, causing the bleached-blonde vampire to go sprawling across the room and into the wall.

Buffy slowly backed away, realizing his advantage.

In the background, Buffy could hear Drusilla clapping her hands gleefully, "The party has started!" She said happily. "The party has started and my Angel will take his toys from the spinach and stick them in the corn!"

Buffy ignored Drusilla as Angel approached Buffy. Remembering she had a sword, she quickly pulled it out, glancing quickly back at Spike to make sure he was okay to fight. He seemed to be coming around.

Buffy quickly turned her attention back to Angelus and tried jabbing her sword at him. He quickly blocked her move with his own sword.

Looking quickly to her right, Buffy was relieved when she saw Spike standing up and well aware. But Spike was staring at something else, she turned her head to the direction he was looking and realized it was Acathla that he was staring at. Acathla had opened.

Blue and orange swirls glowed in the mouth of the statue and Angel laughed evilly. She knew right then, she had to kill him quick.

The swords clashing echoed in the mansion and Buffy was surprised when she realized how close they had gotten to the statue in a the matter of a few minutes. Angelus smirked as he backed her into the statue, and before she knew it, the blue and orange circles swallowed her up. She screamed louder than she'd ever screamed before.

The screaming caused Spike to look up from where he was currently struggling with Drusilla, and realizing Buffy was gone, he knew he'd have to kill Angelus.

"Shit," Spike muttered, leaving Drusilla and approaching Angelus.

Angelus smirked when Spike walked up to him, "What think you can beat me Spikey boy?"

Spike immediately tried to punch Angel, but Angel sidestepped Spike, causing Spike to fall over, right into the mouth of Acathla. Like Buffy's, his screams echoed eerily through the mansion.

(2002)------Our Dimension

Buffy sighed, laying her head on her sisters shoulder as the two watched T.V. intently.

Buffy sighed, "Dawnie I'm going to have to go out and Slay some evilness soon."

Dawn nodded her head, looking over at her sister, "Okay. I'll just stay here and keep watching T.V. I don't feel like going with you tonight." The teen replied, for her older sister had been letting her help with slaying all summer.

Buffy nodded, "Fill me in on the juicy parts when I get back."

And with that she grabbed her coat by the door, along with a stake that was left sitting on the living room table.

For a while, Buffy walked silently through the graveyards, kind of enjoying herself. She'd only staked one vampire this night and she enjoyed that not too many vampires seemed to want to be out right now.

She quickly neared the graveyard Spike used to stay in before he left. She wanted to get this one done quick. There were too many memories here.

Her Slayer senses suddenly prickled, causing her to turn around. There across the graveyard was a tall yet scrawny figure, shuffling his way, almost sadly, across the graveyard.

VAMPIRE! Buffy's senses screamed, but there was something different about this one.

Walking closer, her stake gripped firmly in her hand just in case, she approached it.

As she got closer, a familiar feeling came over her. One she knew very well.

"Hello Spike."


AN: Next chapter won't include the years in it. It was just this chapter to "base" things out....well anyway things will take place in the same time so,....

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