Jack the Magic Guardian

Lived by a lake

In Burgess where he lost his life

For his sisters sake

Little kids like Jamie

Loved that rascal Jack

And thanked him when because of snow

Of school there was a lack

Together they would travel

On the wind that did willows whip

Jamie held onto Jacks hand

For the entire trip

Noble kings and princes

Would freeze whenever they came

And pirate ships would have frozen flags

When Jack whispered his name

Now a Guardian believes forever

But not so little boys

Those kind do stop believing

When they grow in size

One gray night it happened

Little Jamie came no more

And Jack that Magic Guardian

He ceased his fearless soar

His head was bent in sorrow

Blizzards came in droves

Jack no longer went to play

Among the cherry groves

Without his first believer

Jack could not be brave

So Jack that Magic Guardian

Sadly slipped into a cave